Majority of Canadians remember Layton fondly

According to an Angus Reid poll, a majority of Canadians agree with Jack Layton being accorded a State Funeral, and remember him with fondness:

A majority of Canadians (55%) think Layton showed that politicians can have the common touch, and almost half (48%) think he will be lauded for his ability to engage with young Canadians. […]

Four-in-five Canadians (81%) think holding a state funeral for Layton is justified, including a majority of respondents in every region. At least seven-in-ten Canadians who voted for parties other than the NDP in the last federal election believe Layton deserves this honour.

The 81% who agreed with the State Funeral is an interesting number because it surely includes many conservatives, maybe the majority of them.  So take that, Barbara Kay and Christie Blatchford.  You’re a warped bitter and twisted minority even among your own ilk, and maybe even at your own place of employment.

1 Response to “Majority of Canadians remember Layton fondly”

  1. 1 Beijing York Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    The Kays, Blatchford, Levant and Coren are a bitter minority within their 38% minority.

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