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Dear Rex Murphy/National Post

If you’re going to write about the Trayvon Martin case, at least pretend to care enough to get the dead kid’s name right:

“Trevyor”? Twice??

I am available part-time for editing work… Call me…

“No comments have been posted”

Maybe that should be “99% Full Comment”, or “Full Until the Comments get Embarassing Comment”.

Last night I noticed that the comments (34 of them at last count) with Jonathan Kay’s snarly little bitchfest about the shrieking voices of “The Left”  seemed to have gotten lost in a series of tubes or something.  I considered that the problem might not be douchebaggery, but rather comment software run amok — until I looked at a few of Kay’s older entries, and then some from other contributors, which were all fine.   The tip-off that there might be fuckery afoot was below the text of the articles, which all have something like this:

Or almost all.  Kay’s “shrieky lefties” post not only has 34 comments lost in cyberspace, now it’s missing that friendly little linkie where readers “Click here to post a comment”:

As you can see by CC’s screenshot here, this is sort of a recent development.

Maybe it’s just me, but “No comments have been posted” seems a little dishonest considering there’s no way anyone can post a comment.   Shouldn’t that be “Comments are Closed”?   (And does anyone want to put money on how long before the entire post goes away?  Wingnuts:  why screen shots were invented.)


The NatPo’s Jonathan Kay salivates like a wolverine gnawing on a live sheep in today’s unfortunate screed about the demise of the Canadian left, starting with Antonia Z’s column:

There, fixed it for ya.

UPDATE: Okay, about 15 minutes ago there were 34 comments with that article, some of which informed Kay that AZ had been promoted.  Now:

What’s up with that?

UPDATE (Thursday):  Still no comments!?

Even if they dumped the first 34 comments, why haven’t there been any more since?  Normally a hysterical post about Zerb and the “death of the left” would have accrued at least 50 brain-damaged, spittle-flecked snarls from the NatPo’s “regulars” by now.

Wingnuts:  why screen shots were invented.

(h/t CC)

It lives

NPOur fiendish Socialized Health Care Death Panel was unsuccessful in putting the National Post to sleep — though in a chronic vegetative state, it remains on life support:

An Ontario judge has allowed insolvent media giant Canwest Global Communications to shuffle the money-losing National Post into a group alongside its other daily papers, which Canwest has said is the best hope of saving the daily newspaper from going under.

Judge Sarah Pepall, who is presiding over hearings into Canwest’s restructuring, on Friday allowed the company to move the National Post into the Canwest Limited Partnership – which is not among divisions of the company currently operating under creditor protection.

A lawyer for Canwest had told court earlier Friday that not only would the move allow the National Post to keep operating, it is essential to a successful restructuring of the whole company.

The NatPo might be a brainless right-wing rag, but still, I’m never happy to see a media source shut down and jobs lost no matter how scurrilous and slanted the content.   And although I’m sure that content had something to do with the NP’s failing fortunes, the “invisible hand” doesn’t ask to see your party affiliation before it gives you the finger — newspapers as a medium have been taking a beating lately.

That said, I do think it’s a little funny that, rather than let the invisible hand do it’s thing, Canwest is basically forcing its more successful products to prop up the  needy, cash-strapped NatPo —  isn’t that socialism? 😯

Always keep a shovel handy when reading the NatPo

ef2079dbIn a recent piece praising the CJC’s Bernie Farber for his part in forcing the United Church of Canada to back down on what Kay calls “its toxic bigotry” (some anti-zionist resolutions that were recently tabled), Jonathon Kay continues his quest to plumb the depths of wingnut dishonesty and hit new nadirs in the downward spiral of dumb.

Discussing the UCC’s diminishing membership, which he of course attributes to the church’s support of left-wing causes, Kay neglects to add that the United Church is not alone in their declining membership, a little context that’s obviously off-message.  That bit of dishonesty by omission might have gone unnoticed if Kay had been able to resist the temptation to continue bullshitting in order to take yet another slap at the Toronto Star, and Antonia Z in particular:

Farber, it should be noted, also appeared personally at the recent Toronto Gay Pride parade to express his defiance of the event’s prevailing anti-Israel flavour (and in the process, got militantly anti-Israel Toronto Star blogger Antonia Zerbisias so hot and bothered that she ended up getting slapped down, probably unfairly, by her own newspaper). He has an admirable willingness to deploy himself personally to hostile territory if that’s what it takes to get his message across. (emphasis mine)

“Hot and bothered”?  Really??  It’s not surprising that although he links to Kathy English’s first column berating Antonia, Dishonest Jon doesn’t bother linking to the actual comment that caused the tempest in a teapot, nor does he link to the lame, sorta-kinda mea culpa-ish column English wrote a few days later.  Most ironically, Antonia’s comment only pointed out the very thing for which Kay heaps accolades upon Farber — that he put himself in “hostile territory” to get his message across.

Context really is everything, isn’t it?

In today’s shark-jumping news


How the once-proud National Post has fallen…


And to think the NatPo was once a fairly reasonable conservative publication.

Really!  It was!  I remember!

The NatPo’s downward spiral goes on

This week, our National Newspaper continues its inexorable journey on the Downward Spiral of Stupid:

Shorter Barbara Kaynatpo: “This is the world’s smallest violin, playing for all those Palestinian babies that are *supposedly* being blown to smithereens…”

Last week CNN aired a heartrending videotape of a “dying” Palestinian child receiving “CPR,” ostensibly one more Gazan victim of Israel’s inhumanity. It was quickly blogged on by alert medical professionals as an obvious hoax.
The “war crime” was a stunt engineered or abetted by a Norwegian doctor, Mads Gilbert, who was filmed narrating the bogus scenario for the videographer, supposedly the “victim’s” brother, but in fact the owner of a Hamas-supportive Web site.

Every time I see this woman’s idiotic smirk leering out at me from the monitor I want to bite a chunk out of my keyboard. Kay is one of those rare books that you really can judge by its cover.

Shorter Steve Janke: “As with gay marriage, we told you so!!!!”

Polygamy is about to become the next great moral battleground in the legal war on marriage. And as with gay marriage, the correct and logical conclusion on the issue of polygamy is that it is not a desirable form of marriage, and indeed, threatens society as a whole.

And as with gay marriage, I have no doubt that the people who will judge this issue will utterly ignore all of this, and decide the issue on an effort to maximize moral relativism. In other words, the judgment will be designed to be as far from judgmental as possible.

What is it CC calls him? The Enjankulator?

Shorter Rebecca Walberg: “Pay for your own abortions, you funsex-loving sluts!”

When Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge, new leader of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, suggested there are more laws protecting organ transplants in Canada than fetuses, he gave the abortion debate shock therapy. One predictable outcome was disdain, and a call to focus on important things, namely the economy, in these uncertain times. Yet there is an economic angle to the abortion debate. In Canada today, abortion is available and publicly funded at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason.* That’s our tax dollars providing free and timely elective surgery, in spite of the waiting lists and chronic resource shortages that plague our health care system in many other areas. Based on abortion statistics and the cost of the procedure in clinics and hospitals, that translates into $90-million a year, as a conservative estimate.

Pro-choice rhetoric states unequivocally that abortion is a personal choice, exclusively for the pregnant woman to make. The counsel of family, doctors and even the father is unnecessary and unwelcome, unless the woman herself chooses to include it. This is one outcome of the Supreme Court of Canada’s oft-misunderstood Morgentaler decision in 1988, which ended all restrictions on access to abortion. Prior to that decision, a “therapeutic abortion committee” had to rule on whether abortion was advisable in each case. Since not every hospital had such a committee, the law was struck down.

Oh good. Let’s “Focus On The Fetishists” for a minute.

Those fetus fetishists sure love them some Rod Bruinooge, don’t they? They’re the only ones still talking about him and his goofy “fetus/kidney” analogy since Stephen Harper applied the duct tape. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bruinooge himself was wishing they’d shut the fuck up about it since his boss probably slams a file cabinet door shut on his nuts every time the idiotic analogy makes another appearance in the media and reminds the electorate about the kind of fundamentalist chimps that are hiding out in the CPC caucus.

Walberg’s lame attempt to tug at the taxpayers’ purse-strings is a straw man of the highest order — unless we completely overhaul the health care system, it’s a little absurd to single out one procedure for a funding cut on the basis that it addresses a non-life-threatening issue. There are any number of funded treatments for “quality of life” issues, and abortion is just one of them.

Re bolded selection: *That*, my friends, is a LIE (surprise surprise), or as we call it in my neighbourhood, a steaming load of BULLSHIT. A woman can’t stroll into a clinic at any stage of pregnancy and get an abortion for any reason, publicly-funded or otherwise. jumpshark

Seriously, what’s up with the NatPo? I’ve heard of jumping the shark, but this is getting silly. The NP used to run some conservative scribblers of reasonable quality, but lately, with a few exceptions, it’s become a cesspool of shrieking half-bright bigots, homophobes, fetus fetishists and religious right fruitbags that I read for a laugh. Have they not caught on to this?

NP retraction redux

The National Post retraction that was up, then down, last week is up again:


There, NP, wasn’t that cleansing?

Best of all, it could be used as a template for all those future retractions that are bound to happen if you continue giving a forum to people who think *being sued for libel* = “being taken to court for criticizing HRCs”.

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