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I wonder

…how many of the same people who went into paroxysms of frenzied outrage and wanked themselves stupid over the sight of Janet Jackson’s nip during the Superbowl half-time a few years ago would be perfectly okay with something like this?:

For only three hours a year do Americans actually look forward to watching commercials rather than ignoring them, muting them or running to the bathroom during them, as we do the other 8,763 hours.

That is during the Super Bowl.

In fact, commercials have become part of the entertainment during football’s annual big game, a cultural phenomenon.

So imagine a 30-second Super Bowl ad showing the graphic reality of abortion.

Fetus pron during the Superbowl — just to make those Superbowl snacks a little more appetizing, eh?  Predictably, Nurse Stanek is pretty gung-ho about the idea:

Most Americans, including many pro-lifers, would abhor such an ad.  But pro-life activists like me would be ecstatic, if such a word can be used to describe fulfillment of a passion to see a multitude of people face the truth about abortion….

Such a word can indeed be used, but there are many many more accurate words  at our disposal to describe such mania:  “psychotic” springs instantly to mind.

The plan was hatched by the ubiquitous Randall Terry, whose foetishizing derangement extends beyond all known parameters on the sanity scale.  All he needs is a cool $2.5 to 3 million and, oh yeah, the blessing of whatever network is running the Superbowl…


Why does Jill Stanek hate America?

Giggle giggle teehee, drool gibber snort slobber:

World rejects Obama"_1254679337089

What are we to make of Nurse Stanek and her gang of spittle-flecked, foaming-at-the-mouth fetus humpers rooting against America right along with shitheads like Osama Bin Laden?   Just one more thing they have in common with the Taliban, I guess.

Outrage! Gasp!

The Failboat has docked at Stanek’s Floating Fetus Amniotic Juice Bar & Mobile Marine Tuneup, where there’s red-hot outrage! at the story that someone at a Planned Parenthood in Phoenix finally got pissed off and said Feelin’ lucky, fetus fetishist?


Jill Stanek_1246906699722

Yes, just imagine if an anti-choicer were to pull a gun on a pro-choicer!  Because that’s never actually, you know, happened before.  *cough*times 8*cough*

But what gets Jill’s Capslock of Outrage fully engaged is the fact that there are no names or pictures of the suspect that she can post at her site so her unhinged readership can find this guy and mow him down in a hail of Jesus-driven, anti-abortion “love”.   Just more proof of the pro-abortion bias of the anti-Christian libtardhomofeminazi media.

Happy Hour Special: Hateburgers

At Jill’s House of Partial-Birth Pancakes, another day means another steaming load  of shitberry waffles piled high on a platter of perjury and prevarication.

Today she has the gas on all four burners turned up full-blast as she once again stretches the truth beyond all known parameters, equivocating the Taliban’s recruitment of child suicide bombers with, you guessed it, a legal medical procedure:

Jill Stanek - Taliban committing postbirth abortions_1246566196691

Sez Jill:

“The only differences are the children described in this article are a few years older than children aborted”

Right, no difference at all… if you completely ignore the fact that the child suicide bombers aren’t non-sentient, partially-formed feti who dwell in someone else’s body and whose very existence depends on that one body.  But so what?

Today I take issue not only with the rank stupidity and ignorance of this analogy, which I’ve come to expect from rabid fetus fetishists — there’s another point of interest.

It’s been just a little over a month since the assassination of a doctor by an anti-abortion zealot who was likely driven to murder, at least in part, by the ongoing demonization of said doctor by virulent brain-rotted anti-choicers like Stanek; the same kind of demonization indulged in her “Taliban committing postbirth abortions” post.  The only difference is she doesn’t attack and smear an individual, but all pro-choicers.

Clearly they haven’t learned anything about the consequences of firing up their lunatic fringe with this kind of rhetoric.  For all their lame denunciations following Dr.Tiller’s death, the fact that they haven’t changed the vile tune  that led to it makes it increasingly obvious that they consider Dr.Tiller’s death the conclusion of a successful campaign:  Mission Accomplished.

Stanek to General: “Feds involved”

Threat_levelsLast week, forced pregnancy freaks and fetus fetishists complained that following their hit on the death of Dr. George Tiller, they were being targeted by Imaginary Death Threats .   There was a  frenzied reaction at Jill’s In Vitrio Cappuccino Bar and Quik-Lube to one “threat” in particular:

“the least you could do is offer to hold a rifle blessing service in her honor.”

— which of course turned out to be nothing but a fragment of a post at Jesus’ General that anyone with a functioning brainstem could see was not a threat.  One of Stanek’s own readers argued that the quote wasn’t a threat and found himself summarily deleted.  The General himself commented at Stanek’s in response to her silly and scurrilous accusation, and following a sneaky 2-day waiting period (to make sure nobody was watching), his comment was also summarily deleted (see update).

Apparently there’s no penetrating the amniotic sac of delusion and derangement  inhabited by Jill and the gang at Stanek’s Late-Term GasBar & Smoke Shop… she’s sticking to her story that Gen. JC Christian called for her to be summarily  deleted (in her 130th trimester!).31LcLaiHhtL Today Gen. JC Christian reports that despite his best efforts to Reach Out and Find  Common Ground in stopping the Tubesock Holocaust, in an email Stanek scoldingly informed him that the FBI is on the case!   Know fear!  The Fetal Bureau of Investigation always gets their man!

Monday Morning Power Snark Energy Drink: Teh Crazy is really heating up today at  Jill’s Drive-Thru Brainwash & Coin Launderette, where she compares the shooting of the baby in the photo we discussed here to a legal medical procedure.  Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Threat Level: Brown

(UPDATED! Scroll down…)

Via JABbering Stooge and Dammit Janet, there’s news! news! news! that in the wake of their latest assassination, fetus fetishists are turning the truth on its head and claiming that they are on the receiving end of some very dangerous, suave and exciting threats. (Never mind that their side has actually racked up a fairly impressive body count, for which our side is 0 for 9.) Jill Stanek, Operation Douchebag and Father Frank Uterusenvy get a few screwball emails and blog comments and immediately raise the threat level to Bullshit Brown, “Calls for Murder of Fetus Fetishists Imminent”.

And who could blame them!?? Steady yourself before you have a look at the vicious threat that spun Stanek’s bearings:


“Rifle blessing service” — I don’t know about you, but I immediately recognized the source of this evil odious terrorist threat:

Jesus' General- The Blessing of the Rifles_1245289664540


Double-Plus Hypocritical Goodness: Predictably, the gang at Jill’s Sweet & Sour Fetus Smorgasbord & Lunch Counter are jabbering like chickens on speed about these heinous threats against their gracious hostess. One commenter tries to post a link to the original Jesus’ General thread and finds that, well, his comment doesn’t make Jill’s moderation cut:

Jill Stanek - Pro-lifers get death threats_1245290396351

Dishonest? A fetus fetishist? Say it ain’t so.

Gee — it almost looks like Jill was sure that none of her readers were fans of Jesus’ General, so she thought she could get away with spinning the General’s fine snark as a real threat… NAH! Because I’m sure that, like all good Christians, Jill knows the 9th Commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness, motherfuckers!”crosshairs

And one more for the road:

In their paranoid posts on this topic, fetus fetishists are using the image of a gun sight with “Prolifers” in it — gasp! Danger! Heightened tension! Etc!

But the word “Prolifers” is on this side of the crosshair, symbolically positioning them looking into the scope… so they finally got something right. As HST would say, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in awhile…

UPDATE: Wouldn’t want anyone to miss the memo about these hideous “threats”. (And they wonder why we mock them relentlessly…)

UPDATE II (Friday): The General responds!

UPDATE III (Friday, also): Let’s see how long it takes the General’s comment at Stanek’s Partial-Birth Bar & Grill to get “disappeared” by free-speech fetus humpers:


UPDATE the fourth (Sunday): Predictably, the General’s comment was *disappeared* sometime over the weekend:

Jill Stanek - Pro-lifers get death threats_1245632436271

Maybe they’re just afraid to confront the hideous reality of their complicity in the  Tubesock Holocaust.

And the hate goes on

Via this-on-that, we learn that far-right-wing whackaloons really don’t get this “incitement to commit murder” thing.

Hal Turner… Hal Turner… Oh yeah, the Hal Turner that posted this on Sunday:


…and went on to suggest that another “target” has stepped up to the plate, referring to Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the last few doctors who provide late term abortions in the US:

turner2But no doubt Turner is just an “extremist”, not a peace-loving fetus fetishist like Jill Stanek, who wouldn’t dream of doing something as incendiary as posting pictures of doctors and their clinics… err uh what’s that?




Nice license plate shot there… Operation Rescue probably already has this person’s name and address. But not wanting to focus on just one doctor the way they focused on Dr. Tiller, Stanek adds Dr. Warren Hern to the hit list err perfectly harmless “photograph album”:


Oh, what? What’s the problem? No dog whistles there! It’s nothing: just an entire post with pictures of doctors and their clinics, spiced up with provocative language about baby-killing “pro-aborts”. Because heaven knows nobody in Stanek’s spittle-flecked readership might be a fucking nutcase with an urge to make a name for himself by doing something like this. (And should the post go down the memory hole, well, cowardly, pants-pissing, murder-inciting anti-choice bloggers are why Google cache and screenshots were invented.)

(h/t JAB and cache link via little green footballs)

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