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Kitteh Haiku

000_0949I can has attention please?
Mah bowl has problem
Is empty of cheeseburger.

UPDATE: And mah haiku pome
Wuz inside-out and backwards
Dis make up fer it

Putting government between people & their doctors

That’s one of the talking pointfather-franks you’ll see over and over again as the slatternly GOP and its private insurance pimps ramp up their campaign against health care reform in the USA.  The “public option” is bad because it supposedly puts government bureaucrats between people and their doctors.  But as always with right-wing hypocrites, the evil of putting government between people and their doctors is somewhat context-dependent.

Fair and Balanced Fox News recently gave anti-abortion radical Father Frank Pavone (a celibate male who’s disturbingly obsessed with womens’ reproductive issues, as well as BFF of domestic terrorist Randall Terry) a platform on their “Live Desk” show, where he fumed about the “abortion lobby” highjacking health care reform:

Pavone, a primo member of the anti abortion lobby said “let’s not let the abortion lobby hijack” the bill.  […]  He claimed that people “are outraged” (I guess the padre isn’t aware of the outrage in pro-choice circles about how the anti choicers are, once again, trying to limit a woman’s right to an abortion.) He made the specious point that “Americans don’t want” the “legitimate” debate about health care to include abortion. (Memo to Pavone: You speak for yourself and co-religionists. You don’t speak for the rest of us!) He added that the American public wants “more reasonable restrictions on abortions.”

More reasonable restrictions“:  and we all know what Pavone’s idea of a  “reasonable restriction” is — a total ban.  In other words, putting government bureaucrats between people and their doctors.  But I guess that’s okay as long as the people are women and the doctors are Ob-Gyns.

They can run

…but they caaaaaaan’t hide!

Hilarious as it is, I’ve never commented on this whole “Obama Birth Certificate” thing because the “birther” wingnuttery is so psychotic it really writes its own comedy routine.  When people become parodies of whacko stereotypes, mockery becomes redundant: it’s like kicking the shit out of an empty cardboard box, possible cardiovascular benefits but vaguely unsatisfying.

But since the GOP revealed that it has the collective IQ of an acorn squash when it caved into its lunatic wing and sponsored a bill that would require future presidents to prove their citizenship, it seemed that the Birfers were actually a force to be reckoned with!  So one would think those behind the Birfer Bill would be happy to talk about it, no?  Haha.  Watch what happens when FDL’s Mike Stark tries to get some of the guys who sponsored this ludicrous bill to talk it up:

Run away! Run away!  I wonder if any of these guys ever ponder the monster they’ve created in their  demented, deranged, teabagging, tinfoil-hatted base, and at what point it became the ball and chain they’re forced to drag around today?

UPDATE — RELATED: Obama’s birth certificate declared genuine — again!

Shona Holmes, Sex Advisor

I shit you not!

Truce Mediation Services -- Shona Robertson.com_1248729394665

I just got this from a commenter:  she apparently hides behind her maiden name (and with good reason).  My commenter said he/she has contacted Holmes to ask her about the discrepancies in her execrable anti-health care reform commercials… more to come, or as they say…


Octomom signs for reality TV show

And we’re all so surprised we could just shit!:

The American woman who gave birth to the world’s longest-surviving set of octuplets has signed a $250,000 US deal for all 14 of her children to appear on a reality TV show, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles.

Nadya Suleman has agreed for her children to appear — for about $250 US a day, per child — in an upcoming show filmed by Netherlands-based production company Eyeworks, which counts the shows The Biggest Loser and Breaking Bonaduce among its television offerings.

Shooting is scheduled to begin Sept. 1.

What else would an unemployed mother of 14 do?

I have to wonder how well the show will go over, though.  Given that a lot of the fan base for these megafamily freak shows is the brain-damaged “focus on the family” crowd, a show about this particular family might be a misfire.  Bad enough that the Family Patriarch will be conspicuous in his absence, but it’s also bound to remind the audience that those little anklebiters weren’t conceived in Christofascist-approved sexual congress in the blessed Matrimonial Bed, but via in vitrio fertilization, a big-time anti-family, anti-life no-no.  They might as well sit a turkey baster at the head of the dinner table.  HA!

If only


That is all.

Commenting at conservative blogs: A cautionary tale

Three words: screenshot, screenshot and screenshot.  Because if you make a comment that proves them wrong, it will not be allowed to stand.

In a post about honour killings, the Blogging Tories’ “Hunter” (famous for her outstanding contributions to society’s Downward Spiral of Stupid), mouths off in one of those standard “Where are the feminists??” rants:

No Honour In Killing!_1248648221397She prattles on brainlessly for awhile, wipes the drool off her chin, and concludes:

No Honour In Killing!_1248648239891

That “feminists are too busy yapping about daycare and equal pay to be bothered with such things as honour killings” came as a surprise to me, having just read not one, but three(3) posts by feminists on this very topic.   I was compelled to advise Hunter of this, with links to said posts at Dammit Janet, Broadsides and ACR:

Climbing Out Of The Dark - Post a Comment_1248625908785

And rather than admit she was wrong, Little Miss Gutless does what these cowardly pieces of shit always do:

No Honour In Killing!_1248648765544

And I’m sick of it.   I’m sick and tired of feminist-bashing assholes mouthing off before they have the facts, especially considering feminists have been agitating against abuse of women in Muslim countries for over 20 years, while conservatives only jumped on the bandwagon after 9/11.

Go ahead:  prove me wrong.

A S S H O L E S !!!

More proof (as if we needed it)

pillpatrol…that anti-choicers aren’t all that hot to stop abortion, they just want women to stop fucking for any reason other than procreation — more recently-enacted so-called “conscience laws” allowing pharmacists to refuse to do their jobs:

On July 12, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a “conscience protection” law that gives health-care providers and institutions the right to refuse services on religious or moral grounds.

Same goes for Arizona. On July 13, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a measure that allows pharmacists to deny a woman any birth control method that they claim to be abortifacients, even those that are medically and legally designated as contraceptives.

If a waitress who was a vegetarian refused to serve a steak to someone, how long do you think she’d last at her job?  Would the government come to her rescue with a “conscience law” that allowed her to cherry-pick which parts of her job she had to do?  Of course not:  the obvious solution for this vegan wait-person is to work somewhere other than the Black Angus Steak House, since meat is obviously on the menu.  When considering pharmacy as a career, does it not occur to anti-choicers that one of the most popular items on the pharmacy menu is contraception (with a side of cherry-almond massage oil)?

Of course it does, and that’s exactly why they choose to become pharmacists  in the first place.  Working as pharmacists gives them the opportunity to exercise sanctimonious anti-choice power plays by denying contraception to wanton jezebels, who might then end up having abortions and can be harassed and degraded even further on their way into the clinic.

It’s the vicious cycle of slut-shaming; don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Really don’t mind

if I sit this one out…

The Shona Holmes Blowback begins

Blowback?  Or collateral damage?   Both?:

I am NOT Shona Holmes.

Waterdown resident Palmira Holmes wants angry callers to know she is not the same Holmes from Waterdown whose problems with Canadian health care have made her the U.S. poster girl for forces opposed to President Barack Obama’s health-care plan.

Palmira Holmes has been inundated with phone calls from people trying to express their fury over Shona Holmes’ decision to become the face of an aggressive American TV ad that slams Canadian-style health care.

Palmira Holmes says “it was like being bombarded” in the last few days as critics called constantly, thinking they’d reached Shona Holmes. Palmira’s number is listed as S. Holmes for husband Stephen.

Well that’s gotta suck!  If I was Palmira Holmes, I’d be looking for Shona with a baseball bat.  (Line forms on the right, Palmira.)

I’m extremely late in commenting on this one,  mainly because when I watched the video featuring Shona Holmes shitting all over the health care system that probably gave her a pretty good shake for the first 40 years of her life, I was so enraged my head nearly spun off and burst into flames.   But I can’t help noticing the irony of the situation.

Everyone knows the backstory by now:  Shona Holmes chose to jump the queue and go stateside for treatment she didn’t really need, then came back and launched a lawsuit, bankrolled by the right-wing CCF, to shake OHIP down for the money she spent.    (And to provide the anti-reform lobby in the US with a poster girl to lie her douchebag ass off in commercials and further their odious goal of continuing to deny  health care coverage to 50million Americans.)  Think about that for a minute…

Talk about having and eating the proverbial freaking cake. The irony is that if Shona Holmes had been living in the US and had private health insurance, it probably wouldn’t have paid for her treatment at the Mayo Clinic either, since it was very much an elective procedure.  If she chose to mortgage her home and get the treatment anyway, she’d then have no recourse for recovering the cost, as she does with OHIP.

But I guess when you’re busy shilling for the private health insurance lobby in the US, such points of logic are meaningless trivia.


UPDATE: In the comments, RossK retiterates a point that he made in his post about Holmes, which is well worth highlighting:

The benign cyst for which Holmes was treated is caused by what’s called an “embryological remnant” — that is, it formed before Ms.Holmes was even born.  Safe to say that would put it in that terrifying (but much beloved to private insurance companies) category known as “Pre-Existing Conditions“.

So not only would this surgery not have been covered under private insurance because it was elective, the fact that it was a pre-existing condition might well have been reason for her insurer to cancel her policy… at which point there’d be nothing she could do but say “D’OH!

About time

As the tweet I saw abouabstinencet this item said, YAY! YAY! YAY!:

The U.S. House, taking aim at one of former President George W. Bush’s signature initiatives, voted to slash funding for abstinence-only sex education programs.

The chamber voted 264-153 to approve an annual health and education spending bill that would eliminate a $99 million initiative providing grants to public and private organizations that encourage teens to abstain from premarital sex.

FINALLY.   So-called “abstinence-only” sex “education” (and calling it “education” is a real stretch) is not only ridiculous and self-defeating, but to the surprise of absolutely nobody with a functioning brain stem, has been proven completely ineffective.  During the benighted days of the Bush administration, when “ignorance-only” sex ed was pushed at the behest of the religious right, rates of teen pregnancy and STDs soared, especially in those states that emphasized abstinence over real sex education.  Proving once again that ignorance is anything but bliss.

No doubt the fundies will be in a demented lather about their pet project being shitcanned by the sinner-and-fornicator-controlled congress, but that’s tough.  Elections have consequences, and one of them is the long-overdue demise of garbage initiatives like “abstinence-only” sex “education”.  Besides, I totally agree with Jessica at Feministing:

But de-funding these programs is not enough. We have to undo the damage that’s been done to young people and support real solutions: If we want to lower the teen pregnancy rate, we need to demand that contraception be easily accessible and affordable to young people.

I can already hear the shrieks of unhinged outrage…

Time on your hands?


With that I give you “The Definitive List of Meme Blogs“.

Another fundamentalist perv

flasher…dances up and joins the conga line of conservative sexual hypocrisy, lechery and deviant lust:

A jury in Arkansas convicted evangelist Tony Alamo on Friday of 10 federal counts of taking minors across state lines for sex, according to the court in the Western District in Arkansas.  […]

Between March 1994 and October 2005, Alamo transported five girls younger than 18 across state lines for sex, according to the indictment.  […]

Asked why authorities were searching the property, Alamo compared himself to Christ.

“Why were they after Jesus,” he asked. “It’s the same reason. Jesus is living within me.”

Um err yeah, okay.

Once in awhile, the mask slips

Further to Two faced image by Cali_Crazee on Photobucket_1248462637278the deranged, spittle-flecked fearmongering about health care reform that’s going on at Jill’s Placentaburger Pitstop and Zygotorium, there was one comment that stood out for its unintentional exposure of the anti-choice mindset:


That’s what’s at the flinty-hearted core of anti-choice thought, when you shovel away all the ersatz frothy burbling blather they cloak it in.

BevC doesn’t want women to have abortions, but neither does she want them to be given any assistance if they carry to term in spite of being too destitute to support a child.  She simply thinks women should Stop Fucking unless they have a husband (who hopefully won’t be a drunk or an abuser, or run off and leave them for a 23 year old intern), and those who refuse should be punished for their impudence with 9 months of forced incubation and a life of poverty.   After all, we won’t put an end to this detestable Sexual Revolution and get unruly women back in the kitchen where they belong until we start lining up the revolutionaries and “consequencing” them.

Nutjobs go bonkers over Obamacare

As if that Free Republic “Overthrow The Goveevil_dr_zorkrnment!” thread wasn’t deranged enough, right around the corner at Stanek’s Forced-Birth Bistro and Pie Palace, the Obama administration’s “Obamacare!” health care bill is causing seismic psychological paroxysms among Jill’s insane comment posse.  Being fetus fetishists, their primary concern is coverage of abortion, but the whole concept of “socialized medicine” is almost too hideous for them to contemplate.  There will be persecution:


Of course: as Supreme Emperor of Healthcare, Obamislamonaziman will give all the best health insurance to his buddies (“liberals”), and the poor wingnuts will be stuck with the kind that pays for abortions and nothing else.   Then there will be rationing! and danger! and many deaths!:


The apocalyptic predictions go on and on.   Instead of driving themselves into a deranged frenzy, they might just ask a Canadian why we like our universal healthcare system so much that thieves, pimps and scum routinely win elections just by insinuating that their opponents might change it.  Given that this kind of information is right at their fingertips, it’s hard to understand how these people remain so pig-ignorant.  I guess you can lead a horse to the internet, but you can’t make him click on anything other than Lifesite or World Net Daily.

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