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Lies, lies & damn stupid lies

Supporters of MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312, aka “Woodworth’s Wank” but could also be known as “Operation Reproductive Enslavement”, have been making feverish claims that M312 is not in fact a “Personhood” initiative designed to give a fetus the same legal rights as an already-born person.  They know what a loser “Personhood” is: it was an epic fail even in Mississippi, and if it ever had a chance, it was in that screaming fire-engine-reddest of red states.  Other states seem to be equally thrilled with the idea.  So to say “Personhood” would be doomed in Canada is a massive understatement.  Fetus fetishists are stupid, but they’re also sneaky:

But what’s this?

…and the more I searched “M312 Personhood” on the Googles, the more damning the evidence:

Alas & Alack
Screenshots At 11 is back!

The Truth is Out There, and it shall be screenshat. 

Steve-o, you broke my heart

Boo.  Hoo.

In the past few days I’m 6 for 6 on fetus fetishist Twitter blockage.  My brutal religious insensitivity in particular seems to have struck a discordant note:

WTF?  Practically every time I look at the News there’s a story about a child-molesting priest — even just in the past 24 hours, for god’s sake (although to their credit, child-molesting priests have been low-profile for the last hour).  As vapid a means of communication as it might be, even Twitter isn’t Denialsville.

Guess what: as long as ultraconservative religious nuts of any persuasion insist on jamming their noses into the private affairs of women by trying to use the coercive power of the state to impose their ancient superstitions on us, they can expect to encounter significant headwinds.  Certainly the pushback will be far more profound than random insults on Twitter.

Let’s rewind a little so we can fully understand what we’re dealing with.  When Woodworth first started inanely tweeting about a so-called “respectful discussion about when live begins”, he initiated an instant pro-choice pile-on accusing him of seeking to compromise womens’ reproductive rights.  At the time he insisted it had nothing, oh no, nothing at all, to do with abortion.

And now he openly admits, “Haha, fooled ya”:

Woodworth favours reopening the abortion debate, he told reporters Monday, as he acknowledged that a motion he tabled Monday morning was a first step toward doing so.

So frankly, I see no compelling reason to be “polite” and “respectful” to these lying fucks.

Game fucking on, fetushists.  Better toughen up.

Lonely in here…

Ah well, that’s the price of going “Indie” I guess.  Anyway, it’s allowed me to shift my focus from the frenzied pace of the blogosphere to the frenetic pace of my meatspace life, and given me time for the Three(3) Rs: Recharging, reinvigorating, and re-energizing.  And BOOM!  (You know what that means: I’m back, baby!)

But first, some loose ends to tidy up.

A party I’m extremely late to and for that matter something that most readers of this blog would know about already (but I feel deserves a shout-out nonetheless) is the new progressive aggregator, Canadian Progressive Voices.  Outstanding job by Pale of A Creative Revolution (with assists from various friends) — an absolutely top-notch aggregator with a blog roster that includes most of your old proggie favourites.  Great place to start your Progressively Web-Surfing day.  Well done Pale!

Also, and.  June 13 7th, the day of the second and final hour of debate on Motion 312, (with final vote on June 13) fast approaches. Driving themselves into the usual deranged masturbatory conniptions  they experience whenever some kind of anti-abortion measure is tabled (once a year, like clockwork), fetus fetishists are betting the farm that this thing re-opens some kind of debate on abortion lawWooooooo!

but judging by how well the first hour of debate went in April my observation is that it’s quickly degenerating into a sad and sorry joke.  As if the idea of government debating “when life begins” isn’t goofy enough, consider that Woodworth’s Wonderful Anti-Abortion Adventure now marches on against the backdrop of a Fetus Caravan and shrieeeeeks about the Scourge of Fetus Bullying, and you’ve got a top-drawer Circus of Demented Clowns that’s unlikely to convince anyone of anything other than the fact that fetus fetishism rots the brain more profoundly than late-stage syphilis.  I’ll be paying close attention to how things proceed… though I can’t predict how it will end, I can promise you it will be an entertaining journey.

Mahalo, as the Good Doctor would say.

EDITED to clarify dates — final hour of debate is June 7, vote is June 13.  (Thanks fern hill)

Heeeeeeeeee’s back!

Before I get down to the business of trashing the regressive Wrong & Dumb Motion 312, there’s breaking news…

It’s a belated Festivus Miracle!  Once again, the Happy Warrior of the Feti, the Man Who Stares At Zygotes, the notorious perpetrator of the Sperm Slaughter and the Tubesock Holocaust, is back furiously pounding the keyboard amidst a fine moist haze of flying spittle, Confronting the Culture of Death, without “zest” this time but with the addition of “the Sacred Cows of Sterilized Sex”.  (Or did he mean Sacred Sex with Sterilized Cows?  Sacred socks?  Sockred cows?  The Sacred Socks of Sex!?)

Whatevs!  Let the bells ring out and the banners fly… oh, happy day!  Mr. Kicking Abortion’s Ass, aka Johnny Tubesock, has returned to blogging… just as I predicted he would.  Idle hands are the Devil’s Playground!!  And if it means more posts about 500% Sterility Taxes and other small government initiatives, it’s good news for me.

He’s apparently been Hard At It for a while now (why was I not informed??) so I had to spend some time to catching up.  His blog posts are as convulsively berserk as ever, but as I perused them, something strange occurred to me: not a word about M312, the regressive anti-abortion motion to be debated this very week (Thursday April 26th).  Hmm: anyone who remembers this guy’s frenzied spasms in the run-up to voting on the doomed Bill C-484, the one he called the “Kicking Abortion’s Ass” bill, knows that his paroxysms of ecstasy would have been squirting all over the blogosphere from the day the motion was filed.  By now, just 2 days away from the debate, it’d be…


…unless he’s venting his excited delirium over the motion *somewhere else*… like Twitter… (*WINK*)

Anyway, while I was catching up I noticed a widget in the sidebar announcing a little project he calls “Adopt A Pro-Abort”. 

Get your helmets on, it’s another Prayer Assault….but wait.  There was something about that widget.  So I zoom in:




Well, that explains my headache, all that incoming prayer bouncing off my impenetrable Kevlar-lined king-hell pro-abort skull.


And with that I bid PBs a fine farewell.  But first…

I have to admit I’m impressed with the nerve, the gall, the chutzpah, the unmitigated, brass-plated, gold-gilded, steel-belted BALLS of the disingenuous pricks defending the idea that Motion 312 might be a pretty cool, or at least not too bad, idea.  While I have no desire to revisit the Progs vs Progs donnybrook, there is something that’s come up in the course of the altercation that I’d like to set straight, which is the way Dr. Morgentaler has been misrepresented by some of the, uh, “Motion 312 isn’t such a bad idea” bloggers, aka “disingenuous pricks”.

These guys (and gals) fell all over themselves to quote Dr. Morgentaler’s remark about having ethical issues with late term abortion:

Morgentaler said he has concerns about late-term abortions.

“We don’t abort babies, we want to abort fetuses before they become babies,” Morgentaler said from his Toronto clinic.

— as if Dr.M’s private, personal opinion on this extremely rare procedure (an opinion which, interestingly, he somehow restrains himself from imposing on others) means it’s okay to have a public debate about the possibility of Open Season on Abortion Rights.  Worse yet, and this is where the stench of duplicity rises like putrid swamp gas, they ignore the all-important follow up quote — from the same interview, no less:

Morgentaler said he does not see a need for rules on late abortions, despite his personal ethical opposition to them.

“DOES. NOT. SEE. A. NEED. FOR. RULES.”  Whoopsie.

Yet when I pointed this out to a couple of the bloggers who were using the first quote to intimate that “Even Morgentaler Himself!” might favour restricting abortion… *crickets*

Now I am the last person to question anyone’s “progressive” cred, since my own is routinely beaten like a gong, rode hard and put away wet.  “Progressive cred” has never been my issue with this thing as much as… The Lying.  Such as insinuating that women are having late term abortions Right Up Until The Moment of Birth!! because we have OMFGWTF NO LAW!.   Such as omitting little factoids about Dr.Morgentaler’s views that don’t fit the desired narrative.

“Pro-life” I can handle.  Pro-lie, not so much.

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