Yoohoo, Chris Matthews! A word, please.

I  just watched last night’s Hardball and I am pissed off beyond words.

One segment featured a video that showed teabaggers mocking and throwing money at a man with Parkinsons Disease.  Yes, whenever you’re sure these brain-damaged pukes have reached the bottom of the barrel — like when they shouted down a disabled woman at a town hall last year — lo and behold, they lift the barrel and scrape some more.   But as sickening as it was, what followed the video  was pretty nauseating too.

One of the putrid, brainless subhumans in the video had a sign identifying him as being with Koch whores “Americans for Prosperity”, the fake grassroots organization behind the teabagger rallies, so Matthews interviewed  AFP’s sleazy little mouthpiece Tim Phillips to get his take on the ugly scene.  Grasping at straws for  a way to counter Matthews’ pro-health care reform arguments, Phillips brings up the subject of a certain Canadian woman who he claims sought out Americans For Prosperity to help her because  — sob! — she couldn’t get health care in Canada.

As Tweety would say, let’s watch.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s about 4 minutes in.  The slimy Phillips was clearly not doing well against Matthews’ pro-reform arguments, so he grasped at one final straw and rolled the dice that Matthews wouldn’t recall the Shona Holmes backstory, and how much of it was bullshit.  Not to mention how legions of furious Canadians responded to her lying douchebaggery by tearing her so many new orifices that she was abruptly dropped as AFP’s anti-reform spokesperson. Right, Shona Holmes “sought out” Americans For Prosperity — on her own, no less.  She wasn’t referred to them by Canada’s own version of AFP, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, who found her because they keep a lookout for people like her that they can whore out to their stateside partners in private health insurance gouging.

Tell me another one!

Not that I expect it, but it would be NICE if someone called Phillips on his BULLSHIT next time he’s interviewed on MSNBC, or anywhere.  Bang!  That’s all, folks.

6 Responses to “Yoohoo, Chris Matthews! A word, please.”

  1. 1 Torontonian Friday, March 19, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Maybe Tweety would get further and more out of his subjects if he knew two things.

    1. Ask perceptive questions without prejudice in the question.

    2. Listen and do not interrupt.

    So many people on the radio and TV do this: they keep talking and push-polling in their questions and believe that they
    score points for this.

    These same people forget that the guest has much to contribute and the host should allow uninterrupted replies to well crafted

    Sadly, modern times have reduced people’s attention span to that of a gnat. Journalism suffers.

    I fondly remember the interviews of Barbara Frum and Ann Medina–to name just two.

    Nostalgia makes me want to back to a slower time when discourse was more greatly valued than today. Nowadays, it’s all about jolts and scoring points.

    More’s the pity.

  2. 2 croghan27 Friday, March 19, 2010 at 2:15 am

    Methinks that Mathews is doing a good job given the material he has to work with … as in Phillips.

    At no time does Phillips give a coherent answer to Mathew’s question of what should the afflicted person do .. so he just keeps the conversation ‘flowing’.

    I would have pointed out in answer to the suggest the man be asked if he wants some government bureaucrat making decisions about his treatment that if had private insurance an ‘insurance company bureaucrat’ would be making the decision: it all depends upon the scope alloted to the bureaucrat.

    Bureaucrats are not innately evil … the do what they are told or find a job on a receiving dock.

    They are a fact of life … live with it.

  3. 4 JJ Friday, March 19, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Torontonian – Tweety didn’t do too badly this time… usually he lets them get away with saying the most outrageous and obvious lies (Bart Stupak and his “health care bill covers abortion” BS springs to mind). At least he was making an attempt to hold this jerk’s feet to the fire. Unfortunately, he obviously couldn’t remember the Shona Holmes story or I don’t think he would have let the guy get away with saying that it “stood up to scrutiny”. What bullshit!

  4. 5 JJ Friday, March 19, 2010 at 1:07 pm


    I would have pointed out in answer to the suggest the man be asked if he wants some government bureaucrat making decisions about his treatment that if had private insurance an ‘insurance company bureaucrat’ would be making the decision

    Yes, and I would have pointed out that story about the health insurance company that was caught purposely targeting people with HIV for “fraud” investigations and cutting them off. There’s yer Death Panel, Sarah!

  5. 6 JJ Friday, March 19, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    JAB – Yes, I wouldn’t call Matthews a right wing tool. A tool maybe 😛 Naaahhhh, I like Tweety. He’s okay, even if he does say weird things sometimes.

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