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And the hate goes on

Via this-on-that, we learn that far-right-wing whackaloons really don’t get this “incitement to commit murder” thing.

Hal Turner… Hal Turner… Oh yeah, the Hal Turner that posted this on Sunday:


…and went on to suggest that another “target” has stepped up to the plate, referring to Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the last few doctors who provide late term abortions in the US:

turner2But no doubt Turner is just an “extremist”, not a peace-loving fetus fetishist like Jill Stanek, who wouldn’t dream of doing something as incendiary as posting pictures of doctors and their clinics… err uh what’s that?




Nice license plate shot there… Operation Rescue probably already has this person’s name and address. But not wanting to focus on just one doctor the way they focused on Dr. Tiller, Stanek adds Dr. Warren Hern to the hit list err perfectly harmless “photograph album”:


Oh, what? What’s the problem? No dog whistles there! It’s nothing: just an entire post with pictures of doctors and their clinics, spiced up with provocative language about baby-killing “pro-aborts”. Because heaven knows nobody in Stanek’s spittle-flecked readership might be a fucking nutcase with an urge to make a name for himself by doing something like this. (And should the post go down the memory hole, well, cowardly, pants-pissing, murder-inciting anti-choice bloggers are why Google cache and screenshots were invented.)

(h/t JAB and cache link via little green footballs)

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