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Whoops (a PSA)

My apologies: I’ve been a Bad Blogger lately, sucked into the shrieking vortex of virulent madness and fetus fetishizing insanity that is the #M312 time line on Twitter (and taken down by various ugly meatspace ailments — flu, sleep disturbances and other unwelcome and unacceptable interruptions).  (But none of it has affected my status as Sovereign of the Run-On Sentence.)

Blogging will resume shortly — as in “today” —  just thought I’d warn anyone who’s still around.  Hahahaha!

Lonely in here…

Ah well, that’s the price of going “Indie” I guess.  Anyway, it’s allowed me to shift my focus from the frenzied pace of the blogosphere to the frenetic pace of my meatspace life, and given me time for the Three(3) Rs: Recharging, reinvigorating, and re-energizing.  And BOOM!  (You know what that means: I’m back, baby!)

But first, some loose ends to tidy up.

A party I’m extremely late to and for that matter something that most readers of this blog would know about already (but I feel deserves a shout-out nonetheless) is the new progressive aggregator, Canadian Progressive Voices.  Outstanding job by Pale of A Creative Revolution (with assists from various friends) — an absolutely top-notch aggregator with a blog roster that includes most of your old proggie favourites.  Great place to start your Progressively Web-Surfing day.  Well done Pale!

Also, and.  June 13 7th, the day of the second and final hour of debate on Motion 312, (with final vote on June 13) fast approaches. Driving themselves into the usual deranged masturbatory conniptions  they experience whenever some kind of anti-abortion measure is tabled (once a year, like clockwork), fetus fetishists are betting the farm that this thing re-opens some kind of debate on abortion lawWooooooo!

but judging by how well the first hour of debate went in April my observation is that it’s quickly degenerating into a sad and sorry joke.  As if the idea of government debating “when life begins” isn’t goofy enough, consider that Woodworth’s Wonderful Anti-Abortion Adventure now marches on against the backdrop of a Fetus Caravan and shrieeeeeks about the Scourge of Fetus Bullying, and you’ve got a top-drawer Circus of Demented Clowns that’s unlikely to convince anyone of anything other than the fact that fetus fetishism rots the brain more profoundly than late-stage syphilis.  I’ll be paying close attention to how things proceed… though I can’t predict how it will end, I can promise you it will be an entertaining journey.

Mahalo, as the Good Doctor would say.

EDITED to clarify dates — final hour of debate is June 7, vote is June 13.  (Thanks fern hill)

Where’s stageleft

I certainly hope this doesn’t mean anything other than technical issues…

EDIT:  Ack!  I use that “Brain Damage” tag so often that it comes up automatically now.  (Rather sad commentary on the state of things, IMO.)  Sorry stageleft… wherever you are!



The Blogosphere just got a little less fappier, the Culture of Death a little zestier, and this blog a little less mocking, derisive and occasionally hilarious, as one of my favourite sources of material over the years shuts down.

On the upside, I no longer have to worry about the dangers inherent to exposure to such material —  like being assailed by a fiendish sexual frustration so tangible that it leaps right out of a blog post, crashes through my computer screen and furiously humps my leg until dropping exhausted to the floor.

But still, on a Risk/Reward basis, the laughs were definitely worth it.

Fap… fap… faaaaa…

(A heartbroken h/t to BCL)

Canadian Blog Awards

The nominations are in and first round voting is underway.

I’d like to endorse my homegrrlz at DammitJanet, who’ve been nominated in several categories including Best Feminist Blog.

Show ’em some love!  (You know you want to.)

New right-wing game

It’s called “Let’s Make Lefty Heads Explode”.  Here’s how it goes:

A popular left-wing political leader passes away.  The shock and sadness at this cruel turn of events transcends ideology as most everyone expresses their sorrow during the very human moment of shared loss and mutual comforting that ensues.  We all hug, ever so briefly.

Then the first shitball is fired across the plate, lobbed by a bitter and twisted conservative columnist.  She tastelessly chooses the day the lefty leader dies to publicly slag the somewhat political but heartfelt and inspiring deathbed missive he left behind.   The outraged response of the left erupts like rancid lava and pours over the Blogosphere and across the Twitterverse and through the social media.  Anger spirals into furious purple rage and lefty heads start exploding as righties look on with startled delight.

And think: “Hmm… that was more fun than pulling the wings off a fly!”

“Hells yeah!  Let’s do it again!”

So a few more join in with their own cheap little shows of ignorance calculated to provoke and infuriate, which predictably work exactly according to plan.  And pretty soon it isn’t about the departed lefty political leader anymore, it’s about right-wingers enjoying the weird Pavlovian response they’re getting to just about anything they say that’s even tangentially related to him.  In some corners of the political spectrum, the sight of snarling lefties running around with their hair on fire in full foam-at-mouth mode makes for fine entertainment on a dull day, or any day for that matter.  So they bring in a few more players, escalate, up the ante, turn up the volume, get a zamboni to plow back the shattered bits of skull and brain between games, and play another round.

Yes, it’s a game, Charlie Brown.  And as usual, Lucy’s winning.

Illegitimi non carborundum, peeps!

On the Irresistible Urge to Look Under Rocks

Human nature can be pretty perverse, and one of the more twisted aspects of it is that we can’t resist turning over the occasional rock, hoping to be stunned and grossed out and aggrieved by what’s crawling in the slime beneath.  This truism is amplified in the Internet Age, when we run around lifting rocks at top speed for the express purpose of finding something to make us shriek and sweat and pound our keyboards red-faced in righteous fury, describing to all and sundry the scum-ridden underside of whatever rock was upended.  But on a day when Canada mourned the loss of a political leader of integrity and optimism, I was hoping we wouldn’t bother looking; or if we couldn’t resist looking, that there wouldn’t be much to find under the rocks and we’d have the class to ignore what little there was.

Sure, I looked too: I’m only human.  But what I observed was surprising and heartening.  The prevailing sentiment around the conservative blogosphere yesterday was the same stunned sadness we felt on this side of the spectrum.  When I checked the Blogging Tories aggregator (I told you, I’m only human), of the 18 Layton-related posts on the front page, all but one was civil and respectful.  Some suggest that it’s rank hypocrisy coming from people who vilified the man in life, and in a way I guess that’s true.  But death by cancer transcends ideology: like a terrorist attack, it plays no favourites, and when we witness it we instinctively give a primordial shudder and pull closer together.  So I’m willing to believe the sentiments were sincere, if momentary.

For sure there were a few reptile-brained scum who couldn’t resist the urge to joke and smear and poke with sharp sticks.  But it was a relatively small minority unworthy of attention on such a day and I wasn’t sure why anyone would choose to lavish it on them.  It’s not like they were representative of the whole, or even the majority, of the so-called “Right”.  Maybe I’m as optimistic as Jack was, but the vast majority of what I read yesterday confirmed to me that it’s possible to vigorously disagree with someone’s political ideology while recognizing their dedication to making Canada a better place.  And that notion, while it may not be as entertaining as the spittle-flecked ravings of a few classless jerks, is far more deserving of attention.

(Having said all that, I haven’t looked around much today but I wouldn’t be surprised if the discourse had already started sliding back into its former slime pit of venom and vitriol, much of it directed against Jack Layton himself, thus completing the Official Period of Civility.)

Must be the clouds in my eyes



Merry Twatsmas, CC

The Wages of Assholery — about 85 Large.

Though I can’t say I’m thrilled with the litigious turn the blogosphere seems to be taking of late, some things are so wrong as to call for serious measures and this was one of them.   That’s what the Law is there for, and sometimes, it even works.

That said, we might want to resist the temptation to get too caught up in schadenfreude; Libel is far from the exclusive preserve of the right.  I’ve seen progressives do it casually and carelessly and almost certainly, unknowingly, but ignorance doesn’t make a statement any less libelous.  Use the Googles, kids, preferably before you hit “publish”.

Congrats CC, may all your Twatsmases be green.


Quid Pro Quo, PBeeeze

In the comments of the Happy Wanderer’s post about the new BTs Exposeinator, “In Their Own Words”, lurks a veiled threat… stand back!:

I take that to mean that chubby little Cheeto™-stained fingers are flying over sticky keyboards and feverishly assembling another Exposeinator, “Progressive Bloggers, In Their Own Words”, even as we speak.

This was actually one of the first things that occurred to me when I saw “BTs, ITOW” — that some outraged rightwing smartass would attempt to do a copycat site focusing on PBs.  As I pondered briefly over who’d have the honour of being featured in such a setup, I couldn’t help wondering how successful an endeavour it would be, given the relative dearth of material.  I’m not implying that Crazy, Dumb and Mock-worthy are the exclusive preserves of the right, because  they’re not.  Measures of bombast and hyperbole, hysteria and hypocrisy and even misinformation can be found in surprisingly healthy quantities in every corner of the political spectrum:  it’s just that one corner’s cup seemeth to runneth over.

But you never know what an enterprising Blogging Tory might find when they start plumbing the progressive depths:  the leftwing version of Dodo could be out there just waiting to be discovered.

Dumping WordPress

After 18 months or so on Weirdpress, I have come to believe it’s the teenage girl of blogging platforms:  pretty but flaky and given to emotional outbursts and fainting spells.

Oh well.  It wasn’t a bad experiment, it just didn’t work out so it’s time to move on.  Buy the ticket and all that.

I’ll most likely be going back to Blogspot, and probably give the blog a new name.  Posting will continue here intermittently while I mull over new setups, but this will also serve as a much needed respite from the frenzy of the blogosphere which has been getting on my nerves.

I will keep you informed of any developments… (now hopefully when I hit “Publish” this thing will actually show up on the front page…)

Paypal is humour-challenged

Anyone who’s been reading UOH for any length of time will know that I’m a big fan of the wickedly funny wingnut satire served up at Jesus’ General.  And anyone who’s smart enough to tie their freaking shoes will also recognize that what the General does is satire.

But not Paypal.

Recently Paypal demanded that the General remove Paypal links at his site because it is in violation of their terms with regard to the promotion of hate, etc.:

…However, after a recent review of your account, it has been determined that you are currently in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime.

As the General points out, Paypal buttons still proudly adorn the sites of  some of the shriekiest right-wing hatemongers on the planet — people who you might hope are parodies, but unlike the General, they’re not.  Come to think of it, up here in the Great White North some of our shriekiest, most drooling and brain-damaged right-wing hatemongers practically live off their Paypal buttons.   Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what’s up with the double standard?  Has Paypal been commandeered by teabaggers??

I understand how the Paypal folks might be humour-challenged — sadly, some people suffer from humour deficiency, and the General is no stranger to them.  Indeed, the source of this problem is likely someone who doesn’t appreciate good satire (especially when they are the subject of it).  But accusing a satire site that promotes tolerance of promoting intolerance while letting vicious hate mongers slide is crossing the line from humour-challenged to self-humiliating.

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