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Irony so thick you could cut it with a jackhammer

A video that made the rounds a few years back showed anti-choice protesters being asked what punishment women should get for terminating a pregnancy, if indeed abortion is “murder” and should be outlawed.  Predictably, no answers were forthcoming:

Why is that, you might wonder.  Given that the fetus fetishists’ end game is the criminalization of a common medical procedure, one would think they’d have an answer to the obvious question of what kind of legal sanctions should be imposed on anyone who Breaks the Rules. But in spite of all the time they spend obsessing about it, the anti-choice position is just not very well-thought-out.  It’s irrational, emotional, largely driven by religious ideology and almost always inspired on some level by a punitive, authoritarian brand of misogyny so vile and repugnant that few are willing to cop to it.

Which brings me to the Fetus Puke-a-van‘s Stephanie Gray.

Interviewed Monday on Kelowna’s CBC-radio affiliate, Gray had no compunction about exposing herself as a punishment freak of the highest order, and proud of it.  Asked what should happen to women who have abortions after the dawn of her Brave New World wherein womens’ rights are a historical footnote, she didn’t miss a beat (at about 4:47 on the audio):

“Once abortion becomes illegal, I would say the consequences for a woman who has an abortion at that point, breaking the law, would be no different from the consequences for a woman who kills her born children.”

The interviewer pointed out that this would mean life in prison, and Gray added that it would “depend on the circumstances”, and allowed that some women may instead be written off as “clinically insane”.  You know, like women who drown their kids in a bathtub.

I’d say the irony’s so thick you could cut it with a knife.  However, I seriously doubt that modern metallurgy has advanced to the point where there exists a tempered steel sufficiently unyielding to cut through the irony of a sick, warped and twisted, fetus-obsessed little fuck who drives around in a truck festooned with  gross images of surgical tray contents calling anyone else “clinically insane”.

Home improvement: glass house edition

Stephanie Gray is mad, and when someone who thinks it’s perfectly fine to drive around in a vehicle festooned with images of aborted fetuses gets mad, you know things will get ugly real fast. Or ugli-er.

Responding to a recent National Post article that accused anti-choicers of being hypocritical in their lame, mealy-mouthed denunciations of Dr. Tiller’s murder, Stephanie stomped her feet and held her breath ’til she turned blue:

Colby Cosh is completely wrong when he says, “If you believe that abortion is tantamount to murder… then you should be willing to stand up and celebrate the murder of Dr. George Tiller.”

Perhaps those who support violence (through abortion) in the face of difficult life circumstances don’t comprehend when other people don’t resort to violence in the face of difficult life circumstances (a society where abortion is legal). But nonetheless, that’s our point. Take a message from the pro-life textbook, Mr. Cosh: killing people isn’t the way to deal with problems. It’s the reason why we are more than just “anti-abortion.”

Can’t say I disagree with that — they are way more than just anti-abortion: they’re anti-contraception, anti-sex, anti-liberty, anti-freedom and anti-woman. And since some of those “people” she talks about “killing” are fertilized eggs, let’s add “anti-sane” to the list.

Stephanie denies that the anti-choice campaign of hate she and her ghoulish ilk gleefully indulged in played any part in Dr.Tiller’s death. But her last paragraph is a real groaner:

But since Mr. Cosh doesn’t seem to support that philosophy, I wonder if he’s willing to take responsibility for the consequence of his comments. Given that he’s named Jim Hughes and my organization’s parent affiliate, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), and implied that we were at least in part responsible for violence against Tiller, will he take responsibility for his rhetoric if advocates of legal abortion take it upon themselves and direct violence towards us?

Except that this is an extremely unlikely scenario, given the fact that we’re not, well, you know, completely fucking batshit insane.

Nice try Stephanie, but no cigar. (And don’t panic, the cigar is just a cigar.)

SNARKALICIOUS AFTERTHOUGHT: It’s interesting that Stephanie’s rant is confined to the illustrious “Lifesite” — since she’s been given a platform in the NatPo before when she objected to one of their columns, I’m a little surprised that the NP didn’t see fit to do the same this time. I’m pretty sure it probably wasn’t for lack of trying on Stephanie’s part.  Could this be the beginning of The Shunning? Know hope.

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