FBI warned about Roeder

At first glance, the story sounds disturbingly familiar — FBI receives warning about potential terrorist attack, does nothing:

More than a month before the shooting of a high-profile abortion doctor, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Kansas City received an anonymous letter warning that the man now charged in the case “would do physical harm” to Dr. George Tiller or any other abortion provider, the agency said.

The letter writer, who later revealed himself to the FBI, and his wife are together in a bitter custody battle over a girl fathered by Scott Roeder, the man accused in Tiller’s May 31 death. The April 3 letter contained no specific or credible threat, according to the FBI.

I imagine the FBI gets this kind of thing every day, anonymous warnings that they write off as being from angry crackpots with axes to grind, so it’s not hard to see how this one was ignored.  Even so — given that Dr.Tiller had just gone through a well-publicized court case and emerged victorious, dashing the deranged hopes of fetus fetishists who wanted to see him at the very least lose his license to practice medicine, even anonymous tips about threats to his safety, and the safety of his clinic, might have been worth checking out.

But that was “pre-Tiller”.  Since Dr. Tiller’s murder, the cops have probably adopted a “post-Tiller” mindset wherein they take even non-specific threats more seriously.

One hopes, anyway.

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