Nomination formally accepted

Werner has officially accepted his nomination in the Craziest Canadian Bloggers of 2009 contest, Conservative category.   Best of luck, Werner — you’ve got stiff competition, so to speak.

Friendly Reminder: there are two(2) categories, conservative and liberal (and possibly three(3) if we can round up enough non-partisan nutbars).  That means there will be two(2) Winners, Craziest conservative and Craziest liberal.  There won’t be an overall Craziest blogger — apples to apples, etc.

When making a nomination, it helps to provide a link to evidence of craziness — while it should be something notably crazy, it should also be in keeping with the blogger’s general tone, not a momentary lapse in their normally rational demeanour.  (Also, resist the urge to nominate someone just because you don’t like them… unless the person really is crazy.)

Once all the nominations are in, sometime in the next few whatevers, nominees will be judged by an independent panel who will select the top 3 craziest in each category, which will then be put to a vote.

So keep those nominations coming, and may the craziest wingnut and moonbat win.

1 Response to “Nomination formally accepted”

  1. 1 Frank Frink Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 4:15 am

    Nice of Werner to so solidly confirm his qualifications for the award in that nomination acceptance blog post.

    ps – East Germany was the one called the German ‘Democratic’ Republic which obviously (as in ‘as everyone knows’) means it was a democracy. It said so right in the country’s name. Isn’t that right, Werner?

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