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You stay classy, Toronto Star!

Well this is Special: Canada’s major progressive-leaning newspaper, known affectionately to conservatives as The Red Star, is running an online article with a direct link to the “Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform”.

For the happily uninitiated, CCBR is (cached link, fetus pron warning) the leading Canadian purveyor of fetus pron. Indeed they is: they put it on posters to be waved on streetcorners and cause 10-car pile-ups as passing motorists reach for the barf bags, they make bigass grotesque public displays of it where they compare it to the Holocaust (never any mention of the Tubesock Holocaust, though), they festoon it all over their Fetusmobiles©, and of course their website is crawling with it.

For brain-damaged halfwits who respond “Well, if abortion’s such a great thing, why shouldn’t people see it?”, look pal, most normal people don’t especially want to see the gory tray of leftovers from open-heart surgery either.  Or knee surgery or a hip replacement or any other medical procedure including the lobotomy that was clearly had by whoever at the Star was responsible for this article.  The icing on this foul and feculent cake is that this particular imagery is displayed for the express purpose of restricting womens’ rights… not a compelling reason to remove it from the public sphere, but maybe something the *cough*progressive*cough* Star might want to consider when deciding whether to link to it (or not).

AND (heh, I’m on a roll) before some addlepated dingbat starts jabbering about “Free Speech”, this isn’t a free speech issue.  I have in the past defended the right of anti-abortion students at the University of Calgary to exhibit the CCRB’s gross images as part of their demented, ignorant, in-your-face display.  PETA does the same thing with doctored images of seals: if it’s okay for them, it’s okay for the fetus fetishists.

No, it’s about propagandizing, which is all that the CCRB website does, and the fact that it’s bad form for the progressive media to assist the propagandists by sending a shitload of traffic their way.

Geeeeeeeez Star, ya THINK!??

Let’s see… how to start… um… *ahem*… okay… It was a dark & stormy night…

…and fern hill was kicking ass all over the place!  W00t!

DJ has the links that tell the entire tawdry tale.

And while we’re giving props to those who deserve, how about an honourary scoop of freshly-minted dogpoop to the Toronto Star, supposedly Canada’s Flaming Liberal Newspaper of Record, for refusing to publish even a Letter to the Editor (let alone an equal-space rebuttal) without a real name from “The Blogger” who drove the entire Penninga article.  Since Penninga referred to fern hill only as “a blogger”, her response to his brainless swill shouldn’t require any name more explicit than “The Blogger Who Made Tim Hudak’s Abortion Stance an Election Issue and Made Mark Penninga Cry”.

Whoops!  Bonus solidarity track: The Good Doctor weighs in.

(Okay, time to hit “publish”… psyching up… come on, this won’t hurt a bit… aaaccckk!!)

Bernie Farber — still not gay

Kathy English — still not getting it:

I learned much about “snark” and nasty blogosphere invective this week from some bloggers who disagree with my take on what Zerbisias wrote. Mean-spirited personal attack, inaccurate facts, innuendo and even speculation about the identity of my spouse was lobbed my way, much of it anonymously.

“Inaccurate facts”?  At the risk of being a nitpicker, a fact by definition is accurate — truthiness is the primary requirement for factiness.  Apart from that, the gist of it is that English is taken aback that some mean bloggers disputed the Star’s  trashing of its best columnist.  Well, that’s what we do — call bullshit.   Welcome to accountability, proudly brought to you by the blogosphere.

I haven’t altered my view that Zerbisias’s blog comment (about Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber) fell short of the Star’s standards of fairness.

But I have learned more this week about its context. My own standard of fairness thus demands reconsideration of the harsh assessment I expressed in last week’s column.

At least she seems to realize that her public evisceration of AZ was uncalled for, although she’s still not completely clear as to why:

Though I gave Zerbisias opportunity to comment before publication of that column, she said little to help me understand the context of this comment she posted on her Star blog about Farber’s participation in the Pride parade: “Imagine my surprise when I saw Bernie Farber identifying himself as queer by joining a pro-Israel gay rights group in the parade … Funny because I didn’t know he was gay.”

Farber is not gay and Zerbisias knows that.

Sigh.  If English still doesn’t get snark, I shudder to think what she’d make of the “shorter” concept.

UPDATE: Did someone say “shorter”?

UPDATE II: “Some blogger in Abu Dhabi” responds.

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