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“Judge not”, etc.

better-christianOkay, progressive and/or liberal (presumably small and Large “L”) Christians.

I despise being the bearer of bad news, but someone has to break it to you and since I don’t really have a dog in the fight, it might as well be me.  Why not?  So stand back, sit down and rock steady, because here it comes:

You’re not Real Christians.

Thus spake the haughty, the arrogant, the self-appointed arbiter of all that is Christian (and all that is not), Ste. Nitouche:

If Christianity were that easy, it weren’t [sic] be worth it. Why accept Christ only to live as if you never accepted him, as if he didn’t require anything of you? If you want a faith that isn’t “too hard”, just stay a non-believer. You can still dres [sic] up your faith in Christian symbolism if you like. But it’s not Christianity.

So ends the sermon post about the self-flagellating side of conservative Christianity, specifically where sex and chastity is concerned.  Atheist animale that I am, it took a couple of reads to make sense of it, but here’s the gist:  liberal (or Liberal) Christians can sacrifice time, money and energy doing good works and living their faith, worshipping God and Jesus, doing unto others appropriately and loving one another, but if they see no percentage in being certified hair shirt punishment freaks about sex, they don’t make the cut.

That sound about right?

Of course it’s always possible that God and JC really do care more about your sex life than they care about how you treat other people and animals and the earth, and whether you lie, cheat, steal, hate or kill things.  But if they do, that’s, well, fucked up.

That said, I can’t say I’m unhappy when hyperconservative religious ideologues isolate themselves by insulting and rejecting those who might otherwise be allies. But that doesn’t stop me from being fascinated, in a purely anthropological sense, by the demented arrogance of it all.

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