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The Tour de Fetus is over, the pinnacle of fetus fetishism on wheels having been reached in the form of a Big Bang-Up presentation of GORY GORE at an Ottawa church on Monday night.  As usual, pro-choice demonstrators were on hand, in apparently larger numbers than the fetushists cowering inside the church.

Strangely though, the Fetusmobiles were missing in action, and still remain  nowhere to be found, and no word on Twitter or anywhere else about where they might be.

I wondered if maybe they’d broken down:

…but sadly, that elicited no response.  I wondered what might have happened:

Or maybe the Fetusmobiles were secretly stripped of the ugly before the long ride home took them back through many of the towns they’d already pissed off so savagely on the way out.  Broken down?  Cleaned off?  Stolen by some ferocious feminazi man-hating pants-dropping baby-killer?  Only the Shadow knows…

In any event, I’m doing my part to help find them:

Lies, lies & damn stupid lies

Supporters of MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312, aka “Woodworth’s Wank” but could also be known as “Operation Reproductive Enslavement”, have been making feverish claims that M312 is not in fact a “Personhood” initiative designed to give a fetus the same legal rights as an already-born person.  They know what a loser “Personhood” is: it was an epic fail even in Mississippi, and if it ever had a chance, it was in that screaming fire-engine-reddest of red states.  Other states seem to be equally thrilled with the idea.  So to say “Personhood” would be doomed in Canada is a massive understatement.  Fetus fetishists are stupid, but they’re also sneaky:

But what’s this?

…and the more I searched “M312 Personhood” on the Googles, the more damning the evidence:

Alas & Alack
Screenshots At 11 is back!

The Truth is Out There, and it shall be screenshat. 

Supremes give Linda Gibbons the “L”-sign

And it doesn’t stand for “LINDA”.

Welcome to Loserville, Linda Gibbons — Population: you.  But some of us didn’t need the Supreme Court to tell us that.

For the blissfully unaware, Linda Gibbons is a deranged religious crackpot who, over the years, has made quite a name for herself (I mean another name besides “Loser”) among Canadian fetus fetishists as a Martyr to the Cause. Gibbons’ relentless picketing of Toronto womens’ clinics has earned her a stay in the Graybar Hotel more times than the half-bright old fool could likely even remember, and given her a lock on deification as Our Lady of Perpetual Pestering, St. Linda of the Smited Feti.

Toronto has a bubble zone law, you see, to prevent dingbats like Gibbons (and even worse dingbats like Scott Roeder) from doing their frenzied screeching, praying, humiliating and slut-shaming right on the clinics’ doorsteps.  But Gibbons insists on getting as close to the clinics as humanly possible, the better to facilitate one-on-one slut-shaming.  In Gibbons’ demented eyes, the patients have no right to privacy: “God’s Law”, you know.

It’s the same routine every time: Gibbons parks her doddering ass at the clinic, a court order to cease & desist arrives, Gibbons refuses, cops are called, and she’s carted off to the hoosegow, lock stock and two smoking feti.  There she writhes in the throes of a persecution frenzy for a few months, along with all the other fetus fetishists who regard her as a maligned saint.  When she’s released she goes straight back to the clinic, personifying that old quote about the Definition of Insanity.

Violating the bubble zone law is a civil offense, but as I understand it, when the court order arrives things escalate and the refusal to leave becomes a criminal offense. That is in fact the primary leverage of a court order, and it’s why Gibbons spends so much time in the slam.  At some point Gibbons was wracked by a brainstorm of epic proportions and decided that it wasn’t “right” for a grandmother to be criminally charged.  She took her case, such as it was, to the Supreme Court.

The Supremes were not impressed:

The Supreme Court has ruled against a relentless Toronto anti-abortion crusader who has spent more than nine years over two decades in jail for repeatedly violating a civil order to quit picketing outside abortion clinics.

 Linda Gibbons, 63, who is in jail again, has long maintained she has a right to peaceful protest and that the courts were unfairly pursuing her because of her unpopular views on abortion.

The Supreme Court was asked to rule on a technical matter — whether it is right for the grandmother to be charged criminally for a civil violation.

The top court ruled eight to one that she could, in fact, be charged criminally for disobeying a court order.

Sorry Linda, hundreds of years of legal precedent disagree with your hypothesis that old people should be allowed to get away with anything they want.  If your age is the only defense your lawyer can come up with, you need a new lawyer.

Predictably the hysterical shrieks of “freeeeee speeeech!” have already begun… ironic as they are, coming from the same people who’d dictate what we can watch, read, smoke, who we can marry, and what medical procedures we can have.

Now, I’ve thought long and feverishly about the issue of anti-choice picketing as it impacts on free speech.

Make no mistake, I despise every perverse and twisted notion these people stand for: but at the same time, they have the same right to peaceful protest and free speech as I enjoy, and I wholeheartedly support that right.  I don’t care if it’s Neo-Nazis marching down the street in full fascist regalia — as long as they’re not beating anyone up, I support their right to do so.  On that level, I’m always glad to see the fetushists rapturing out at their goofy Marches for Life, wheeling around in their Fetusmobiles and standing on street corners with gory signs.  The fact that they’re out there means I can be out there counter-protesting if I so choose.  (And besides, a cartoonist couldn’t invent these people — they’re just great material.)

But given the Clinic Staff body count and the fact that clinic patients enjoy some rights too — specifically, the right to privacy — I don’t consider bubble zones to be an infringement on free speech, as the fetus fetishists are so fond of claiming.  The clinics themselves are Private Property, which trumps the right to protest at that location.  Even outside property lines, there are clearly safety issues in allowing these idiots within gunshot range (as Dr.David Gunn would agree if he wasn’t dead).  And yes, demented senior citizens who spend half their lives in prison and the other half muttering and shrieking at clinic patients should be considered a potential danger. It’s not a bridge too far, in my opinion, to imagine the brain-damaged Gibbons being given a .38 and talked into using it.  Bubble Zones are about the patients’ privacy rights, but they’re also about the clinic staff’s Right to Life.  (Ironic, huh?)

What the psychotic anti-choice constituency doesn’t get is that the Free-Speech-Stomping Jackboot of the State isn’t preventing them from protesting: they can indulge themselves in all the Jesus-driven fetus-fury and spittle-flecked slut-shaming they want, from 500 feet away.  The right to free speech doesn’t come with a guaranteed audience at the venue of your choice.

By now, one would imagine that Linda Gibbons’ arms are festooned with jailhouse sleeve tattoos of dead fetus porn.  Not that this, or the bitchslap from the Supremes, will stop her from going straight back to the clinic.  Time to start inking those legs… maybe a tasteful wreath of fetuses around the ankle for starters.

That “WHOOOOOOSH” you hear in the distance

… is the sound of Stephen Harper’s sigh of relief:

Debate on a Conservative MP’s controversial private member’s motion that is widely seen as an attempt to reopen the abortion question has been put off until the fall.

Stephen Woodworth swapped places in the legislative lineup with another MP, citing his mother’s failing health as the reason he sought a delay.

Mr. Woodworth has my heartfelt sympathy: been there, done that, wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Would it be possible that along with family time, the postponement of this doomed-from-the-start “debate” will give Woodworth the opportunity to consider the potentially disastrous repercussions of his ill-advised motion on all the women in Canada who aren’t his mother?

Thought not.

That “whoooosh” you’re hearing now is my sigh, of frustration and disgust.

Irony so thick you could cut it with a jackhammer

A video that made the rounds a few years back showed anti-choice protesters being asked what punishment women should get for terminating a pregnancy, if indeed abortion is “murder” and should be outlawed.  Predictably, no answers were forthcoming:

Why is that, you might wonder.  Given that the fetus fetishists’ end game is the criminalization of a common medical procedure, one would think they’d have an answer to the obvious question of what kind of legal sanctions should be imposed on anyone who Breaks the Rules. But in spite of all the time they spend obsessing about it, the anti-choice position is just not very well-thought-out.  It’s irrational, emotional, largely driven by religious ideology and almost always inspired on some level by a punitive, authoritarian brand of misogyny so vile and repugnant that few are willing to cop to it.

Which brings me to the Fetus Puke-a-van‘s Stephanie Gray.

Interviewed Monday on Kelowna’s CBC-radio affiliate, Gray had no compunction about exposing herself as a punishment freak of the highest order, and proud of it.  Asked what should happen to women who have abortions after the dawn of her Brave New World wherein womens’ rights are a historical footnote, she didn’t miss a beat (at about 4:47 on the audio):

“Once abortion becomes illegal, I would say the consequences for a woman who has an abortion at that point, breaking the law, would be no different from the consequences for a woman who kills her born children.”

The interviewer pointed out that this would mean life in prison, and Gray added that it would “depend on the circumstances”, and allowed that some women may instead be written off as “clinically insane”.  You know, like women who drown their kids in a bathtub.

I’d say the irony’s so thick you could cut it with a knife.  However, I seriously doubt that modern metallurgy has advanced to the point where there exists a tempered steel sufficiently unyielding to cut through the irony of a sick, warped and twisted, fetus-obsessed little fuck who drives around in a truck festooned with  gross images of surgical tray contents calling anyone else “clinically insane”.

Submitted without (much) comment

It takes a special kind of psychosis to produce fetus fetishist propaganda of this brain-damaged magnitude:

You’ll never guess where it came from: shockah!!  Yet another website dedicated to fetal supremacy, forced childbirth, Bronze Age religious wingnuttery and Photoshopped gore, the grotesque imprimatur of SUZANNE.

As if parking the lardbucket in front of a computer 24/7, blogging furiously, firing off spittle-flecked tweets at the rate of 50 TPM (tweets per minute), “writing” a “novel”, “researching”, oops I mean, *sticking her nose into* private information about other peoples’ personal medical history, pondering the benefits of Doctor hit lists, and of course, keeping up with what the other certifiable screwballs on the anti-abortion beat are blithering about… all while raising 4 kids… isn’t enough, here’s yet another focus-on-the-fetus website she commandeers.  And this is all probably just the tip of some vile iceberg: imagine all the other sites under her deranged administration that lay as yet undiscovered, foaming and festering away in some dank and secret corner of the internets.  {{{shudder}}}

This isn’t just fetus fetishism, it’s a manic disorder worthy of its own code in the DSM-IV!

A day late and a dollar short

Or maybe that should be about 50 dollars short, adjusted for inflation and general stupidity, considering the 4 decades that have elapsed since the time the fetus fetishists’ latest project was considered an edgy or attention-getting manouevre.  (My my, but they are slooooooooowwww on the old uptake.)

Slow and unoriginal.  Remember the old Abortion Caravan from over 40 years ago?

The foetishists’ latest frenzied venture, courtesy of the crackpots and weirdballs at the “Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform” (whateverthefuck that means), is an anti-abortion caravan: a fleet of Fetusmobiles©®™

festooned with disgusting Photoshop-enhanced images of dead feti, going from town to town winning friends and influencing people.  Hey, who wouldn’t want to see a cavalcade of mobile fetus pron?  Imagine a whole flotilla of these:

 …rollin-rollin-rollin down the road

Presumably this rancid rolling roadshow will travel across the country getting the boot out of one town after another until it reaches its final destination, which I believe is Parliament Hill.  Where it will do — something, maybe have “The Debate” (amongst themselves), and then boogie off into the sunset.  Or maybe when they’re finished their business in Ottawa, they’ll head up to Montreal and enter those sweet rides in the Indy 500.  Go Team Fetus!

(h/t fern hill on twittr)

That discordant cacophony you hear in the distance

…is the sound of the gears in Nurse Stanek’s brain grinding themselves toothless as she feverishly tries to make a connection between this:

A British citizen in Bangkok has been arrested after Thai police found six roasted human foetuses packed in his luggage.

Chow Hok Kuen, who is 28 and of Taiwanese origin, was held by police after the grisly discovery was made in Bangkok’s Chinatown district yesterday.

… and Planned Parenthood.  Or Obama.  Or in a perfect Sweet & Sour Fetus Soup world, both.

Trust me, it’s only a matter of time.  Who could forget this little number from Stanek’s House of Zygote Zealotry, Fetus Fetishizing & Genteel Racism:

(h/t – The General on Twitter)

Vellacott’s Anti-Bullying Initiative

During those interminably long and boring days on Parliament Hill, the blithering fetus-humping Simpleton from Saskabush, MP Maurice Vellacott, can always be counted on to provide Comic Relief:

Standing Up To Fetus Bullying

Standing Up To Fetus Bullying

Yes, really:

A Conservative MP says anti-bullying initiatives popping up across the country should also apply to fetuses.

Maurice Vellacott of Saskatchewan says the most common bullying of all is the bullying and ultimate death of unborn children.

Is it just me or are these people careening down the road to self-parody at an alarming, perhaps even illegal, speed?

UPDATE:  Silent no more!  An ex-bullied ex-fetus speaks out.

Shame on you, Ottawa Sun

… re-writing an article without explaining why such major edits were made.  Oh sure, it says “updated” at the top: since when does “updated” mean “practically re-written as dictated by fetus fetishists”??:

Ottawa Sun May 11 (top of article)

Ottawa Sun May 11 (bottom of article)

And those aren’t the only changes, the whole thing is riddled with them.  Good thing that for the entertainment and edification of my readers, I have…


Ottawa Sun, Thursday May 10

Ottawa Sun, May 10 (Part DUH!)

I guess I’d be a little embarrassed too if I’d CAVED under the unrelenting, spittle-flecked pressure of a few crazed fetus fetishists.  But letting them practically dictate a re-write to you?  Wow.  And you guys wonder why you have no credibility.

The truth is out there, and it shall be screenshat!

(h/t – fern hill)

Pool’s open: jump in, the water’s fine

As the Annual March of the Catholic Schoolchildren winds up and lurches away for another year in a mass of twitching, persecutiongasmic protoplasm, it is customary for the Annual Spinning of the Attendance Numbers to begin.

Normally (though I hesitate to use that word in relation to this  demented little shindig), the “March For Life” gets anywhere from 5-8000 attendees: a respectable number by any measure for a fringe protest.  But nonetheless the reported attendance number is always an occasion for MASSIVE dispute and disagreement, fetus fetishists feverishly insisting that the Liberal Media is purposely under-reporting their numbers.

Then the fun begins, as they retaliate with their own estimates that are orders of magnitude larger than those reported by crowd control experts, cops, and the media covering the event.  In our years of observing fetus fetishist behaviour, we’ve watched in stunned amazement as they work themselves into a Mass Persecution Frenzy of such brain-damaged intensity that they insist the event drew double and triple what the media reported.

There’s a reason, and it isn’t, as one might expect, recreational hallucinogens.  In their minds, it’s imperative that every year’s attendance blow the doors off the previous year’s, because it shows their movement has  Momentum (and keeps those checks coming in fast and furious to Campaign Life). When in fact this year it had what might be more accurately described as NOmentum…

A much smaller crowd than expected slowed traffic during the March for Life on downtown Ottawa streets Thursday.

Organizers claimed they were expecting more than 15,000 pro-life supporters to converge on Parliament Hill. However, today’s crowd on a cool, blustery spring afternoon is estimated at perhaps 4,000 people.  […]

Organizers of the Thursday march believed this could mean an even larger crowd than the 15,000 the Campaign Life Coalition says participated in the 2011 event — however that has not occurred.

Liberal Media Conspiracy?  Too bad that little nugget came from the Ottawa Sun, not known as a bastion of liberalism by any stretch of the imagination; even a fetus fetishist’s imagination.

And the stretching of imaginations brings me to this.  As is the usual practice on this day, we Fembots were predicting what kind of numbers they’d spin up, but this year promises to be so double-plus entertaining that we decided, what the hell, let’s make it intere$ting.  A feminazi pool has been formed accordingly and $10 bets are now being taken on what spun-out attendance figure the fetus fetishists will eventually settle on… so whaddya say, ya hit or ya sit?

HillCam, today about 2pm Eastern

You stay classy, Toronto Star!

Well this is Special: Canada’s major progressive-leaning newspaper, known affectionately to conservatives as The Red Star, is running an online article with a direct link to the “Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform”.

For the happily uninitiated, CCBR is (cached link, fetus pron warning) the leading Canadian purveyor of fetus pron. Indeed they is: they put it on posters to be waved on streetcorners and cause 10-car pile-ups as passing motorists reach for the barf bags, they make bigass grotesque public displays of it where they compare it to the Holocaust (never any mention of the Tubesock Holocaust, though), they festoon it all over their Fetusmobiles©, and of course their website is crawling with it.

For brain-damaged halfwits who respond “Well, if abortion’s such a great thing, why shouldn’t people see it?”, look pal, most normal people don’t especially want to see the gory tray of leftovers from open-heart surgery either.  Or knee surgery or a hip replacement or any other medical procedure including the lobotomy that was clearly had by whoever at the Star was responsible for this article.  The icing on this foul and feculent cake is that this particular imagery is displayed for the express purpose of restricting womens’ rights… not a compelling reason to remove it from the public sphere, but maybe something the *cough*progressive*cough* Star might want to consider when deciding whether to link to it (or not).

AND (heh, I’m on a roll) before some addlepated dingbat starts jabbering about “Free Speech”, this isn’t a free speech issue.  I have in the past defended the right of anti-abortion students at the University of Calgary to exhibit the CCRB’s gross images as part of their demented, ignorant, in-your-face display.  PETA does the same thing with doctored images of seals: if it’s okay for them, it’s okay for the fetus fetishists.

No, it’s about propagandizing, which is all that the CCRB website does, and the fact that it’s bad form for the progressive media to assist the propagandists by sending a shitload of traffic their way.

Geeeeeeeez Star, ya THINK!??

P’wndering the Non-Debate Debate & Subsquent Foolish Fallout

So that happened.

I was unfortunately waylaid by a flu bug of such savage magnitude that I was unable to participate in any bursting of blogs, but it seems to have all worked out for the good.  Motion 312 was exposed for the sleazy little fetus-humping sham it is, an attack on womens’ rights unworthy of the time and taxpayer dollars wasted on debating it.

The highlight was MP Stephen Woodworth, the source of this demented irritant, being given a top-drawer pro-choice asskicking by his own caucus whip, Gordon O’Connor, while the world watched.  Among other things, O’Connor reminded Woodworth in no uncertain terms that the House is neither a medical nor religious body:

The House of Commons, however, is not a laboratory. It is not a house of faith, an academic setting or a hospital. It is a legislature, and a legislature deals with law, specifically, in this case, subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code.

Woohoo!  Go Gordio!  But this little nugget was my personal favourite:

The decision of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is essentially a moral decision, and in a free and democratic society, the conscience of the individual must be paramount and take precedence over that of the state.

Hear hear!  And here here!

But predictably, in the wake of the M312 debate we’ve been beset by a frenzy of furious pearl-clutching over Canada’s lack of legislation governing this personal medical decision.  Apparently “Canada needs a proper open debate on abortion policy” because the status quo isn’t what the Supreme Court intended.

Well guess what: the status quo isn’t what anyone thought would happen.  Back in 1988, even I assumed that eventually abortion would be codified in some kind of law.  I doubt anyone could have imagined that Canada was about to embark on a 24-year experiment in glorious “lawlessness” that would work out so incredibly well.  An experiment in which women and doctors proved themselves more than capable, thankyouverymuch, of making these kinds of decisions and regulating themselves without the long hairy arm of the State reaching in and using its coercive power to manipulate private lives.  An experiment that concluded with a lower abortion rate.

Could it be that women and doctors know better than government bureaucrats?  Say it ain’t so.

In fact, our “experiment” worked out so fantastically well that the only answer to the suggestion that Canada needs abortion legislation is…


(h/t AntoniaZ)


And with that I bid PBs a fine farewell.  But first…

I have to admit I’m impressed with the nerve, the gall, the chutzpah, the unmitigated, brass-plated, gold-gilded, steel-belted BALLS of the disingenuous pricks defending the idea that Motion 312 might be a pretty cool, or at least not too bad, idea.  While I have no desire to revisit the Progs vs Progs donnybrook, there is something that’s come up in the course of the altercation that I’d like to set straight, which is the way Dr. Morgentaler has been misrepresented by some of the, uh, “Motion 312 isn’t such a bad idea” bloggers, aka “disingenuous pricks”.

These guys (and gals) fell all over themselves to quote Dr. Morgentaler’s remark about having ethical issues with late term abortion:

Morgentaler said he has concerns about late-term abortions.

“We don’t abort babies, we want to abort fetuses before they become babies,” Morgentaler said from his Toronto clinic.

— as if Dr.M’s private, personal opinion on this extremely rare procedure (an opinion which, interestingly, he somehow restrains himself from imposing on others) means it’s okay to have a public debate about the possibility of Open Season on Abortion Rights.  Worse yet, and this is where the stench of duplicity rises like putrid swamp gas, they ignore the all-important follow up quote — from the same interview, no less:

Morgentaler said he does not see a need for rules on late abortions, despite his personal ethical opposition to them.

“DOES. NOT. SEE. A. NEED. FOR. RULES.”  Whoopsie.

Yet when I pointed this out to a couple of the bloggers who were using the first quote to intimate that “Even Morgentaler Himself!” might favour restricting abortion… *crickets*

Now I am the last person to question anyone’s “progressive” cred, since my own is routinely beaten like a gong, rode hard and put away wet.  “Progressive cred” has never been my issue with this thing as much as… The Lying.  Such as insinuating that women are having late term abortions Right Up Until The Moment of Birth!! because we have OMFGWTF NO LAW!.   Such as omitting little factoids about Dr.Morgentaler’s views that don’t fit the desired narrative.

“Pro-life” I can handle.  Pro-lie, not so much.

Shouting “Abortion!” in a crowded blogosphere

No, human rights — including womens’ rights — are not like free speech rights which some (though not I) believe can and should be legally curtailed in the interest of the so-called “greater good”.

In fact, the state’s prerogative to impose its will ends where my uterus begins.

Human Rights — including women’s rights — are non-negotiables: the benighted who walk among us may privately agonize over the rights of others all they want.  But in the interest of maintaining those rights, they’d be well-advised to keep their inner conflicts to themselves, particularly in the face of an imminent threat to said rights.  There is no valid “nuanced” position when it comes to human rights, and anyone who disagrees has never had theirs “up for debate”.

It is mindblowing in the extreme that some people can’t understand how completely and utterly, dumptruck-full-of-dirty-assholes offensive this whole “Debate My Rights” thing really is.

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