Murdered census worker update

It’s been a few weeks since there was any more news about the case of the Census worker who was killed in Kentucky last month, a crime that some feared might have been driven by anti-government sentiment.   Little information has been forthcoming about the investigation, but this week investigators  indicated that they expect a resolution fairly soon:

Police said on Tuesday that they have made considerable progress in the death investigation of part-time Census employee Bill Sparkman and are confident the case will be solved — and probably within weeks, not months.

“There will be a resolution,” said Capt. Lisa M. Rudzinski, commander of the state police post in London, which is leading the investigation. “We’re much closer than we were.”

Rudzinski said investigators are waiting for forensic-test results from the State Police Crime Lab, but she wouldn’t go into specifics except to say that the “nature of the scene and subsequent investigation” were complicated and police wanted to make sure they were certain before making an announcement.

“Complicated”:  so complicated that they still won’t confirm whether it was murder, suicide or “accident” (euphemism for autoerotic asphyxiation).  Although given the state of the body, anything other than murder seems unlikely.  Mr. Sparkman’s son also revealed that some items were stolen from his father’s truck, making suicide or accident even less likely:

… his father’s truck, which was found at the scene, had been rifled through, with his grandfather’s wedding ring, Bill Sparkman’s credit cards and a cell phone charger all stolen, making it difficult for him to believe his father committed suicide or died in an accident.

One thing, at least, has been confirmed: that the murder actually took place at the site where the body was found:

A part-time census taker died at the tree in a Kentucky forest where his body was found with a rope around his neck and the word “fed” scrawled on his chest, officials said Wednesday.

And that’s it.  The secrecy around this investigation almost as weird as the crime itself, but it sounds like we’ll know the reason for it fairly soon.

1 Response to “Murdered census worker update”

  1. 1 Bruce Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    The problem isn’t so much the secrecy surrounding the story as just how unpalatable it is for people to deal with. This is a really ugly story that reveals everything about the worst that mankind can offer.

    When crimes of inhumanity are so horrible, they become easier to commit, because they become harder to understand. That’s not to excuse the investigation around this matter, which at a minimum, is suspiciously circumspect. That could be what they’re relying on.

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