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So much for that, Part II

Wherein Canada’s Imminent Culture of Fetus Fetishizing©™ predictably takes another one in the nads with a frozen boot:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will vote against a private member’s bill promoted by one of his own MPs that would add new Criminal Code penalties for those who coerce women to have an abortion.

A senior government official also says that while the prime minister will not “whip” or demand Conservative MPs vote as he votes, it will be “very strongly recommended” that Conservatives vote to defeat the bill.


Meanwhile, Mr. Harper’s communications director, Dimitri Soudas, says that recommendation is consistent with Harper’s position since 2002 on any bill dealing with abortion: He and his government will neither introduce nor support any such legislation.

It doesn’t look like Harpie’s too interested in continuing his inexorable stumble down the path he witlessly careened onto with his Maternal Health Initiative.  If Harper thought he’d finally shaken off all the “hidden agenda” paranoia that’s dogged him for so long, in the last few months it’s come back with a vengeance.  If a dimwitted and transparent “coerced abortion” bill were to start slithering its way towards passage, the abortion-related volume that’s already been turned up would blow the woofers right out of his election campaign.

I guess he did the math and figured out that solidifying the socon vote isn’t worth alienating the vast moderate middle who really don’t care to see this issue re-opened.

UPDATE: Noteworthy comment from further down in the NatPo article, from Harper’s Communications Director:

“[Harper] has never had more than one position on this issue. The debate is over. It’s done,” said Soudas.

Not that I trust Harpie for a second, but it’s nice to see a high-ranking CPC spokesman go On The Record with what most of us know already: “The debate is over.  It’s done.“.

Teabaggers hurting the GOP

What–!?  Nooooo, really??  Say it ain’t so, Olby!

And to think the Teabaggers think their movement is popular enough that they’re considering starting their own party to “take back their country”.

Sotomayor OK’d by Committee

Predictably, so far Randall Terry’s fire and brimstone campaign to DEFEAT SOTOMAYOR hasn’t had the intense effect he was hoping for… or any effect at all, really:terry

As expected, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Tuesday to confirm Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hispanic justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, setting her up for confirmation by the full Senate next week.

All those weird, sick-fuck posters gone to waste!  I wonder if we’ll see the “artwork”  recycled for use in the Epic Battle against health care reform?  Why not?  The photoshopping is already so bad, it couldn’t look any worse if they slapped someone else’s picture in there.

Life imitates the Onion in T.O.

Diversity FAIL (with a side of Photoshop Flop):

The smiling, ethnically diverse family featured on the cover of Toronto’s latest edition of its summer Fun Guide was digitally altered to make the photo more “inclusive,” which city officials say is in keeping with a policy to reflect diversity.

A spokesman for the department that publishes the guide listing recreation activities confirmed the publication was doctored to insert the face of a different father.


The intrepid NatPo took one look at that cover photo and immediately suspected a scurrilous ruse.  They ran it through enhancement-detecting software, only to find the original image:


GOP: Epic burger with fail fries

Talk about your slippery slope.  According to a recent Gallup poll, between 2001 and 2009 GOP support has been slip-sliding away in every demographic except (surprise) weekly churchgoers:

GOP Losses Span Nearly All Demographic Groups_1242834547423 copy

That “Culture War” thing is really working out well for them, no?

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