Today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon

And so marches on the terrible twisted saga of “doctor” Charles McVety, who just got a karma-driven boot to the withered nads (FWOMP!  Ooof!) from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.


Mmm bacon.

11 Responses to “Today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon”

  1. 2 Torontonian Friday, December 10, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    I like the photo of McVety. The bad lighting
    makes him look like a sex pervert or, at least,
    someone you want to keep your kids children from.

    Poor guy, having a Sinai moment.

  2. 3 Scotian Friday, December 10, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    This bacon is so rancid and sick I would never eat it, nor even feed it to any animals for fear it not only could make them sick to their stomachs but rabid as well. McVety is one of the more hardcore religious gay bashers out there in the public view in Canada and describing him as rabid about it if anything could be an understatement. Not that it will stop him from equating homosexuals with pedophiles, even though that is the thing that brought this down upon him and his station/carrier to begin with.

    I wonder if he will face a harsher penalty if he repeats the same offence, one hopes so, because it is people like him that make it so difficult for gay people to feel like they are equal members of our society, instead of persecuted minorities that have to watch out at every turn for those that would destroy them. Unfortunately far too often in the most degrading and painful manners available to them too, the level of poison gays get to receive from those that are unable to accept them as fellow human beings deserving of the same consideration and courtesy as any other tends to be some of the worst out there, having been on the wrong end of it myself more than a few times in my life I am not unaware of it, especially since I have gotten it from both straights and gays (being bi is not an easy thing at times, especially for a male) as has my wife who shares the same orientation.

    As an aside, it always frustrated me to have to face the same sort of nonsense from gays telling me I was gay and didn’t know it, was afraid to admit it, was being a sellout/traitor because of it, etc. Why is it so hard for some of those that demand straights accept that they do not choose to be gay but are born that way and know it to accept that one can also be born bi and know it as well? It was enough to drive me away from the local gay community back in the 80s and early 90s. I mean you can know you are straight, you can know you are gay, but you can’t know you are bi?!? Good grief! (Sorry, a bit of a sore spot with me that was recently flicked on the raw again, and being reminded of McVety and what he loves to say sort of flashed it back to me)

    Finally, I was very sorry to be reading about the death of your gay friend Bruce McDonald, and if the cause of death was self inflicted (which is what I’d read the other day before going out for a couple of days and offline in the process before coming back home this evening, and without any more info than that regarding specifics) them doubly so. It is thanks to people like McVety that so many of us of alternate sexual orientations have serious (and all too often hidden even from those closest to us) issues with depression, despair and suicidal urges in our lives because of it, and what really is sickening is those same people look at at the stats that show this and say it proves that our orientations are unhealthy, wrong, and unnatural (and of course why they must save us from ourselves and/or remove us from “infecting” others with our unhealthy destructive ways no matter the means used) without ever once being willing (or too often even capable) of recognizing it is because of their own attitudes/actions and those that share them that are the source of these problems for most of us that end up suffering these problems to begin with. The idea that persecution causes such stresses and create such negative self esteem/image issues and traumas are well known, yet they fail to see how they cause the problems they are claiming proves they are right about how bad being gay/bi/transgendered really is. Truly sickening.

    Case in point. My first male lover took his own life right before he turned 20, which was 2 weeks before I was to as well. No one saw it coming (not even me, and I was more aware of his inner turmoil than just about anyone else), he was showing no signs of it to his family and circle of friends (none of whom had any idea he played with boys as well as girls and was finding himself more and more drawn to boys in the end despite what he had been told was proper/right for a man, something that cut right against what his father in particular repeatedly drove into him was proper for males. I was allowed to stay over with him and sleep in the same bed with him solely because we had been friends since early elementary school, they had no idea what we really had become to each other) and I had been out of touch with him for several months at that time (family issues of my own had caused me to move out and away for a time without any easy access to my former life, bad timing as it turned out because he tried to get in touch with me right before he died via our fathers who worked at the same company together and was why we had first met, as I was the one person he could be truly open with, as he told me throughout our friendship/relationship even before it became physical). Well, he came home one night from a party after work (he worked at a chemical supply corporation, which is how he got his tool of suicide) seemed cheerful and in a good mood to his family, went down to his room, went to bed, and drank the vial of cyanide he had brought home from work.

    His brother found him that way the next morning, and when I showed up at the funeral (because my father had gone to great lengths to track me down and tell me what happened, something I have always been grateful to my father for doing especially given the then bad blood between us) the family asked me because I was his oldest and closest friend if I had any explanation for why he would ever do such a thing. I took the coward’s way out and said no, even though I did know, because I knew he had struggled with his feelings versus the way he thought a man was supposed to act and how his father in particular insisted was the only way for a man to be, a big notch cutting stud with the women. I didn’t see the point in telling a grieving family at the time that they were the ones that drove him to it because he was secretly gay and couldn’t face how they would have reacted if/when they had found out nor could he accept the internal contradictions it had set up within him regarding his sense of self identity/respect as well (not to mention my own sense of guilt at the time wondering if I had contributed by being his first male love and lover making him aware of his orientation issues as well and fearing being blamed by his family for it, as I said, coward’s way out *sigh*). It was one of the main reasons he and I had broken up some months earlier after being secretly together for a couple of years, he was having serious self-identification issues from it, and finding it harder and harder to get physical with females and because we were each others’ first same sex partner and first male loves (as opposed to just lovers) it was too hard for him to resolve with me around so I gave him the space he asked for. You have no idea how much that haunted me after this, and even to this day over a quarter century later I still feel some twinges of guilt for it, he was that important to me. Not to mention still thinking of him at least once or twice a month at the absolute minimum and talking about him with my family and my wife.

    I never had that problem, whatever other issues I had growing up with my family I knew being gay or bi would never be a problem, as my parents had raised me RC yet equally had made clear that being gay or bi was not wrong, bad or evil, just different, and that what really mattered was not what gender I was involved with but the ethics of how I acted and was treated within that relationship. Very atypical for my generation especially with RC parents, and something my lover had envied and indeed told me was one of the reasons I couldn’t understand the pain he was going through because of how his parents, especially father, felt about homosexuality and those that dared act in such a manner. So I suspect I have some idea of what your friend may have been feeling under his skin as it were, and it is those like McVety which are the ones that drive all too many of those like him and my first love to such horrible lengths to escape the pain they feel because of such treatment within society.

    Sorry JJ, this not only went on longer than I first intended (something I know you’ve told me you don’t mind from me) but also got fairly personal both on a topic to you that has caused you pain this week as well as from me in relating the story from my own past with my own loss of a close gay friend by their own hand and tied it to the person this post is about and his kind of despicable public conduct. I hope this wasn’t too much for you, and this wasn’t where I had intended on going when I first started writing but the words just tumbled out. I hope you don’t mind too much, and more I hope I have not caused you much pain with the telling of this story from my life while expressing my sympathies to your clearly very painful and close loss as well as dealing with the topic of this post as well because I also was using this story to underscore just why and how dangerous and personally offensive I find those like McVety to be and why as well as providing those sympathies for your loss and trying to explain that I can relate both to how you must be feeling as well at least somewhat to how your friend likely was too having seen the same kind of thing up close and personal myself (if not even more so given we were lovers while you and Bruce missed being able to be so at least in part because of your respective genders going by what you wrote about him earlier, I say in part because I do not know either of your personal lives to know if their are other people either of your were involved with that also might have prevented such a relationship from forming if the orientation/gender issue wasn’t a factor).

    Well, talk to you later, and if I am not back again soon have a good Christmas and New Years. Take care and be well JJ.

  3. 4 JJ Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    deBeauxOs – 😆 😆 Two bums up!

  4. 5 JJ Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Torontonian – While I wouldn’t go so far as to defame his “Good Name” with random innuendo 😉 “Sex Pervert” seems to be a popular look among his ilk. Remember Doug Hoffman, the Republican they ran in New York’s 23rd this year? {{{shudder}}} Creepy looking guy if I ever did see one.

    And I think wordpress is about to shit the bed, I’m having a lot of trouble posting comments. Tata for now

  5. 6 JJ Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Scotian 🙂

    Thanks for such a beautiful and expressive post.

    IMHO McVety & his ilk have gay blood on their hands because they work so tirelessly to ensure that bigotry continues to thrive. Even though the rest of the world obviously isn’t going in their direction, it makes the LGBT’s struggle for equality a little slower and more difficult, and opens the door for more casualties along the way. So I can’t help gloating openly that this disgusting little freak got such a well-deserved and long overdue boot to the nads. (Woohoo!)

    Thanks for the condolences. The blogosphere has lost a great writer, humourist, humanist and friend, and his family and friends out in the Real World have suffered an immense loss. My heart goes out to them. Rick Barnes was a close friend of Bruce’s in real life and has some great photos and even a video of Bruce making bread 😆 not long ago 😦

    Who can know what was going on his mind, and why he chose not to reach out for help? It haunts me to think that over the last couple of weeks I was visiting his blog every day like I have for the last 4 years, and thinking that he must be taking another little hiatus from blogging as he tended to do once in awhile. Sigh.

    If I don’t see you again, have a very Merry Christmas and take care of yourself, stay well.

  6. 7 Bene Diction Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Thanks for the link JJ, and I am sorry for your loss.

    It remains to be seen how long McVetys show is off CTS and if ichannel is going to yank his show – or at least assign an editor.

    Kudos to the person who complained to the CSBC.

    McVety is playing the martyr card of course – he has little respect for the people he panders to, I guess he counts on them believing every word that comes out of his mouth.

  7. 8 JJ Monday, December 13, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Hi Bene – Yes, I’m watching the McVety response to this with great interest and maximum schadenfreude. Poor persecuted Chuck, the Martyr! HA!

  8. 9 Reality.Bites Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    I found it interesting that CTS (hardly a mainstream broadcaster that might be intolerant of homophobia) yanked his show.

    I would suspect that his show is of the type where they are paid to broadcast it, rather than paying him for the right to have it, and the only leverage they had was to pull it.

  9. 10 JJ Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 5:22 am

    RB – I think there’s a limit even for broadcasters like CTS — some of the things McVety has been saying have crossed the line from being simply goofy to being truly odious, even for him. (And that’s saying something.) McVety’s views could be problematic for any broadcaster that has to abide by CRTC rules including those dealing with hate speech.

    You’re probably right that CTS is likely paid to carry McVety’s show. I guess it comes down to whether McVety is paying them enough to cover any problems he might cause them to have with the CRTC

  10. 11 J. A. Baker Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 6:42 am

    You’ll get a kick out of this, JJ. I subscribe to Texas Freedom Network‘s daily e-mails, which always have a “quote of the day” about religious freedom. Yesterday’s QOTD was Chuckles McDoofus’s rant about homosexuality that got the CBSC to pull the plug on his happy ass!

    Though if you ask me, I think the CBSC should’ve yanked his license just on general prinicples – if for no other reason than shoddy directing. Remember that one video you posted where I commented that you could see off stage (and one of the other cameras) in the main shot?

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