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Let’s see… how to start… um… *ahem*… okay… It was a dark & stormy night…

…and fern hill was kicking ass all over the place!  W00t!

DJ has the links that tell the entire tawdry tale.

And while we’re giving props to those who deserve, how about an honourary scoop of freshly-minted dogpoop to the Toronto Star, supposedly Canada’s Flaming Liberal Newspaper of Record, for refusing to publish even a Letter to the Editor (let alone an equal-space rebuttal) without a real name from “The Blogger” who drove the entire Penninga article.  Since Penninga referred to fern hill only as “a blogger”, her response to his brainless swill shouldn’t require any name more explicit than “The Blogger Who Made Tim Hudak’s Abortion Stance an Election Issue and Made Mark Penninga Cry”.

Whoops!  Bonus solidarity track: The Good Doctor weighs in.

(Okay, time to hit “publish”… psyching up… come on, this won’t hurt a bit… aaaccckk!!)

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