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Save the champagne for another day

Recently the news of Operation Scumbag’s financial tribulations was received with great cheer and the cracking open of assorted potables:  soon they would be too broke to kill doctors err, “save feti”.

But something wasn’t quite right with that picture: in June, OR was solvent enough to consider buying Dr. Tiller’s old clinic.      How could they go from “the goose that laid the golden egg”, as Head Scumbag Troy Newman recently described OR, to flat broke?

Unfortunately, it seems the rumours of Operation Rescue’s imminent and well-deserved demise have been grossly exaggerated, according to what Newman told One News Now:

Media obtained a copy of the letter and then started placing stories indicating Operation Rescue “is very close to shutting down unless emergency help arrives soon” (Associated Press). That report quotes Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman as saying: “We’re so broke (as the saying goes), we can’t even pay attention.”

But Newman tells OneNewsNow that report is an exaggeration. “Rumors of Operation Rescue’s demise are grossly overrated — and it’s something that the liberal left-wing media loves to salivate over,” he states.

…and it’s all the fault of the “liberal left-wing media”, of course.  How could they possibly misinterpret something like this:

Frankly, we’re getting very close to the point of shutting everything down if emergency help doesn’t arrive soon.

to mean that Operation Rescue was getting very close to the point of shutting everything down if emergency help didn’t arrive soon???

Keep that champagne on ice for later.

Operation Rescue humiliated at Carhart Clinic

The fetus fetishists have a new target, and they’re wasting no time in getting a bead on it.

The target:  Dr. LeRoy Carhart of Nebraska.  The mission:  to keep him from opening a clinic in Kansas to replace Dr. Tiller’s, and ultimately, shut him down completely (read into that what you will).  Since their escalating campaign of harassment against Dr. Tiller worked out so well, they planned to use the same Winning Formula against Dr. Carhart.

First, nuisance legal harassment, just like they inflicted on Dr. Tiller.  Then, to get the up-close-and-personal-harassment-and-intimidation aspect of things off to a good start, they planned to converge on Dr. Carhart’s clinic this weekend for a MASS(ive?) protest:

Pro-lifers announce mass protest at Carhart's clinic (

Mass! Protest! It was all going according to the Operation Rescum Anti-Abortion Terrorism Handbook… until pro-choicers decided they were crashing the party.

The denizens of Nurse Stanek’s “All Ur Uterus R Belong 2 Us” Embryo Emporium were giggling brainlessly and jabbering like gerbils on crack at the prospect of the two sides clashing and the rollicking rumble that would ensue (minus the violence, which they strongly denounce):

Carhart's mill is da place to be this weekend_1251594126753

Ready to rumble?   The 200 supporters who showed up to defend the clinic from the spittle-flecked onslaught were ready to rumble times ten.  The MASS of 60-odd (and I do mean “odd”) anti-choicers who showed up with their fetus porn and  ovary-rosaries and “Keep it closed” signs were met by signs that barked “This clinic stays OPEN, motherfuckers!” (or words to that effect).  The end result:  fetus fetishists were not only outnumbered, but outsmarted and outplayed.  They were successfully held at bay, and forced to slink off whimpering and whining and licking their nuts.

So the “Mass” protest ended up a Massive FAIL for the fetus fetishists.  But there were revealing moments, some of which were tweeted:

Troy Newman ..._1251603615225We hear ya, TroyBoy.  Loud. And. Clear.

A Brave man

Dr. LeRoy Carhart seems to be intent on making good his promise to carry on Dr.Tiller’s legacy by opening a clinic in Wichita:

A Nebraska abortion provider says he still plans to open his own late-term abortion practice in Kansas in the wake of Dr. George Tiller’s shooting death.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart said Monday his “main choice” would be to locate the clinic in Wichita. Carhart said his attorney has talked to the Tiller family’s attorney, but it is too early to make an announcement.

And as predictably as a morning dump:

The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue on Monday announced a “Keep It Closed” campaign targeting Carhart. The group said it would protest at his Nebraska clinic Aug. 28-29.

“Keep It Closed” my ass:  nobody would be happier than Operation Scumbag to see another clinic open in Wichita.  As long as there’s a crusade targeting some doctor, the rubes will keep their wallets open, Operation Ratshit will maintain a positive cashflow, and doctors, clinic staff and patients will be harassed, threatened, demonized, intimidated and terrorized by these evil  brainless scum.    As long as it’s in Wichita, Operation Douchebag doesn’t have to spend any money relocating.

Their campaign against Dr. Carhart follows a formula almost identical to the one they used against Dr. Tiller — but hopefully, now that the FBI is taking a closer look at these domestic terrorism enablers and their relationship to Tiller assassin Scott Roeder, it won’t end the same way.

Roeder pleads

Not Guilty:

A Kansas judge on Tuesday ordered an anti-abortion activist to stand trial in the death of a Wichita doctor who was gunned down at his church.

Scott Roeder, 51, pleaded not guilty after being bound over to trial on charges of first-degree murder in the death of Dr. George Tiller, who ran a women’s clinic in which he performed abortions. Tiller was shot to death May 31 as services began at Reformation Lutheran Church. Roeder also faces two charges of aggravated assault for threatening church members Gary Hoepner and Keith Martin.  […]

Roeder was nailed as the shooter by witnesses who also testified that he’d been seen at the church the previous Sunday.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Gary Hoepner, an usher and 52-year member of the church, testified he was talking with Tiller before services when a man walked up to them, “put a gun right up to George’s head and shot it.”  […]

Hoepner identified Roeder as the man he saw that day, and testified he had also seen him at the church the Sunday before the incident. Church members told him the man had placed a note in the church’s collection plate, Hoepner said, and that the same man had done so previously. Anderson also said he had seen the man at the church, saying he remembered the man was balding and “his clothes didn’t match very well.”

So it looks like Roeder was stalking Dr. Tiller, something it’s already common knowledge he was doing during Dr. Tiller’s court case.  He did so with the assistance of Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger, who reportedly said after the killing “Who knew??” what Roeder would do with the information she was giving him about Dr. Tiller’s every move.

I’m glad Roeder isn’t copping a plea, because it means he intends to put up a fight, which in turn means he might be ratting on old friends who he feels have  deserted him.  That he’ll be convicted is without question, but in the process I’d like to see him take as many of his douchebag friends down with him as possible, starting with the rotten shit-eating scum who helped him stalk Dr. Tiller.

The trial starts Sept.21.  Pass the popcorn.

Scrubbing Bubbles at Operation Rescue site

Well, lookee here.   Operation Scumbag has been having website “problems”:

Operation Rescue_1247851946475

I recall their site crashed just hours after the killing (which they had nothing to do with, nothing! and were shocked, shocked I tell you! to hear about, belying their decades-long demonization and harassment of Dr.Tiller).   But not before intrepid bloggers revealed that the murder suspect, who had OR’s phone number in his car, had also been posting on their website and in regular touch with their “senior policy adviser”, who helped him stalk Dr.Tiller.  One can only imagine the frantic purging that went on in those dark, feverish hours of May 31st.   But apparently that wasn’t enough time to do what had to be done, because since then they’ve been running on an emergency site while “fixing” the old one:

Operation Rescue_1247852382667


Operation Rescue_1247852399682

Got that?  Their webmaster lost internet service at his office AND his home, AND his computer crashed (probably chewing up a few incriminating files in the process), all on the same day!  The LORD works in mysterious ways!  So…

Operation Rescue_1247852423257

It’s not “spiritual” warfare these depraved douchebags are worried about, it’s “legal” warfare, and in that respect, the ordeal has only just begun. Keep praying, assholes.

Randall’s rolling roadshow flops

Anti-abortion fruitcake Randall Terry, who’s on a road tour to beg senators to “Stop Sotomayor!” by filibustering her nomination to SCOTUS, wasn’t having much luck in Kansas yesterday:

Terry’s 45-minute protest not far from Sen. Sam Brownback’s office drew one columnist, one TV cameraman, a family of three and a woman who arrived as he packed up for his next stop, Topeka. He’s on a 12-city tour, calling for a Senate filibuster against Sotomayor. Brownback’s staff didn’t even let him into their office.

Well, that can’t be good.  Brownback is of the same ideological bent as Terry, and he wouldn’t even let him in the office to use the bathroom, let alone talk to him about filibustering.  Could it be that even mainstream anti-choicers like Brownback have had enough of the brain-damaged fanaticism of crazed fascist punks like Terry and his aborted baby, Operation Rescue?  Ya think?:

For many, Operation Rescue are words forever linked with the fanatical violence that left Tiller dead. Terry and Newman denounced the violence, but it’s far from clear how the slaying will affect their support.

“Denounced the violence” — sure; if by “denounced” you mean “screeched about mass murderers and hands drenched with the Blood of Teh Unborn”, followed by weasely denials of culpability.   But the bottom line is:

Religious conservatives don’t have the sway in Washington they once did. Many conservative pastors now believe the most effective way to reduce abortions is by limiting unwanted pregnancies in the first place. The country would be wise to continue shifting away from the tactics long deployed by Operation Rescue.

Using Terry’s “Stop Sotomayor!” campaign as an inverse barometer to predict the success of Sotomayor’s confirmation to SCOTUS, it looks like clear skies and smooth sailing ahead.

It’s official: Operation Rescue’s next victim

Dr. George Tiller was Operagunsight-2-invertedtion Scumbag’s primary reason for setting up in Wichita, Kansas — all the better to harass the target and his patients on a constant basis if they’re close by.

Now that Dr. Tiller’s out of the way, they’re moving on to the next target.  According to Christian News Wire (your one-stop shop for Christian Taliban news), the hunt is now officially underway, as OR sets their sights (literally) on Dr. LeRoy Carhart of Nebraska.  They started off by soliciting “abortion stories” about Dr. Carhart; now they’ve taken the next step and requested the Nebraska Attorney-General open a “comprehensive” investigation:

A coalition of four pro-life groups have sent a letter to Nebraska Attorney General Jon Buning asking him to open a “comprehensive” investigation into late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his Bellevue abortion clinic.

Signing the letter were Troy Newman of Operation Rescue headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, DC, Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland in Omaha, Nebraska, and Ann Bowen of Nebraskans United for Life, also of Omaha.

The group expressed concerns about the legality of certain aspects of Carhart’s abortion business as well as concerns about the condition of Carhart’s run-down abortion clinic that was damaged by an accidental fire earlier this year.

“Accidental” my ass.

But this is how it all starts.  The stories, some solicited and some fabricated, the move into town to be near the clinic, the campaign of harassment and ongoing protests, then the legal investigation.  Operation Douchebag lucked out in Kansas in that the AG at the time, Phill Kline, was a rabid anti-choicer determined to persecute Dr. Tiller.  The fact that Kline had his ass handed to him in court was likely a contributing factor in Dr. Tiller’s assassination — that’s what happens when these nazi creeps can’t get their way by legal means.

So how much do you want to bet that Operation Slime is looking at real estate in Bellevue, Nebraska right now?

(via Right Wing Watch)


At first I thought they had to be kidding, but yep, they really went there:  last week Operation Rescue actually had the nerve to ask, no, demand that the feds protect them from some very dangerous and exciting emails they received:

Operation Rescue is demanding that the U.S. Justice Department investigate what it says are death threats against abortion opponents after the killing of Dr. George Tiller.

The Wichita group on Thursday released audio recordings and e-mails containing threats, including one message that says it’s “time to start killing Bible-thumping morons.”

HAHAHAHA!  *Ahem*  Yeah, that sounds like about as Credible a Threat as the satirical “Blessing of Rifles” post that fetus fetishist Jill Stanek claims was a Threat from Gen. JC Christian.

If that’s all it takes to get these people in a paranoid little tizzy, they’re pussies of the highest order.  Imagine if they had to be on the receiving end of the kind of threats clinics and doctors have endured for decades.  They’d melt away faster than the crushed ice in a strawberry daiquiri on a July morning afternoon.

Pants-On-Fire Files, Lifenews edition

Today the scare-quote-crazed Christianist mouthpieces “Lifesite” and “Lifenews” are dutifully parrotting the story that someone tried to fuck with a security camera at Operation Scumbag’s “headquarters” on the “weekend” (suspect “unknown” and “at large”).   But for some reason, they’re not reporting it exactly the same way.  Lifesite:

Operation Rescue Office Security System Attacked - Group Complains of Police Apathy_1246322150743

And Lifenews:

Abortion Advocate Attacks Pro-Life Group's Office, Tries to Disable Security System_1246322078484

See the big fat lie?  Of course you do.  The Lifenews headline claims that the perp (if indeed there was a perp, but I’ll get to that) was an “abortion advocate”.  Given that Lifesite ran the story 3 days after Lifenews, this isn’t some breaking! news! that’s come out about the suspect.  If there was even the shadow of an indication that the suspect was an “abortion advocate”, Lifesite would be screaming their lungs out about it… but they’re not.  If even Lifesite, which generally bullshits with reckless abandon, didn’t consider this detail worth adding, then it must be a Whopper.  Maybe, through a momentary lapse in their usual batshit insanity, Lifesite editors were able to see that there’s nothing to indicate this little “event” was anything other than a routine B&E… if that.

Yeah.  Let’s look at this thing.  Here’s what they want us to believe actually happened:  (1) A few days after they started bitching to the cops about “threats” and (2) got the cold shoulder from said cops,

Posted same day as story about bicycle "attacker"

Posted same day as story about bicycle "attacker"

(3) someone tried to fuck with their security camera, (4) in broad daylight no less, with (5) people inside the building, and (6) nothing but a bicycle as a getaway vehicle, and that (7) the deal went down while OR’s Troy Newman just happened to be on the phone with a Washington Times reporter, talking about, you guessed it, (8) the death threats Operation Slimebucket’s received.  To top it off, they have a video of the whole routine that looks like a Grade 7 Theatre Arts performance.   But that’s not all…

The Lifenews story with the bogus headline was posted on Friday — however, Operation Douchenozzle’s press release wasn’t posted until Saturday morning.

Operation Rescue_1246325662667

I guess it’s possible that Lifenews somehow got the “scoop” right after it “happened”, but knowing these people and how much they LIE (there’s evidence of that right in the headline of the Lifenews story), it’s probably just as possible that something else is going on.

*Sniff*  Smells like something rotten is burning, and it’s coming from the general vicinity of Lifenews and Operation Slimebucket.

Operation Next Target

Predictably, the Kansas City Star reports that Operation Scumbag’s next campaign of escalating harassment, intimidation and violence is about to begin:

But now the group, which hounded Tiller for years, is turning its sights on LeRoy Carhart, the Nebraska-based physician who regularly assisted Tiller.

Operation Rescue has put out the word that it wants to hear from women who sought abortions from Carhart in the last five years. It’s doing a “research project” on Carhart, according to its website.

Yep:Operation Rescue_1245969471197

That’s Dr. Carhart on the left.  There’s more — lots more — at the link they encourage their readers to “Click here!”.  Hey look, it’s batshit crazy “Christina” — the loonytune who launched a “full-scale 30-day prayer assault” at me — piling on the slime:

Operation Rescue_1246220667861

As usual with these despicable, brain-damaged freaks, Christina is testing the bounds of reality with an unverifiable story that will nonetheless help flip the crazy breakers on  Operation Douchebag’s more psychotic readers, people like Scott Roeder.   To what end, Christina?  Just part of an innocent “research project”?

If experience is any guide, this “research project” will result in unverifiable and downright bogus allegations, which the group will make public. It’s the sort of information that just might inflame an unbalanced person like Scott Roeder, the man accused of shooting Tiller in his church — where, by the way, Operation Rescue had protested and disrupted services numerous times.

But when tragedy occurs, Operation Rescue’s leaders are shocked and appalled. Or so they say.

Dr. Carhart plans to provide abortion services in Kansas in the near future.  The When and the Where is uncertain, but there’s little doubt as to What will follow.  As soon as the location becomes known — and it has to become known, because how else will women who need it find it? — the deranged and delusional anti-abortion freakshow will plant itself on the doorstep, and the whole sick psychotic circus will start over again: ongoing protests, escalating hate rhetoric, demonization, bogus legal harassment… and on and on and on  it goes.

If an al qaeda cell was operating in Kansas and the bodies were starting to hit the ground, the Homeland Security threat level advisory system would be spinning out in multicoloured spasms and law enforcement would be all over it.  Just sayin’.

NOW’s “Phelps-like tactics” scuttle anti-choice demo

Shorter sanctimonious Operation Ratshit asshole Rev. Patrick J. (for “Jerkoff”?) Mahoney:  “It’s so unfair that people object to us hounding Dr. Tiller beyond the grave we helped put him in”:

Pro-life groups move the location of Saturday prayer and memorial service in Wichita, Kansas.

The groups made the change after the National Organization for Women (NOW) decided to disrupt the solemnity of the memorial service with a counter demonstration.
The pro-life leaders did not want NOW to ruin the sacredness of the memorial with their hateful Fred Phelps like tactics.

Let’s see now: they target and harass a doctor for decades with extremely intrusive protests and escalating hate rhetoric, culminating with one of their loony-tunes finally walking the talk and murdering said doctor… and NOW are the ones using “Fred Phelps-like tactics” when they counter-protest these deranged fruitbags?

A furious Mahoney beats the baloney:

“Sadly, NOW decided to show utter contempt for a religious and solemn service and decided to disrupt it. We are thankful that the pro-life community showed respect for Dr. Tiller and his family and chose not to disrupt or demonstrate at his memorial service.”

So let’s have a round of applause for the superhuman restraint of the fetus fetishists for finally taking a day off after their previous 7,300 days of concentrated disruption, demonstrations, hate and harassment.  But speaking of “Phelps-like tactics”, I seriously question Operation Psycho’s motivation in staying away from the funeral.  Maybe it’s just me, but the signs in this picturephelps

…don’t look any more hateful than the ones Operation Scumbag uses  3380759887_70dcff3c87_m

…could it be that the media-savvy OR was just worried about the ginko nuts  being mixed in with the cashews?

Right. I’m sure the fact that the Phelps gang got to the funeral first had nothing to do with it.  And I’m just as sure that the little wankfest they’d planned to hold at the clinic yesterday had nothing to do with dancing and pissing on Dr. Tiller’s grave.

And finally: the counter-protest went well, and it was Mission Accomplished with regard to driving the scum away.   Maybe this is something we should be doing on a regular basis.


Compare and Contrast

From the “No Shame” Department

Now that Dr. Tiller’s out of the way, Operation Rescue is looking to buy his (now-closed) clinic.

Operation Rescue is looking to buy the clinic?? Are you fucking kidding me!??:

The group that tried for years to put slain abortion provider Dr. George Tiller out of business is interested in buying his now-closed clinic in Wichita, its president said.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said that his group has discussed the idea of buying the tan, windowless clinic in east Wichita. He made the comment after the Tiller family announced that the clinic would be closed permanently.

“I would love to make an offer on that abortion clinic, and that’s some of the discussion that we’re having,” Newman said in a telephone interview Tuesday from his group’s headquarters in Wichita.

Un. Believable. Operation Rescue, which was undoubtedly complicit in assisting Dr. Tiller’s murderer to stalk and ultimately kill him, now wants to buy his clinic. They probably want to turn it into some kind of monument to fetal supremacy and anti-abortion terrorism, as an inspiration to all the brain-damaged cretins out there who haven’t yet spiraled into violence. The message: terrorism pays!

Where the fuck do these people get all their money from? And why have they got so much of it that they can just buy buildings at the drop of a hat?? And why are they so detached from reality that they don’t see how outrageous it is for them to even consider doing such a thing??


UPDATE: It was just a class-act publicity stunt by those slimy fucks at Operation Douchebag, who have no chance of buying the clinic since the building is owned by the Tiller family.  Who obviously wouldn’t piss on Operation Rescue if they were on fire.  (Now there’s a pleasant thought…)

But it looks like Dr. Tiller’s work will be carried on, after all:

A Nebraska doctor said Wednesday that he will perform third-term abortions in Kansas after the slaying of abortion provider George Tiller, but would not say whether he will open a new facility or offer the procedure at an existing practice.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart declined to discuss his plans in detail during a telephone interview with The Associated Press, but insisted “there will be a place in Kansas for the later second- and the medically indicated third-trimester patients very soon.”

Victory is fleeting, eh fetus fuckers?

(h/t – feministing)

Operation Sweat

Shorter Operation Rescue: We’re a totally non-violent, peaceful anti-abortion organization — we just employ people with a history of criminal convictions for anti-abortion-related terrorism.

KMBC Channel 9 captured this shot of a phone number to anti-abortion group Operation Rescue inside the car of Scott Roeder, the man suspected of shooting and killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller Sunday morning at a Wichita church.

The phone number is written on an envelope with the name “Cheryl” and “Op Rescue.” Cheryl is Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, who in 1988 was convicted of conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic. She served two years in prison.

Sullenger tells The Pitch that she hasn’t spoken with Roeder recently.

Not since Sunday morning, I bet.

Oh dear. Does this qualify as “palling around with terrorists”? I’m thinking it might. Oooh… I smell “conspiracy”. Smells kind of like crispy hot wings… and sweat.

(h/t – birth pangs)

Dr. Geoge Tiller shot to death this morning

…as he was on his way into church.

Anti-abortion extremists Operation Rescue, who have harrassed Dr. Tiller for years, claim they’re “Shocked, I tell you, shocked!

I say:  fuck you, motherfucks.  At the very least, your rhetoric contributed to this.  Fuck you!

(h/t Canadian Cynic)

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