Dialing down the rhetoric

In a previous post I referred to some idiotic comments made by anti-choice extremists following Dr. Tiller’s murder.  I suggested that common sense would seem to indicate that this might be a good time to cool off on the hateful rhetoric, since it undoubtedly played a significant part in inciting the murder.  But these people just can’t help it, they’ve spent so long spinning themselves into a feverish frenzy of stupid hate, they can’t stop themselves from making stupid outrageous statements.  Right on cue, they puke up another prime example of the seething stupid:

how-fucking-stupid-they-are copy

STOP! A MAN IS DEAD because of your deranged paranoid raving.  For the love of whatever hateful god it is that you offer your spittle-flecked prayers to, STOP!!

4 Responses to “Dialing down the rhetoric”

  1. 1 J. A. Baker Monday, June 1, 2009 at 6:32 am

    There is no such thing as “dialing down the rhetoric” on the pro-shooting-doctors side of the aisle. To them, that would be tantamount to showing weakness in the face of the “New Holocaust™-enabling baby-killers.”

  2. 2 Dave Monday, June 1, 2009 at 7:02 am

    JJ, I harbour a fear in all this. Deranged lunatics like Randall Terry wield enough influence among the even more deranged to propagate a string of violent events. (In fact, the assassination of Tiller is just the latest in the serial behaviour of this crowd).

    People like HERSELF, cheer on from the loges, denying that their rhetoric has anything to do with the the bombings, the beatings or the shootings. HERSELF claims innocence and exhorts the inability to control the extremist fringe of her “movement”.

    But it is their extremist fringe and they have proven time and time again that they exercise a strong element of control over the most deluded of their followers.

    Further, as demonstrated in the example provided in your post, the violent tendencies are not restricted to an irrational lunatic fringe. Beneteau’s comment contains an awareness that is telling in that he believes this assassination will reinforce the DHS finding that these people present a greater risk than originally believed possible. In other words, while he is unable to restrain his violent rhetoric, (a verbal high-five to anti-abortionists everywhere), he starts to demonstrate a fear that others are now fully aware of their modus operandi. And criminals don’t like bright lights. The only remorse any of them are showing is for the effect it will have on them and their ability to continue as before.

    That puts them in a special category. Having been called on their behaviour by both a very powerful US government department and a public who’s majority disagrees with their position, they have nothing to lose by dropping the pretenses of morality.

    This crowd has demonstrated that they are fully prepared to select targets and send ordnance downrange. And if they feel as if they are losing any part of their battle, they’ll aim for the highest rank badge.

  3. 3 JJ Monday, June 1, 2009 at 9:25 am

    JAB – I wouldn’t really expect them to dial it down, they’re idiots. Anyone with half a brain would know that this is not a good time to continue the kind of demonizing rhetoric that got this man killed, but like I said… idiots.

  4. 4 JJ Monday, June 1, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Dave – I agree that it’s ominous. Tiller’s murder is the ultimate conclusion of all the torqued-up rhetoric, and also of an anti-choice movement that’s been feeling increasingly marginalized since November. I’m afraid it won’t end with Dr. Tiller, though.

    The hypocrisy of anti-choicers is breathtaking. The semi-sane among them know that their movement harbours some real sickos — they have to know. But because they’re already a marginal cause, they don’t reject these nuts, and seem to do everything they can to set them off. Then when it happens, they want to wash their hands of it.

    I might actually be able to muster some respect for them if they’d just say: We’ve been doing it wrong. We made this happen, we own it, we need to accept that and change our approach. But they either can’t or won’t accept responsibility, because on some level, they feel this kind of murder is justified. (Some even revel in it.)

    This crowd has demonstrated that they are fully prepared to select targets and send ordnance downrange. And if they feel as if they are losing any part of their battle, they’ll aim for the highest rank badge.

    I just posted something along the lines of what you’re thinking. Randall Terry’s video that I first saw at your place is just FULL of that kind of dog whistle.

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