Nothing to see here

move along:

The German archdiocese led by the future Pope Benedict XVI ignored repeated warnings in the early 1980s by a psychiatrist treating a priest accused of sexually abusing boys that he should not be allowed to work with children, the psychiatrist said Thursday.

“I said, ‘For God’s sake, he desperately has to be kept away from working with children,’ ” the psychiatrist, Dr. Werner Huth, said in a telephone interview from Munich. […]

No link to the Pope here, none at all:

Dr. Huth said he issued the explicit warnings — both written and oral — before the future pope, then Joseph Ratzinger, archbishop of Munich and Freising, left Germany for a position in the Vatican in 1982.

In 1980, after abuse complaints from parents in Essen that the priest did not deny, Archbishop Ratzinger approved a decision to move the priest to Munich for therapy.

Despite the psychiatrist’s warnings, Father Hullermann was allowed to return to parish work almost immediately after his therapy began, interacting with children as well as adults. Less than five years later, he was accused of molesting other boys, and in 1986 he was convicted of sexual abuse in Bavaria.

Damn that pernicious, Pope-persecuting New York Times!

2 Responses to “Nothing to see here”

  1. 1 deBeauxOs Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 5:11 am

    But, but, but JJ. I heard on the news that Pope Maledict just issued one of his blanket “Sorry about that, now shut up already!” ersatz apologies about the decades of abuse in Ireland.

    Doesn’t that count for something?

  2. 2 Torontonian Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Persecution complex?

    That could be. I rather think of it as a martyr’s complex.
    “O woe is me . . .”.

    There’s a professional Catholic in Toronto–answers to the
    name Coren who has a martyr’s complex article in the
    Saturday Sun

    Oh yeah, another thing. The changing of the subject and handing it back to the rest of Christendom is another part
    of the martyr’s complex.

    The word “complex” is apt here. Martyrs’ explanations are
    never easy; they’re convoluted or complex–much like a
    conspiracy theorist and his/her belief in “death rays” or
    world Zionist domination or fluoridation of tap water.

    I’ve gone on too long. I’m becoming one of them, perhaps?
    Ohhhhh , the Kool-Aid.

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