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And, also:

Oh yeah — using social media to draw attention to information already in the Public Domain as a response to proposed fascist legislation is EXACTLY like rendering meaningless the votes of swaths of the Canadian electorate and making a mockery of our very democracy.

Sometimes our media needs to be slapped upside its collective head with a Toronto phone book to knock the Stupid out of it.

Besides, some folks, myself included, would argue that any political structure wherein 40% of the 50% of eligible voters who actually turn out to vote constitutes a “majority” doesn’t need any help in the Mockery Department.

Slap Into Action

Well well well!

Mark at the Slap decided to turn over some rocks and see what kind of tax-exempt slime lurked beneath, and look what he found.

This is a great opportunity, not only to correct the kind of bogus charity scam that most of us don’t want to see supported by our hard-earned tax dollars, but to vent some well-deserved hostility towards all things bigoted, stupid and wrong, starting with the vicious dingbats at “Exodus Global Alliance“.

If these rabid born-again geeks claim they have the power to “cure”, shouldn’t they pay their taxes like any other doctor?

Let’s rumble.

(h/t Bruce)

Pssst… right-wankers: important rumour!

Live-Rapist-Walking Fernando Manuel Alves last name isn’t “Alves” it’s

Al Ves.

And you know what that means…



(Think that might give them the motivation they need to demand this raping scum be sent to prison?)

For the rest of us, from Dawg’s Blawg:

It is appropriate to lobby the decision-maker at the Crown’s office with respect to a sentence appeal.

The decision-maker in this case is:

Mr. Grant B. Wong
Deputy Regional Crown Counsel
222 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6A 2S8

FAX: 604.660.4347

Mr. Wong will be returning to his office in the first week of September, but no reason to wait until then. Your comments should be in letter format (not email). Be polite and stick to the facts. Point out the public policy implications of letting admitted rapists walk free.

Do it.

If only


That is all.

NOW’s “Phelps-like tactics” scuttle anti-choice demo

Shorter sanctimonious Operation Ratshit asshole Rev. Patrick J. (for “Jerkoff”?) Mahoney:  “It’s so unfair that people object to us hounding Dr. Tiller beyond the grave we helped put him in”:

Pro-life groups move the location of Saturday prayer and memorial service in Wichita, Kansas.

The groups made the change after the National Organization for Women (NOW) decided to disrupt the solemnity of the memorial service with a counter demonstration.
The pro-life leaders did not want NOW to ruin the sacredness of the memorial with their hateful Fred Phelps like tactics.

Let’s see now: they target and harass a doctor for decades with extremely intrusive protests and escalating hate rhetoric, culminating with one of their loony-tunes finally walking the talk and murdering said doctor… and NOW are the ones using “Fred Phelps-like tactics” when they counter-protest these deranged fruitbags?

A furious Mahoney beats the baloney:

“Sadly, NOW decided to show utter contempt for a religious and solemn service and decided to disrupt it. We are thankful that the pro-life community showed respect for Dr. Tiller and his family and chose not to disrupt or demonstrate at his memorial service.”

So let’s have a round of applause for the superhuman restraint of the fetus fetishists for finally taking a day off after their previous 7,300 days of concentrated disruption, demonstrations, hate and harassment.  But speaking of “Phelps-like tactics”, I seriously question Operation Psycho’s motivation in staying away from the funeral.  Maybe it’s just me, but the signs in this picturephelps

…don’t look any more hateful than the ones Operation Scumbag uses  3380759887_70dcff3c87_m

…could it be that the media-savvy OR was just worried about the ginko nuts  being mixed in with the cashews?

Right. I’m sure the fact that the Phelps gang got to the funeral first had nothing to do with it.  And I’m just as sure that the little wankfest they’d planned to hold at the clinic yesterday had nothing to do with dancing and pissing on Dr. Tiller’s grave.

And finally: the counter-protest went well, and it was Mission Accomplished with regard to driving the scum away.   Maybe this is something we should be doing on a regular basis.


Compare and Contrast


It’s a question I’m asking a lot lately… why? Why?? Why are these people so fucking stupid!???

Writing in WingNut Daily, radio talk show nutter and super-bigot Steve Deace‘s head explodes over thhead-explosione arrival of marriage equality in Iowa:

The tragic turn of events in my home state of Iowa as of late has me feeling introspective, wondering how things could’ve gone so terribly wrong. Given our state’s non-residency requirement for marriage, which means what’s happening in Iowa is going to impact the rest of America since we’re poised to become the sodomy marriage sanctuary, so many concerned citizens from all over the country have contacted me in recent days wondering what we should do now and what will happen next.

“Sodomy Marriage”? Is that what they think happens when “Big Sodomy” takes over the marriage business? Like Big Oil, Big Agra and Big Pharma, Big Sodomy will absorb all other marriages — including yours! and your childrens’! — like a great, swollen, one might even say tumescent, paper towel of turpidtude and evil, the quicker bender-overer.

But I expect that kind of imbecility out of idiots like Deace. What really fried me exploding_head_3was this:

Doesn’t our government begin with the words “we the people” and not “this the court”?

The only problem with this “blame the activist judges” hypothesis is that “we the people” don’t get to decide who has rights and who doesn’t. Civil rights are innate, something one is born with, not something the majority deigns to bestow upon the minority of their choice. The courts simply codify what is right and just into law. Is that so freaking hard to understand??

Never mind “Big Sodomy”, what I’m worried about is “Big STUPID”.


From the thread with Pharyngula’s post on compassionate Christian Gingi Edmonds’ spittle-flecked diatribe about the Montana plane crash… a very strange comment:


Cringe, fellfetusfetishjacketow canucks, CRINGE.  It’s one of our own fetus fetishists, doing Canada proud.

The comment looks like pretty standard bible-banger mumbo-jumbo, cretinous drool really, except for one thing: the commenter chose a handle made up of the names of PZ’s kids.  In context with the quote about “visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children”, suddenly a squirt of idiotic verbal splooge takes on new and sinister significance… at least some of PZ’s commenters think so.

Unfortunately, impotent veiled threats are probably just business as usual to the FBI, who are more accustomed to anti-abortion freaks shooting doctors, bombing clinics or ramming their cars into Planned Parenthood offices.

The Daily Disgust

devilNeed a little rage to go with your morning coffee? Read on…

By now everyone’s heard about that tragic, horrible plane crash in Montana on Sunday: 14 people killed, 9 of them members of the same family, 7 of them
children 9 and under:

Fourteen people, including seven children, heading for a ski trip died Sunday when their single-engine plane crashed into a Montana graveyard and burst into a fireball, federal officials said.

One would think that all after such a tragedy there’d be only sympathy and compassion for the surviving family. One would be wrong.

Among those who lost several loved ones in the crash is Irving Feltkamp, who owns a chain of clinics that offer abortion services. And supposedly the graveyard where the plane crashed contained a monument to aborted fetuses (a pretty common thing in Catholic cemeteries). These factoids are completely irrelevant to the story, but you know where this is going, don’t you? Opportunity knocked — what better time to put the boots to someone in the name of advancing the “pro-life” cause than when they’re heartbroken and reeling from a devastating loss?

It wasn’t long before the rotten shit-eating scum were crowing with malevolent satisfaction, slyly suggesting that the horrible crash was some kind of divine retribution. Abortion clinic owner? Plane crash at the “Tomb of the Unborn”? Coinicidence? This lowlife douchebag thinks not, gloating:

I don’t want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual ‘I told you so’ moment, but

… but I’ll just go ahead and do it anyway, right? Maggot.

One would think that anyone with an ounce of Christian charity would denounce this story as the cruel and opportunistic use of tragedy to push an ideological agenda, but one would again be wrong.

The tale of how the “abortionist” felt the wrath of god’s great shit-hammer as it smote his family instantly caused an anti-choice internet pile-on of such brain-damaged magnitude that it has to be seen to be believed. The story was repeated with grim satisfaction by various fetusblogs — it hasn’t occurred to any of them that this might be a less than charitable way to recognize the tragic loss of 14 people, including 7 real live children.

Fetus fetishists: “choosing life” and gloating over death. SCUM!

(via andrew sullivan)

What’s the problem

While I was laughing it up at lifeshite earlier, I noticed an article objecting to taxpayers being “forced” to fund embryonic stem-cell research.  Shriek-shriek-shriekety-SHRIEEEEK!

Unwilling to sugar-coat the reality with polite euphemisms, Bishop Olmsted says, “We U.S. taxpayers will now be forced to pay, whether we wish to or not, for the killing of our youngest brothers and sisters on the dubious hypothesis that their murders might, in the future, benefit others.”

But wait: I thought all these “conservatives” were planning to aynrandcompletely withdraw from society, withhold their vast reservoirs of creativity, productivity, entrepreneurial esprit de corps and tax dollars from the oppressive, bastardous, soul-crushing, fetophobic socialist machine by “Going Galt”? Why then would they even be concerned about taxes anymore?   Hell, they should be laughing and dancing and jumping up and down and screaming “Fuck taxes!”, not worrying about how they’re spent. Unless… unless…

…unless they talk a pretty good game but actually have no idea what “Going Galt” really means?   Yeah, I think there’s a little more to it than stiffing your waiter, (waitress reflex sets in) you cheap pricks.

The wheels of the bus

bsg1Despite feverish objections from the primitive ass-backwardians among us, the free speech of atheists will not be stifled in Ottawa!

At the “Atheist Bus” site there was applause for Ottawa City Council, but they also pointed out the opposition’s harebrained obliviousness to the hypocrisy of the situation:

But even in our success I have to say that I am a little disappointed by the reaction of a few Ottawa councilors. Some of them didn’t seem to understand how hypocritical OC Transpo’s response to deny our ad really was. The few that opposed our ad kept citing that religious advertisements were permitted only “[…]if the information is designed to promote a specific meeting, gathering or event and the location, date and time of said event”. Contrast this policy to their approval of the Anglican Church, United Church of Canada, Alpha Course, and Bus Stop Bible Study ads that did not advertise a meeting, gathering, or event but rather some type of religious doctrine or school of thought.

Butbutbut it’s okay if it’s Hypocrisy for Jesus!

Now that the requisite god-bothering bullshit’s over, the ads should start appearing on the sides of buses within a few weeks. Way to go, Ottawa City Council. W00t! WIN!

UPDATE: “Yay free speech… as long as it’s our free speech!” The fundies protesteth! (h/t Mike in the comments)


How is this

“The law of God is higher than any human laws,” Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho said in an interview on Globo television. “When a human law is against the law of God, that law has no value.”

any different than Sharia Law?

Just wondering.

UPDATE: Another propagator of Christian Sharia Law gets slapped.

(h/t VisionAries in the comments)

Rotten shit-eating scum

I really have no other words for the catholic church after reading this:

A 9-year-old girl who was carrying twins, allegedly after being raped by her stepfather, underwent an abortion Wednesday despite complaints from Brazil’s Roman Catholic church.

Fatima Maia, director of the public university hospital where the abortion was performed, said the 15-week-old pregnancy posed a serious risk to the 80-pound girl.

“She is very small. Her uterus doesn’t have the ability to hold one, let alone two children,” Maia told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper.

But Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife in northeastern Brazil, said the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a cesarean section.

As hideous and loathsome as the church’s response is, it doesn’t come as a total surprise — enabling child abuse is all in a day’s work for these sanctimonious creeps.

UPDATE: Thought it couldn’t get any sicker? The BBC has a few more details, which I am too filled with blind red screaming rage to even comment on. Here:

Police believe that the girl at the centre of the case had been sexually abused by her step-father since she was six years old.

He is also suspected of abusing the girl’s physically handicapped older sister who is now 14.

The Catholic Church tried to intervene to prevent the abortion going ahead but the procedure was carried out on Wednesday.

Now a Church spokesman says all those involved, including the child’s mother and the doctors, are to be excommunicated.

GAHHH!!! UPDATE: Money quote:

Gomes Sobrinho, who belongs to the most conservative sector within the Brazilian Roman Catholic Church, said those who have been excommunicated will not be allowed to take communion or to receive other sacraments, although they may yet avoid going to hell.

Drink. I need a drink.

“Un-fucking-believable” Update: Speaks for itself:



Nothing about the little girl.

Calling these people “rotten shit-eating scum” is an insult to all rotten shit-eating scum.

FRIDAY PSA-itude: Right here.

Octuplemama’s PR firm quits over death threats

Holy mackeraloni:

The public relations firm that represented octuplets’ mother Nadya Suleman is stepping down because of death threats, its president said yesterday.

Joann Killeen also said Suleman now has an agent: Wes Yoder, the man who arranged book and music deals for the McCaughey septuplets a decade ago and publicity for controversial pastor Rick Warren.

The Killeen Furtney Group was ending its free representation after receiving at least 100 emailed threats and swarms of nasty voice mails that went to the Los Angeles agency and even to some of its other clients, Killeen said. Some messages threatened Suleman, but others were aimed at her spokespeople.

“They’d put me in the wood chipper and throw me in the bottom of the ocean and hope I die,” Killeen said. “We’ve gotten her through the worst part of it and now they are putting their venom and anger toward us.”

I knew people were a little disturbed and confused about Suleman’s situation, but sending death threats to her PR company is a little over the top.  I myself have always found the situation pretty bizarre, and perhaps opportunistic, but it doesn’t make me angry, it makes me laugh. It’s her choice, after all, and if people choose to help her out financially, that’s their choice.

Yikes, people need to CHILL the fuck OUT.   Ya think!??

(h/t Torontonian in the comments)

One of these is just like the other

The Animal Crackpots from PETA were outside the Westminster Dog Show on Monday, as always testing the bounds of offensiveness:

Crowds gawked at a table set up outside Madison Square Garden on Monday afternoon, where People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was protesting the start of the Westminster Kennel Club show. PETA contends that the American Kennel Club promotes pure-breeding of dogs that is harmful to their health.

“Welcome AKC Members,” read a banner hanging from the table — with AKC crossed out and KKK written above it. Two PETA protesters dressed as Ku Klux Klan members, while other volunteers handed out brochures that read: “The KKK and the AKC: BFF?”

“Obviously it’s an uncomfortable comparison,” PETA spokesman Michael McGraw said.

But the AKC is trying to create a “master race,” he added. “It’s a very apt comparison.”

Of course it’s a very apt comparison! Never mind that the it was the Nazis, not the KKK, who were trying to produce a master race, and never mind the utter dumbassitude of even that analogy, it’s all about impact. Look at these cretins:


Whoops. Wrong cretins. Ahh, here we go:


With this much Stupid floating around, it really does get confusing at times.

Shocked, shocked, I tell you

shocked-screamOkay, I’ve been reading a lot about the latest anti-choice free-speech darling, Jojo Ruba (can we call him “Joe Rube”?). Jojo (Jojo?) was at St. Mary’s University in Halifax last week at the invitation of a new fetus fetishist club, who booked a room so Jojo (Jojo!!) could give an anti-abortion  presentation. The whole thing ended up going to shit when Jojo was shouted down by pro-choice activists.  End of the line, and it’s Jojo-a-Go-Go.

A pro-life speaker is shocked that an aggressive protest shut down his lecture Thursday evening at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

“If the university gives into this mob rule, then the mob gets to decide who gets to speak on campus,” Jojo Ruba said in an interview Sunday night.

Mob Rule versus Fetus Fetish Drool.   I won’t dwell on the free speech aspect, since anti-choicers are already stroking themselves into a spectacular ragegasm over that side of things.   But it’s utterly amazing that this jerk would be in any way surprised by what happened.   Speaking of civility and mob rule: Jojo’s presentation isn’t just a run-of-the-mill anti-abortion song and dance routine — Mr. Jojo is one of an especially vile and extremist anti-choice subspecies, those who like to compare abortion to the Holocaust:

Mr. Ruba is in the middle of a speaking tour in Atlantic Canada on behalf of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, a non-profit organization in Calgary that he helped to found.

That’s the same “Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform” (that’s sciencey-speak for “anti-abortion fruitbags”) that’s responsible for the notorious “Genocide Awareness Project” that’s drawing so much heat at the University of Calgary.  Jojo’s presentation is basically the Rolling Roadshow Version of the same hideous and grotesque display.  This extremist nutbar gives a presentation that basically compares women who have abortions to Nazis, and he’s surprised to encounter some aggressive opposition?  I’d have slapped him in the face with a phone book.  (Just kidding.  No I’m not.  Yes I am.)  And what about the idiot who invited this lunatic to speak on campus in the first place?  What the fuck was he thinking?  I mean, who’s next, “Atomic Dog” discussing the relative merits of a 30-30 vs. a shotgun for killing abortion doctors?

I usually come down on the side of free speech in these situations and this one is no different.  But the pro-choicers who objected to this presentation have free speech rights too, and the way I see it, they were only giving Jojo’s routine the kind of attention it deserves — minus the spit.

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