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Remembrance and change

Longtime readers will forgive me, I hope, for re-using an image I created last year in remembrance of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre.  But when I read things like the first comment with this article, recycled artwork seems appropriately symbolic of how much things have changed, even in 20 years.

UPDATE: Worth reading.

(h/t emily in the comments)

Hope & change in Right Blogistan

A recalcitrant right-wing apostate jumps off the Crazy Train and lives to talk about it.



Nothing, just Technorati bullshit

Palin’s mad foreign policy skillz

SaWah on the Furrin Policy there.  Also.:

Iraq, Iran, Bush Doctrine, whatever.  I love how Hannity doesn’t even miss a beat, just ignores her rather glaring errors and moves right along, slick as snot.

I think it’s odd that she’s even being asked for her opinions about foreign policy when she’s on a book-signing tour.

It’s Their Party

…and they’ll cry if they want to.   Or maybe because they have to.



Just some funny “shit” happening out there on the Internets tonight…

Who says cWilliamDonohue01-sonservatives are satire-challenged? The Catholic League flogs Bill Donohue’s new book, “Secular Saboutage”, reviewed by famous conservatives like Donald Wildmon, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, and… Stephen Colbert.

Still with the Catholic League, Bill Donohue announces the official start of this year’s War On Christmas.  Cultural Fascists, start your religious speech censorship engines.

Doug Hoffman, down but not out: Hoffman, the teabagger candidate in NY-23 whose claim to fame is handing a century-old GOP safe seat to hoffmanthe Democrats, will be giving a speech at a GOP dinner in a few weeks, so his 15 minutes aren’t up.  Who knows, this creepy little geek with the cheap suit, the $5 praise-the-lord haircut and the eyes of a child molester might just be the template on which all future GOP candidates are modeled.   (Fingers crossed.)

Math is hard, Teabagger Barbie: After their anti-health care rally at Capitol Hill today, teabaggers are once again playing fast and loose with crowd estimates.   Maybe the fetus fetishist teabaggers are counting their eggs and sperms?

And last but not least, the worst alibi of the week: “I wasn’t exposing myself, I had Explosive Diarrhea.   explosive-diarrhea

Bang!  That’s it.  Hasta la vista.

Maddow on Healthcare & Lieberman

Predictably, Senator Joe Lieberman (Ind-AETNA) indicated yesterday that he might block the health care reform bill with the GOP.

Just observing this debate from a safe distance is giving me a migraine… good thing I’ve got Universal Health Care.

Teabaggers hurting the GOP

What–!?  Nooooo, really??  Say it ain’t so, Olby!

And to think the Teabaggers think their movement is popular enough that they’re considering starting their own party to “take back their country”.

Palin linked in


It’s hard out there for a Quitbull.

The employment situation must be looking a little grim for Sarah Palin — she’s joined thousands of other online job seekers on “LinkedIn”:

Sarah Palin has posted her resume on LinkedIn, asking for “job inquiries.”

On the site Monday morning, she lists five jobs and one degree, from the University of Idaho. There are also 500+ connections and a hopeful note: she’s also interested in “getting back in touch.”

Yes, really.

Sarah Palin hits the online job market - thestar.com_1256018533760

And why not?  Her book’s already in the price war bargain bin and her chances of landing a future leadership role with the GOP appear to be slim to none.  Maybe she can get a job as The Teabagger Queen.  Also.

How happy is the world that Georgie is gone?

This happy.

Never mind that — Canada dropped from 4th place to 7th.  Hmm.


Things might be slow PP0179_flu_virus_tharound here for a day or two…  I was feeling a little weird yesterday and today it looks like some vile pest of a flu bug has launched a full-scale two-pronged attack on my gut and brain.

At this time of year it’s an occupational hazard.  The kids go back to school, they all get sick, they give it to their parents, their parents come into the store to buy Cold & Flu Crap™ and they cough the whole time,  each cough unleashing a flurry of airbourne contaminants that are rapidly propelled  throughout the entire building via the heating system.  C’est la vie.

In other news, I lit my first fire of the winter today, an event I usually hold off until October 1st.  It bugged me because I knew I wasn’t really cold, just sick.

That’s it (for now).

Dig deep

CC’s cycling club is doing a charity ride this coming weekend and the challenge is for us the readers to help him raise as much money as humanly possible for their cause, Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

This is a great cause and these people are busting their asses riding 160km to make it happen, so let’s help him out.

Liar liar


That’s the sound of “You lie!” yeller Joe Wilson’s PANTS going up in a 3-alarm blaze…

UPDATE: Already Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World.  Tsk tsk.

(h/t JAB in the comments)

Mark you’re calendars

050207_punctuateSeptember 24 is “National Punctuation Day“.

Unfortunately we don’t have this special day in Canada, it’s just in the States.  But I think we need one because, tragically, the NPD website uses our own Rogers Communication as an example of the mayhem that ensues when good punctuation goes bad.

It could be the most costly piece of punctuation in Canada.

A grammatical blunder may force Rogers Communications Inc. to pay an extra $2.13-million to use utility poles in the Maritimes after the placement of a comma in a contract permitted the deal’s cancellation.

This sounds like as good an election issue as any.  Call your MP and demand that we join the battle against the Scourge of Bad Punctuation; “now”!!!

Now is the time when we juxtapose

The National Mall in Washington DC on two different occasions:


Okay, that was obviously intended to be a joke because the picture from the teabaggers parade was taken from a different angle, a greater distance, before everyone arrived… or…  um err uh… No, really.

But speaking of interesting juxtapositions, here’s another one:  the teabaggers weren’t the only ones out rallying in that area on Saturday.  A rally called the Black Family Reunion Celebration, which apparently occupied a sizeable portion of the mall, was happening at the same time.

Now that’s juxtapositude.

(photo, no surprise, via dkos)

What happened

…between thenimage-3



and now?




I sometimes wonder if there’s one definitive moment or event where all the post-9/11 solidarity and goodwill (regardless of politics) hit a bump in the road and went sideways.

I think about 9/11, but mostly I think about what’s happened to us since then.  And wonder how we could go so wrong.

The fat is in the fire

Listen up, Dems:  Mattt has some sound advice.

Can you draw a map of Canada by memory?

Okay, maybe.  Canada’s not that hard to remember, since we’ve only got 13 provinces and territories. What about the USA, with 52 50 states?  No way could I do that, and I doubt if most Americans could.  But Senator Al Franken can!:

Healthcare Fearmongering

In a nutshell:

Anyone watching that without knowing the context would be terrified. And let’s face it, most of the people those kinds of messages are targeted against are very uninformed, “low-information” types.

It would be interesting to do some kind of split-screen exercise with the healthcare propaganda on one side and the 9/11 fearmongering on the other, because that is exactly what this reminds me of.

The GOP:  Party of SHRIEEEEEK!!!

Crimes of opportunity

Attention ladies:  don’t let this fat little beady-eyed fuck   DAMMIT JANET!_1250734127921

buy you a drink.  Not even a coffee.  If you see his smirking visage nearby, run.

The asshole in the picture, Fernando Manuel Alves, has a right to smirk:  he beat the system:

The former owner of a Burnaby, B.C., pub has been handed a nine-month conditional sentence after pleading guilty to sexual assault in a case that prompted criticism of the police from the convicted man’s lawyer.

Fernando Manuel Alves, 46, had faced four charges of sexual assault and one charge of administering a noxious substance.

His arrest two years ago prompted police to warn the public about drink-spiking.

Alves ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault after the other assault charges and the administering charge were dismissed following a preliminary hearing.

His lawyer, Lawrence Myers, maintains that Alves couldn’t possibly be the kind of man police have made him out to be,


(write your own caption), which might prompt one to wonder exactly what kind of man he thinks routinely drugs and rapes women… just a “regular guy”?  Why not?  With Myers’ client list, Alves probably is a pretty regular guy.  But that’s to be expected when your business is criminal law.  However, the sleaze shouldn’t extend to the judge, who callously dismissed the assaults as a “crime of opportunity” and allowed the creep to walk without a day of time.   Does that make sense?  (Or cents?  Or maybe $en$e?)

It would be interesting to know who the judge was, and what other cases he’s presided over.  Dr. Dawg is on it:  this ain’t over.

UPDATE: Details from the victim’s best friend; original post from 2007 here, reaction to verdict here.

Light blogging ahead

Most likely, anyway.  (I need a break!)

But if you find any interesting, unique and/or terrifying stories you want to share here… postem if ya got em (in the comments).

Memo to WingNut Daily

You keep using that word “responsibility”.  I do not think it means what you think it means:

WorldNetDaily has put out a news release on its, uh, “scoop” about the forged “Kenyan birth certificate” that Orly Taitz has filed in court as proof of the president’s foreign ties. WND, says editor-in-chief Joseph Farah, is “working with document experts in the U.S. and with sources in Kenya” to verify the document. Which experts? Which sources? Don’t ask. Listen to Farah:

“Our goal, as always, is to seek the truth. This is not our document. It is evidence that has (sic) presented in a high-profile court case. And, thus, I believe we had a journalistic responsibility to publish it — just as I think every other news organization does.”

The “evidence” would be the fake “Kenyan Birth Certificate” that’s been circulating around the internet, prompting snickers and outright gales of laughter from almost everyone who sees it:


But maybe he’s right: Wingnut Daily does have a journalistic responsibility — to ensure that their content is never mistaken for anything even remotely resembling  “reality”.  And WND’s continuing commitment to crackpot conspiracy theories, fetus fetishizing proselytization and fine films like  “The Movie Obama Doesn’t Want You To See” (for the lowlow price of just $17.99) more than live up to that responsibility.

UPDATE: The thunder from down under!

(via dkos)

LOL Break

For dog owners:

Shona Holmes, Sex Advisor

I shit you not!

Truce Mediation Services -- Shona Robertson.com_1248729394665

I just got this from a commenter:  she apparently hides behind her maiden name (and with good reason).  My commenter said he/she has contacted Holmes to ask her about the discrepancies in her execrable anti-health care reform commercials… more to come, or as they say…


Once in awhile, the mask slips

Further to Two faced image by Cali_Crazee on Photobucket_1248462637278the deranged, spittle-flecked fearmongering about health care reform that’s going on at Jill’s Placentaburger Pitstop and Zygotorium, there was one comment that stood out for its unintentional exposure of the anti-choice mindset:


That’s what’s at the flinty-hearted core of anti-choice thought, when you shovel away all the ersatz frothy burbling blather they cloak it in.

BevC doesn’t want women to have abortions, but neither does she want them to be given any assistance if they carry to term in spite of being too destitute to support a child.  She simply thinks women should Stop Fucking unless they have a husband (who hopefully won’t be a drunk or an abuser, or run off and leave them for a 23 year old intern), and those who refuse should be punished for their impudence with 9 months of forced incubation and a life of poverty.   After all, we won’t put an end to this detestable Sexual Revolution and get unruly women back in the kitchen where they belong until we start lining up the revolutionaries and “consequencing” them.

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