Some Assembly Required


That was a shriek of ecstasy and joy, by the way.  Omigod

Ford is going to make the classic much loved 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible available again to the buying public. There is one little hitch… you provide the engine, transmission, interior, electronics, brakes, suspension, and trim. Ford just gives you the body.

That ’65 body isn’t much different from the sweet little ’66 I owned — and drove daily — for 15 years, until some savage asshole’s left turn wrote it off.  (I bought it back from ICBC for $300 and made over $1500 parting it out, but with every part I sold went a little piece of my broken heart.)  Best car I ever drove, and I’d buy another one in a hot second.  The thought of having one Brand New, even if I had to build it and paint it… AIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!  Quick, the smelling salts.  I grow faint…

(I know, the song’s about a Chev, but I still used to drive around with it playing on the tape deck, singing away, replacing “Chevy” with “Mustang”)

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