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Break out the waterboard

…and start pouring, because here we have a genuine, “24”-worthy “ticking clock” scenario of the kind that conservatives are always using to justify torture: a terrorist who claims to know about more planned terrorist attacks:

The man charged in the shooting death of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller warned Sunday that more violence is possible.

Scott Roeder, being held on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated assault in Tiller’s killing one week ago, called The Associated Press from the Sedgwick County jail. […]

“I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal,” Roeder said.

He would not elaborate.

Oh yeah? Well, hook his nuts up to a set of jumper cables and crank on the juice, he’ll be elaborating his lungs out.

Of course I’m just kidding — torture is always wrong, even for rotten shit-eating terrorist scum like Roeder. In all likelihood, he’s just enjoying his notoriety and intends to keep yapping to any media that will listen. And I say: let him yap!

But at the same time, the FBI should get cracking on their investigation into Dr. Tiller’s murder. Whiiiirrrr chopchopchop whiiiiir chopchopchop — what’s that sound? Oh, that’s the sound of shredders going full-bore at the offices of Operation Rescue, American Right to Life, and the rest of the anti-choice scum across the country. The rock has been lifted, the cockroaches are scattering.

It’s all yours, anti-choice freaks. Own it. Wear it. Enjoy it.

(h/t Dammit Janet)

Damn fine rant

Bene D speak, you listen.


After a failed appeal, anti-abortion terrorist James Kopp is headed back to his cozy 8×10 prison cell to serve out the rest of his miserable douchebag life:

An Appeals Court has upheld the life sentence given to abortion opponent James Kopp, who admitted to killing Amherst Doctor Barnett Slepian.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says all of the issues raised by Kopp on appeal were without merit.

Kopps was sentenced in June 2007 for the sniper-style slaying of Dr. Slepian in the kitchen of his Amherst home in 1998.

Kopp’s lawyers claimed a trial judge erred by barring him from asserting that he was saving children’s lives by preventing abortions. The Appeals Court disagreed.

Tough luck, fuckwad. Watch out for sharpened toothbrushes.

FTD – Update

That last post, as well as CcletusfetusC’s post today on the topic of “The Debate”, reminded me of something I wanted to check back on.

As I pointed out in a previous post, one need only scan the comments with last week’s Cosh article about Rod Bruinooge to see why an “abortion debate” will never happen — because it can’t.   Just look at that combox — it’s like a snakepit of insanity.

fetosLet’s tally it up here.  We’ve got abortion referred to as “infanticide”, “murder”, “babykilling” and “baby-murder”, that tired old canard about abortions “moments before birth”, and the ever-popular “fetuses as collateral damage in The Feminists’ war for equal rights”.  One half-bright nitwit calls pro-choicers “abortion salespeople”. (Where’s my commission?) The hysterical hyberbole goes on and on at mindblowing velocity. But most tellingly, when an infamous anti-abortion terrorist shows up to drop this turd of a comment,


not one “pro-lifer” denounces him.  And this is what I wanted to check on, because they’re always telling us that these violent extremists aren’t welcome in the “pro-life” movement, so surely they’d welcome the opportunity to denounce one of them.  But four days and fifty-odd comments later, not one of these rotten douchebags has told this scum:  “That’s out of line. That violent language doesn’t represent the pro-life movement.”

Why not?

I rest my case.

And this is why…

Since the recent Prop 8 protests, one of which targeted a Mormon temple, fundies have been pointing and screaming like hogs being eaten alive by hyenas: “Gays can demonstrate at churches but Christians aren’t even allowed to go anywhere near those Accursed Abortuaries — that’s a frozen jackboot right up the ass of our Freedom Of Speech!” Bubble zones, 8-foot-high security fences — why? Why do we need those things? Think it might have something to do with a little item I heard on the radio while I was driving home from work tonight? From Bellingham:

Several people were evacuated when a bomb threat was phoned in to a Planned Parenthood office Thursday morning.

Lt. Steve Felmley with Bellingham police say the threat was received around 10:20 a.m. at the Mt. Baker office, located at 1530 Ellis Street.

Police found an unclaimed briefcase near the office and called in the bomb squad. They then evacuated the office and a nearby Grocery Outlet.

It’s an occurance that plays out with depressing regularity: clinic, bomb scare, evacuation. Sure, it turned out to be nothing — this time — but historically that hasn’t always been the case; thus the need for bubble zones. Churches don’t need bubble zones because, thankfully, they aren’t usually subjected to the same kind of attacks as abortion clinics.  Not always, though:  the exception to that rule was a church targeted by the same kind of right-wing nut who’d probably attack a clinic.

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