PZ takes note of Canadian theocrats, does not approve (updated, with poll!)

Way back in the day, during one of my tours of Wingnuttia I stumbled over a menacingly-theocratic sounding Canadian website called “Christian Government”, which I found disturbing enough to blog about.   As is often the case when you link to another site, I started getting some traffic from Christian Government, including the good Christian who defecated this upbeat little message into my comments section.  A few other bloggers picked up the ball and we were off and running.  The “Christian Government” posse responded in their baffled and brainless way, putting up a feverish post entitled


and referring to us as “wild eyed and foaming at the mouth“.  There was some back-and-forth and great hilarity ensued.  Sadly, the article is now gone, but the Wayback Machine giveth what God taketh away.  And Shift-Command-4 preserveth.

Screenshots at 11, baby!

More recently, I found out that for some reason Christian Government had changed their name from “Government” to “Governance — I assume because “government” has a bad name among their target audience these days.  Government, governance, tomato, tomahto — they are still the same adorable gang of intellectual illiterates, homophobic haters and born-again geeks that they always were, still expounding on theories about how secular humanism is being “forced down their throats” (heh) and how the sun revolves around the earth (okay, that’s made up, but given the weirdness of some of their other statements, it wouldn’t surprise me).

Well, look out Christian Government/Governance, because you’ve just been discovered by the Most Notorioius Secular Humanist of them all, PZ Myers. Let the high-traffic, cross-border mockery begin!

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter SQ who reminds us that Xtian Government has *a poll* in their sidebar and the Godless Socialists & Liberal Heathens are coasting to a landslide victory:

I wonder what they mean by “Other”?  The Taliban?

UPDATE II: After you vote, you can read about how Filthy Children’s TV is Corrupting Young Minds.  Taste the crazy:

I arrived in the room to watch a pink bubble growing larger and larger on the screen. It looked like the opening of the bubble was at the cartoon creature’s rear end.

Then the large balloon floats off and a few seconds later it explodes, and the combination of two other characters collapsing at the explosion and the brown tinge used to colour the air from inside the balloon confirms that the balloon had been filled with flatulence.

At that point the TV was turned off until a movie was found.

Good grief, can you imagine being a poor kid growing up in the kind of Nazi environment where even the humble Fart Joke, a childhood comedy standard, is verboten?

2 Responses to “PZ takes note of Canadian theocrats, does not approve (updated, with poll!)”

  1. 1 hemmingforddogblog Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 4:03 am

    JJ…you didn’t mention that the CG website has a poll. **evil snicker**

    The NDP are now ahead of the Christians…

  2. 2 JJ Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 6:30 am

    Thanks SQ, updated accordingly.

    Practically everyone is ahead of the Christians, even “Nobody” is giving them a good run for their money 😆

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