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Tone-deafness & bigotry: lifestyle choices

Mark has news from the great state of Iowa about a couple of Republican legislators proposing a bill that would remove gay and lesbian students from those protected under anti-bullying legislation (the Safe Schools Act).  Their rationale?  Stand back!  Because protecting such students from bullying might lead to (sound effects: thunder) gay marriage.

Well, GASP!

The two vicious, brainless turkeys pushing this bill must have been told to do so by the voices in their heads — they obviously didn’t get the idea from their constituents, who are more concerned about puppy mills and payday loans than (yawn) gay marriage:

The Des Moines Register conducted a poll of Iowans asking, “The state Legislature can address large and small issues during the course of the session. For the following issues, please tell me if you think the issue does or does not deserve the Legislature’s limited time.” Banning gay marriage did not make the cut; only 36% thought it was worth the time discussing.

Not only was it not deemed worthy of legislative time, of the six issues that Iowans were questioned about, addressing gay marriage concerned them the least. Iowans were more concerned about payday loans and puppy mills than they were about whether same-sex couples married.

Iowa is one of the few states with marriage equality, a ban having been struck down by the state Supreme Courst last year.  The Republicans’ attempts to get it re-banned have been an epic fail, thus the sleazy attempt to chip away at gay rights from another direction — by throwing students under the 1958 International Harvester bus.

Keep pushing that outdated, knuckledragging bigotry, GOP: that’ll bring young people to the party in droves.  Duh.

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