It’s not just Blackberry

Blackberry users aren’t the only ones having trouble, at least today.

Apple’s servers gave up the ghost today when millions of iPhone users tried to update their phones with the new IOS 5 software:

Users on Apple’s help forums have begun reporting that they’re not able to activate iOS 5, noting that Apple’s activation servers are beginning to go down. Users are left with a 3200 error code, and unable to finish the activation. This isn’t a good situation by any means leaving users, in some cases, with almost bricked devices until Apple can get things back up to speed. […]

Wonderful!  The Human Race is making Progress.

Nothing to do with technology, but rather, encouraging advances in the War On Human Dumbness.

Ten years ago if 2 major communications companies had crashed one after another, everyone would be out buying duct tape and plastic sheeting and getting smallpox vaccinations and running around in circles with their hair on fire.

Progress! Marches on!!

2 Responses to “It’s not just Blackberry”

  1. 1 Willy Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    🙂 nice link.

    I was so disappointed when every Windows box did not blow up I’m 2000.

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