Goldman’s Blankfein bails on college address

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Oh, those damn *cough/eyeroll/puke* scheduling conflicts:

The students of Barnard College were expecting to hear from Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, as part of a lecture series titled “Power Talks.”

But over the weekend, Mr. Blankfein informed the college that he was canceling his appearance, originally planned for Wednesday night, because of a scheduling conflict.

Riiiiiiight, “scheduling conflict”.  Funny how those “scheduling conflicts” always seem to come up when people who’ve been pushed to the absolute limit and last straw of their endurance for bullshit finally hit the streets demanding you cease and desist doing the kind of “God’s Work” that sucks billions out of the economy and deposits it in the wallets of you and your buddies, throws thousands out of their homes and leaves millions more unemployed or with their nest eggs shattered, looking forward to “Freedom 85”.

Whew.  That’s what I’d call a run-on sentence, fitting for a run-away chiseler like Blankfein.

Whatever you think of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest — and I admit to being somewhat ambivalent about certain aspects of it myself — it seems to be having a bit of an impact.

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