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The new name for #tcot.

The sobbing, the whining, the shrieking, the out-of-control apocalyptic hysteria over the passage of a health care reform bill so conservative that Richard Nixon would have loved it is really something to behold.  I wonder what would happen if they’d passed single payer health care instead of just a few lame little insurance reforms!?  Not that I mean to understate the positive effect these reforms will have on some people, but the vast majority will find that life goes on, the sky remains unfallen, abortion remains unfunded by public money, the death panels won’t have started calling the Roll of the Doomed and the insurance policy they currently hold is as rotten as ever, just the way they like it.  In another 6 months, health care reform horror stories will have been all but forgotten, and people will be shaking their heads and wondering “What was that all about?”

What then?

David Frum makes some excellent points, from a conservative perspective.  The GOP decided early on to cast their lot with the furious brainless extremists in their midst and refuse to legitimize the Obama administration by allowing it as major a legislative achievement as health care reform.  Had they chosen instead to work in a bipartisan manner, it could have been their achievement too.  Now, with not one Republican vote having helped pass reform into law, the GOP will forever be known as the Party of Fuck You, the Party of No Healthcare, the Party of You Lie! and Baby killer!, the Party of Bullshit about Death Panels and Government Takeovers, and the Party of Pre-existing Conditions and all the rest of the odious villainy visited on American citizens by the health insurance industry.

Wear that in November, motherfuckers.  It looks great on you.

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