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“No comments have been posted”

Maybe that should be “99% Full Comment”, or “Full Until the Comments get Embarassing Comment”.

Last night I noticed that the comments (34 of them at last count) with Jonathan Kay’s snarly little bitchfest about the shrieking voices of “The Left”  seemed to have gotten lost in a series of tubes or something.  I considered that the problem might not be douchebaggery, but rather comment software run amok — until I looked at a few of Kay’s older entries, and then some from other contributors, which were all fine.   The tip-off that there might be fuckery afoot was below the text of the articles, which all have something like this:

Or almost all.  Kay’s “shrieky lefties” post not only has 34 comments lost in cyberspace, now it’s missing that friendly little linkie where readers “Click here to post a comment”:

As you can see by CC’s screenshot here, this is sort of a recent development.

Maybe it’s just me, but “No comments have been posted” seems a little dishonest considering there’s no way anyone can post a comment.   Shouldn’t that be “Comments are Closed”?   (And does anyone want to put money on how long before the entire post goes away?  Wingnuts:  why screen shots were invented.)

For whom the ban tolls

Some bloggers swing the ban hammer with regularity and great gusto, but I am not one of them.  Even when a commenter continually makes it clear that their only objective is to irritate everyone with asinine arguments and insults, I can usually just ignore them.  If that doesn’t give them the incentive to move on and defecate in greener pastures, on rare occasions I might give them a “time-out”.  But that only goes so far.  When someone uses my comments section to lob accusations and even threats at other people, it departs the realm of merely obnoxious free speech and becomes something more odious.

Patrick Ross, of the aptly-named “Nexus of Assholery“, has a history of  getting time-outs from this place (and others), so about 2 weeks ago it came as no surprise to be contemplating it yet again.   While it wasn’t the only reason, his disturbing and obsessive anti-CC jihad, which seems to be spiraling into some kind of psychotic episode, was one of the last straws.

Nobody needs their comments section deceptively used as a venue for someone’s escalating imaginary crusade against a third party, and I don’t feel obliged to allow it here in the interest of “free speech”.   It’s not free speech, it’s free bullshit, and I’m not the only one who’s had enough of it.

OK, here’s something weird

When I click on Progressive Bloggers using Firefox, I get this:

But with Safari, I get the usual Progressive Bloggers site.

This happened a couple of times yesterday too but it went back to normal fairly quickly.  However, it’s been like this for a few hours now.  WTF?  Anyone?  (Firefox just updated itself a couple of days ago… hmmm…)

The Flop Sweat hangs heavy in the air

Before I was struck down in the prime of life with an unspeakably hideous illness last week, I had been trying to co-ordinate a contest.   Remember?  “The Craziest Bloggers of 2009″?   Right.  Pffffft.

I had hoped for it to be a non-partisan thing, bringing together nominees from both (all?) sides of the ‘sphere, and a winner representing each side, however… there were only about 10 nominees, and all but one were right-wingnuts.  Due to the dearth of leftard nominations, that category has been nuked.  (Thanks for playing, wingers.  Geez, ya think??)

The contest appears to be an Unmitigated Flop, but so what?  Maybe we can still salvage the thing and have a little fun with it.  In that spirit, the nominees are:

1.  Scenty (Canadian Sentinel)  (also see balbulican’s explanation of why Scenty deserves to win)

2.  Wernerpatels

3.  Neo (Halls of Macadamia)

4.  Dodo Can Spell

5.  SUZANNE (Big Blue Fetus) WARNING: fetus porn (that’s what all non-crazy people do with incoming links, right?  Redirect them to fetus porn!  Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner!)

6.  Roid-Raging Tory

7.  EzraLevant

8.  The mudfortunate Dr. Roy

9.  Gay & Right (deserves consideration for question-mark abuse alone)

Okay: anyone who has any other nominations they want to put forward, now is the time.

Let’s get this old jalopy of a show on the road!  Better late than never.

Pull up a chair

…and welcome to the TROLL MANNAGEMINT THRED (ALLCAPSed  and misspelled accordingly).  This is your thread for discussing the status of trolls.


I try to keep this a free speech zone where pretty much anything goes, and most of the time it works.

We’ve had a few visiting wingnuts lately.  Some are trolls, some are not, and some defy description.  The trolls are mostly drive-bys who take a shit on the carpet and run.  But some stick around and become part of the landscape.

That nasty little freakshow of a troll we had a couple of weeks back was a good example of someone who deserved banning, brain damage run amok, an obsessively deranged nutcase who sat here for hours on end firing a nonstop volley of incoherent insults at other commenters in a Tourette’s-like frenzy.  Much to my chagrin, people kept responding to her which just encouraged her even more.  I hate to use the ban hammer, but that one finally had to be put to sleep for her own good and everyone else’s.

However, I won’t ban everyone who expresses a dissenting opinion, even (especially?) if it’s jawdroppingly wrong and stupid.  Most blogs tend to be echo chambers to varying degrees, and I guess that’s the value I see in comments from the Dumb: they might be wrong and stupid about almost everything, but for whatever reason they seem to initiate discussion.   When they’ve finally become too dumb, I just ignore them, and it seems to work okay.

But I could be wrong, and maybe this doesn’t work for everyone.  What say you?

What happened to the CBAs?

Aren’t the Canadian Blog Awards around Dec.1?  What happened, are they still a happening thing? or what?  Huh?  If there was any excitement, I missed it (not totally surprising).

It says at the link that there’s a *short delay in voting*…?     ???

Hope & change in Right Blogistan

A recalcitrant right-wing apostate jumps off the Crazy Train and lives to talk about it.

More dumb on Twitter

I didn’t think it was possible, but I just found a twitterstream with even more stupid per square inch than #tcot:


Don’t click unless you’re wearing a stupidproof vest!

We’ve come a long way, baby…

… sort of.  Maybe.  Or maybe not?

Salon’s Broadsheet points out something interesting that happens when you google “bad fathering” — the ever-helpful Googles automatically inquire if you meant to search for “bad mothering“.  I just tried it and got:

bad fathering - Google Search_1256415817004

I’m not suggesting there’s a hidden culture of misogyny on the internet (where it exists, it’s usually right out there in the open), and obviously Google searches have more to do with algorithms, most common searches and assorted mathematical weirdness that’s way over my pretty little head.  But I couldn’t help wondering why there might be 189,000 hits for “bad fathering” and a whopping 845,000 for “bad mothering”.  Hmm.

GOP hip & cool website launch FAIL

Republican National Committee | GOP_1255476419101

The Internets are hard, Barbie!

The Republican National Committee is trying to make good on their intention to appeal to someone younger than Methuselah by utilizing the same website and social networking tools that helped sweep Barack Obama to power last year.  I guess the idea is to generate a “conservative netroots”, and with that in mind,  today they launched a brand spankin’ new, snazzy, hip and cool website:

The new, cooler-looking site devotes a ton of space to social media, particularly the party’s lively Facebook page. It seeks more broadly to tap into the current conservative ferment, with lots of blogs and organizing and fund-raising tools, as well as huge displays of user-submitted pictures and other grassroots material. The centerpiece is the new OurGOP: The Republican Action Network.

“It breaks the mold of a conventional political Web site in many ways and is a sign that Michael Steele is serious about changing the culture of the RNC,” said Patrick Ruffini, a conservative new-media strategist.

Break the mold, yes it can!  But apart from some diverse and youngish faces in the banner and RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s blog called “What Up?” (no, really…), there was a paucity of material in some key areas:

The Democratic National Committee was quick to pounce on the new site noting that the “Accomplishments” page on does not list any accomplishments since 2004 and that a “Future Leaders” page is blank.

The “Future Leaders” page actually calls for users of the website to submit nominations by email.

But never mind the horrific metaphorical statement made by those tellingly blank pages.  The best part of all isn’t what they didn’t post — it’s what they did post:

In checking to see who was in the New York State section of the site, (in addition to the other gaffes people have noted) we noticed three members. One was the “rnc-admin.”

Curious, we clicked. And there, we found, and downloaded, the “ForumsAdministrationDocumentation,” the “ForumsUserGuide,” and the “Admin_Guide,” among other things.


UPDATE: But then, their incompetence is understandable.  After all, it’s not even really a website.

140 characters or less doesn’t make it any less a lie

Bulltwitters beware, there’s a new Tweep in the Twitterverse: “Liar Alert“.

Exposing Liars (LiarAlert) on Twitter_1254529321803

This is either a bot or an extremely busy person, because its primary purpose appears to be calling out all the lies generated by the right-wing tweet machine.  One after another, after another, after another, after another…

Since it would be a full-time job (and when I say “full time” I mean “24/7”, with “no sleep”) to track all the lies of these prolific bullshitters, Liar Alert sometimes adds a bracketed “One Lie Fits All”-type note just to make things a little easier:You hav ..._1254529708468

Oh, and lookee here:


Good luck, Liar Alert.   You got your work cut out for you.

“Dawg Bites Man” story

Unleash the hounds!😯

Anyone know the backstory?  I can’t find the offending post at RA’s.

I’m apprehensive, confused and puzzled…

On breaks

No, not me (not yet, anyway).  Our good friend Bruce is considering stepping back — not from the keyboard, necessarily, but from observing the discordant carousel of loathing and ugliness that politics and the so-called “culture war” has become.  He’s right — there’s only so much bile you can absorb before you catch the disease and start getting pretty bilious yourself (something about looking into the abyss?).

Anyway, he writes quite thoughtfully about it here; go read.

Malicious Tweet

Be careful out there, Tweeps!:

A 127-character tweet about a moldy apartment in Chicago could end up costing @abonnen $50,000.

On May 12th Amanda Bonnen, who has since deleted her Twitter account, responded to a friend with the tweet, “@JessB123You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”

@abonnen only had about 20 followers that directly received the message, but her profile was set to public, and Chicago-based Horizon Group Management discovered the tweet.

Chicago Now reports the company then filed a defamation lawsuit alleging Bonnen, “maliciously and wrongfully published the false and defamatory Tweet on Twitter, thereby allowing the Tweet to be distributed throughout the world.”

Horizon is seeking $50,000 in damages.

$393.70 a character, that’s a steep tweet.

Time on your hands?


With that I give you “The Definitive List of Meme Blogs“.

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