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Why am I not surprised

… that anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder isn’t exactly doing his sentence for the murder of Dr. George Tiller “standing on his head” (to use the vernacular of the incarcerated)?

Boohoohoo.  Well, what the hell, eh?  I wonder what he expected, after committing a murder and following it up by demonstrating a complete lack of remorse, and even self-righteousness, in court.  This is the drool-spattered depravity of the mental defectives who believe that something they call “God’s Law” supercedes the “laws of man”:  the Psychology of Theocracy.  And they walk among us.  I’m not necessarily saying Be Afraid, but definitely Be Aware.

Compare & Contrast

Anti-abortion terrorist Randall Terry holds forth about the Scott Roeder trial at his usual fire-and-brimstone venue, the “Christian” Newswire:

“When the rule of law and the law of blood clash, such as in George Tiller’s death, we must not pretend that there is no connection between Mr. Tiller’s shedding of innocent blood and Scott Roeder’s act of violence against him. There is sowing; there is reaping.”

Now is the time at UOH when we juxtapose!:

“Obama has followed the footsteps of his predecessor in increasing animosity toward Muslims and increasing enemy fighters and establishing long-term wars,” the recording said. “So the American people should get ready to reap the fruits of what the leaders of the White House have planted throughout the coming years and decades.”

The magnitude might be greater, but the sentiments are exactly the same.

From “pro-lifer” to lifer

Bye-bye, dickhead:

In a trial that never became the referendum on abortion that some abortion foes wanted, Scott Roeder, a 51-year-old airport shuttle driver, was convicted today of murdering George Tiller, one the nation’s few physicians who performed late-term abortions.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for only 37 minutes. Roeder faces life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder.

37 minutes?  What took ya??

Ten years for massaging meat

This is why people have so little respect for the law.

Exhibit A — Scott Roeder, confessed murderer of Dr. George Tiller, could conceivably end up being gifted with a prison sentence of less than 5 years if the charges are dropped to voluntary manslaughter.

Exhitbit B — this guy:

A South Carolina man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing an $80 slab of meat. The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg reported Thursday that 51-year-old Mark Zachary of Orangeburg received the maximum sentence after jurors found him guilty Wednesday of shoplifting.  Prosecutors said the sentence was justified because the Aug. 26 theft from Reid’s grocery store in Orangeburg was his ninth offense.

Authorities said when a store manager approached Zachary about the missing New York strip and the big bulk under his shirt, he fled, right into the arms of an off-duty police officer.  […]

Zachary testified he was “massaging” the meat, not stealing it.

Hmmm, massaging the meat, eh?  Heh.  Whatevs.

But TEN YEARS!??  Is that not a bit of overkill?  I realize it’s the guy’s 9th offense, and he obviously has A Problem, but if all his other offenses were as meat-beatingly lame as this one, I don’t see how it adds up to deserving ten(10) years behind bars.  Lucky for Scott Roeder that his crime didn’t take place in South Carolina — if a serial meat-masseuse could get 10 years for what’s basically petty theft, a brainless, murderous brute like Roeder would be going away for about 5000 light-years

Edit: Light years? — whatever!  A commenter just reminded me that “light years” are distance, not time.  But you get the idea. (Fucking medication.)

Roeder could be out in 5


As unbelievable as it may sound, in Kansas it’s possible that a guy could walk into a church, plant a bullet in someone’s head right in front of numerous witnesses, confess to the killing, and end up getting as little as 4 years for it:

The judge presiding over Scott Roeder’s murder trial said he could consider giving the jury an option of choosing a less severe charge than murder in the killing of a Wichita abortion provider.  […]

Wilbert told lawyers Friday that he couldn’t imagine a scenario that would allow Roeder to argue he was defending the lives of others. But the judge stopped short of legally ruling it out.

Under a conviction on voluntary manslaughter, Roeder could face four to six years in prison, compared to a life sentence if convicted of murder.

It’s an unlikely scenario, but even the fact that there’s a *chance* it might happen is pretty outrageous; I guess it all depends on the sanity of the jury (ie. whether it’s infested with fetus fetishists).   This judge has already denied Roeder’s attempt to use the “necessity defense“, so at least there’s that…??  Good grief.

FBI warned about Roeder

At first glance, the story sounds disturbingly familiar — FBI receives warning about potential terrorist attack, does nothing:

More than a month before the shooting of a high-profile abortion doctor, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Kansas City received an anonymous letter warning that the man now charged in the case “would do physical harm” to Dr. George Tiller or any other abortion provider, the agency said.

The letter writer, who later revealed himself to the FBI, and his wife are together in a bitter custody battle over a girl fathered by Scott Roeder, the man accused in Tiller’s May 31 death. The April 3 letter contained no specific or credible threat, according to the FBI.

I imagine the FBI gets this kind of thing every day, anonymous warnings that they write off as being from angry crackpots with axes to grind, so it’s not hard to see how this one was ignored.  Even so — given that Dr.Tiller had just gone through a well-publicized court case and emerged victorious, dashing the deranged hopes of fetus fetishists who wanted to see him at the very least lose his license to practice medicine, even anonymous tips about threats to his safety, and the safety of his clinic, might have been worth checking out.

But that was “pre-Tiller”.  Since Dr. Tiller’s murder, the cops have probably adopted a “post-Tiller” mindset wherein they take even non-specific threats more seriously.

One hopes, anyway.

Necessity Defense — Not Necessarily Real

Scott Roeder, confessed assassin of Dr. George Tiller, is a Loser in oh so many ways.

He did Operation Rescue’s dirty work and they threw him under the bus. Then his Ebay auction was blocked by babykillers.   Then he confessed to the murder, thinking he had a rock-solid defense.  Now his defense — the “Necessity Defense”, as in “The murder was A Necessity because Dr. Tiller was killing Teh Beebees” — has been declared Null and Void by his own lawyer:

Scott Roeder’s lawyer said Tuesday that the defense his client had hoped for in the murder trial of a Wichita abortion provider isn’t legal.

On Monday, Roeder publicly confessed to killing George Tiller to reporters from the Kansas City Star and the Associated Press. Roeder also said he hoped to use as his defense that killing Tiller was necessary to save the lives of the unborn.

“There’s no such thing as the necessity defense,” said Steve Osburn, head of the Sedgwick County Public Defender’s Office and Roeder’s lead counsel. “This is a fictional defense made up by these people.”

The fetus fetishists making things up?    That’s a first.

What next, bake sale for bin Laden?

Mmmm, Jailhouse ChOnline auction to raise funds in Scott Roeder case - Kansas City Star_1256532393789eesecake!  This and other fine institutional fare will be featured in an anti-abortion shooter’s recipe book, which is among the “unique” items anti-choice whackjobs plan to flog on Ebay in a fundraiser for their boy Scott:

An Army of God manual. A prison cookbook compiled by a woman doing time for abortion clinic bombings and arsons. An autographed bullhorn.

These are among the items that abortion foes plan to auction on eBay and other Web sites in a fundraiser for Scott Roeder, the Kansas City man charged with killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller.

“This is unique,” said Regina Dinwiddie, a Kansas City anti-abortion activist who will sign the bullhorn. “Nobody’s ever done this before. The goal is that everybody makes money for Scott Roeder’s defense.”

“Unique”, um, yeah.  Dimwittie’s bullhorn is very unique and special indeed, because she was the first person convicted under the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinics) back in 1995, and forbidden to use her Bullhorn of Godly Fetus-Fetishizing Righteousness within 500 feet of any clinic in Missouri.

Along with Dinwiddie, Dave Leach, organizer of the auction, was also interviewed for this story.  What the article didn’t mention is that both of these people are signatories of the Army of God’s “Defensive Action Statement“, which declares that the murder of abortion providers is Justifiable Homicide.  Among the other anti-choice luminaries who signed the statement are Paul Hill, Donald Spitz and Michael Bray.  So these aren’t just your average everyday fetus fetishists;  they’re  violent, brain-damaged scum who are, at the very least, enablers and supporters of domestic terrorism.   In fact, if the people who signed that “defensive action statement” were middle-eastern rather than whitebread middle-American, we’d be calling it a “fatwa” and the people who signed it a “cell”.

But never mind that.  The auction supposedly launches November 1st.  It’s being discussed on the Ebay forums and complaints have probably already started rolling in, so it remains to be seen if it will even make the cut with Ebay.  If it does, I suppose someone who doesn’t mind forfeiting their Ebay account for a good cause could always start the bidding at $100,000,000.   Ya think!??

(h/t Birth Pangs, Dammit Janet)

Roeder’s legal “advisor”, ex-wife speak

Right Wing Watch has some audio snippets from last night’s Alan Colmes show, wherein he interviews anti-abortion freak Dave Leach, who  has been assisting Scott Roeder‘s legal defense and sounds like as much of a crazed fetus fetishist as Roeder himself.  In the interview, Leach as much as admits to Colmes that he supports the murder of abortion providers, although he “regrets that’s the only way to stop abortion”.  (Oh well, alrighty then.)  Not surprisingly, he also favours the delusional “justifiable homicide” defense that Roeder is reportedly actually considering using in a real court of law (can you say “Bye-bye, Dickhead”?).

Apart from Leach’s deranged gibberish, the show got even more interesting when Roeder’s ex-wife Lindsey called in.  She stated that she is pro-choice, saying “Women should have a choice with their own body”, but also said that she didn’t feel comfortable or safe admitting it until Roeder was behind bars — even after they were divorced.  She was also not surprised to find out Roeder murdered Dr. Tiller:

She says he was not shocked when she learned her ex-husband was the accused killer of Tiller,  and that he supported the actions of another anti-abortion murderer, Paul Hill.  […]

Lindsey says she wasn’t always pro-choice, but she is now.

Speaking of divorce: not surprisingly, Mrs.Roeder had a bitch of a time getting her ex to make child support payments.  He apparently spent all his money on TV evangelists and saving Teh Unborn.

All together now:

“If you’re pre-born you’re fine, if you’re pre-school, you’re fucked.”

“Justifiable homicide”

douche12Anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder may end up using “justifiable homicide” as a defense for the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

No, really:

The suspect in the killing of abortion provider George Tiller is in talks with a prominent attorney who represents anti-abortion protesters and has long advocated justifiable homicide as a legal defense in such cases.

Scott Roeder, 51, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and aggravated assault charges in the May 31 shooting death of Tiller in the foyer of his Wichita church. The Kansas City, Mo., man has refused to discuss his case, but he has told The Associated Press that Tiller’s killing was justified to save “the lives of unborn children.”

Roeder is consulting with Michael Hirsh, the lawyer who represented anti-abortion terrorist Paul Hill, who was canonized by anti-choicers for the murder of a doctor and clinic escort in 1994.    Here’s how this shit-eating, fetus fetishizing douchebag responded when it was pointed out to him that an acquittal based on a “justifiable homicide” defense would only endanger the lives of more doctors:

But Hirsh discounted the suggestion that if a jury acquitted Roeder of murder based on such a defense, it would lead to an open season on abortion doctors.

“It has been open season on unborn children for over 30 years. I think on abortionists there will be a bag limit,” Hirsh said in a phone interview this week from his Kennesaw, Ga., office.

“I think on abortionists there will be a bag limit.” That’s how seriously these scumbags take the murder of doctors and clinic staff, regardless of their lame, pearl-clutching “denouncements”.  This is what they want to happen.

FBIDHS?  Are you listening?

Roeder pleads

Not Guilty:

A Kansas judge on Tuesday ordered an anti-abortion activist to stand trial in the death of a Wichita doctor who was gunned down at his church.

Scott Roeder, 51, pleaded not guilty after being bound over to trial on charges of first-degree murder in the death of Dr. George Tiller, who ran a women’s clinic in which he performed abortions. Tiller was shot to death May 31 as services began at Reformation Lutheran Church. Roeder also faces two charges of aggravated assault for threatening church members Gary Hoepner and Keith Martin.  […]

Roeder was nailed as the shooter by witnesses who also testified that he’d been seen at the church the previous Sunday.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Gary Hoepner, an usher and 52-year member of the church, testified he was talking with Tiller before services when a man walked up to them, “put a gun right up to George’s head and shot it.”  […]

Hoepner identified Roeder as the man he saw that day, and testified he had also seen him at the church the Sunday before the incident. Church members told him the man had placed a note in the church’s collection plate, Hoepner said, and that the same man had done so previously. Anderson also said he had seen the man at the church, saying he remembered the man was balding and “his clothes didn’t match very well.”

So it looks like Roeder was stalking Dr. Tiller, something it’s already common knowledge he was doing during Dr. Tiller’s court case.  He did so with the assistance of Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger, who reportedly said after the killing “Who knew??” what Roeder would do with the information she was giving him about Dr. Tiller’s every move.

I’m glad Roeder isn’t copping a plea, because it means he intends to put up a fight, which in turn means he might be ratting on old friends who he feels have  deserted him.  That he’ll be convicted is without question, but in the process I’d like to see him take as many of his douchebag friends down with him as possible, starting with the rotten shit-eating scum who helped him stalk Dr. Tiller.

The trial starts Sept.21.  Pass the popcorn.


ShriekShorter, Shorterer and Shorterest SUZANNE“Look!  Over there!  It’s Evil Media!!

Today Our Lady of the Zygotes takes issue with the AP story about how murder suspect Scott Roeder is gleefully sending out Army of God tracts, from his jail cell no less, that glorify the lethal deeds of people who did exactly what he’s accused of, killing a doctor.

Not because killing doctors is a scummy thing to do, let alone glorify, much less from a jail cell where one awaits trial for that very crime.

Not because allowing Roeder’s murderous proselytizing through the mail seems to indicate a serious lapse in correctional facility security.

And not because the fact that he was able to do this probably means he had help from someone sympathetic inside said correctional facility, not to mention the terrorists on the outside that he’s apparently still palling around with.

No, Our Lady of Perpetual Fetophilia is exercised over an imagined equivalence between AP reporting the story about Roeder’s vile correspondence, and the actual dissemination of material glorifying and encouraging the killing of doctors by someone who really believes in it.  “This kind of rhetoric supposedly endangers lives but AP publishes it” she grouses, demanding to know why AP isn’t taking some heat for doing their job, which is reporting.  Huh!?

And isn’t this type of language supposed to be potentially fatal. Shouldn’t AP take the heat for spreading Roeder’s message.

Fortunately, scream1-frmost of us can distinguish between reporting the news that someone is willfully inciting others to murder, and the actual act of willfully inciting others to murder.  Look at it this way:  If Zacarias Moussaui was sending out tracts that glorified the 9/11 highjackers and encouraged more of the same from his prison cell, and CNN and Fox News reported on it, would that mean CNN and Fox News endorse Moussaui’s wretched views?  Obviously not.  Would you want to know about it?  I sure would.  Just like I want to know what this whackaloon Roeder is up to.

We’ve already seen a few attempts to draw false equivalences in order to create the illusion that anti-choicers aren’t  any more violent and hateful than pro-choicers, and they’re just getting started.   It promises to be a long hot summer spent debunking all their crackpot theories… but I’ve got a fan at my back and a tall sweaty glass of Long Island Ice Tea at my keyboard — bring it on.

Can we call it terrorism yet?

One More Enemy_1246692866667Maybe “Christian Jihadism”?  Because if Scott Roeder, accused murderer of Dr. George Tiller, wasn’t part of a virulent wider movement that supports, abets and enables him, he wouldn’t be able to do things like this:

From his cell in Sedgwick County jail, Roeder has been sending anti-abortion pamphlets that laud Paul Hill, who was convicted of murdering an abortion provider in 1994, as an “American hero,” and include examples of Hill’s writings about how the killing of abortion providers is justifiable.

Hill was executed in 2003 for killing Dr. John Bayard Britton and his bodyguard outside a Pensacola, Fla., abortion clinic.

Advocating and celebrating the assassination of doctors — from his jail cell, no less, where he awaits trial for… assassinating a doctor.

Roeder has also been corresponding with Rev. Donald Spitz — whose Army of God group’s Web site celebrates Hill and who says he sent Roeder seven of the pamphlets at Roeder’s request — and Linda Wolfe, an Oregon activist who has been jailed about 50 times for anti-abortion activities and who is close friends with a woman convicted of shooting Tiller in the arms in 1993. She says Roeder mailed her one of the pamphlets.

Nice company Roeder’s keeping while he’s in the can.  The Army of God website not only celebrates Hill and other anti-abortion murderers as “heros”, it openly advocates for such killings, calling them “justifiable homocide”.  Apart from geography, what’s the difference between that and a jihadist website that calls for suicide bombings and posts pictures celebrating the martyrdom of those who carry out such missions?

Spitz, who said he became a good friend of Hill’s before his execution, said he sent Roeder seven pamphlets advocating justifiable homicide that Roeder wanted to mail others. He said authorities had not contacted him about Roeder and that he has no plans to kill an abortion doctor himself.

No, he just actively encourages, aids and abets, and disseminates the extreme anti-choice movement’s murderous message via a stunningly effective medium — an actual killer himself.  Think that wouldn’t encourage some other lunatic to take one for the team?

At this point, can anyone even doubt that this is a fascist, terrorist movement?  The average anti-abortion freak, praying and shrieking and harassing women outside the Morgentaler Clinic, may not be a garden-variety terrorist.  But it’s no coincidence that part of their strategy is intimidation and fear, and that the fear originates with the knowledge that there’s a disproportionately high number of Roeders and Spitzs and Hills (and Kopps and Rudolphs and Griffins) in their midst.

(h/t – Dammit Janet)

Roeder’s bail raised?

What’s up with this?:

The man accused of killing a Wichita abortion doctor is now being held on a $20 million dollar bond. Scott Roeder is currently in the Sedgwick County Jail. He’s accused of shooting Dr. George Tiller and threatening two other people. Roeder’s original bond was set at $5 million dollars but last week, Judge Warren Wilbert increased the bond to $20 million after hearing a request from prosecutors.

District Attorney Nola Foulston says circumstances have changed since Roeder’s last bond hearing on June 4th. Since then, Roeder has talked to two media outlets from jail. By statements he allegedly made, she contends Roeder is a public threat. […]

If ever there was a danger to the public and a flight risk, it’s this fucking guy. He’s already talked about more attacks, and one need only recall how long Eric Rudolph was able to run (with the help of other fetus fetishists) to know what a bad idea it would be for Roeder to make bail.

Prosecutors and Roeder’s defense attorney acknowledge there has been talk of a bail bondsman somewhere along the line.

“We have learned that there is a bondman — that there is no indication at this point that the bondsman will, can or might be able to bond this person out, but respecting that, we still believe that it’s appropriate to ask for an increase based on the subsequent statements of the defendant himself having contacted the media on more than one occasion,” said Foulston.

Now why would a bail bondsman even talk to a guy who has a grand total of $10 and a car worth maybe $600 as the premium and collateral on a $5million bail bond? Ya think?

“As you (the court) indicated, there is no bondsman in town that has the power or right to write a $5 million bond. I think the reason we are on the record today(in court) is because apparently someone has acquired those powers or is attempting to.”

Right. And who might that be, I wonder?

They know

Of course they do.   They’ve known all about the deranged violent nuts in their midst, right from the start.

Yeah, they know.  What will they do about it?  My money’s on Sweet Fuck-All.

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