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The Tour de Fetus is over, the pinnacle of fetus fetishism on wheels having been reached in the form of a Big Bang-Up presentation of GORY GORE at an Ottawa church on Monday night.  As usual, pro-choice demonstrators were on hand, in apparently larger numbers than the fetushists cowering inside the church.

Strangely though, the Fetusmobiles were missing in action, and still remain  nowhere to be found, and no word on Twitter or anywhere else about where they might be.

I wondered if maybe they’d broken down:

…but sadly, that elicited no response.  I wondered what might have happened:

Or maybe the Fetusmobiles were secretly stripped of the ugly before the long ride home took them back through many of the towns they’d already pissed off so savagely on the way out.  Broken down?  Cleaned off?  Stolen by some ferocious feminazi man-hating pants-dropping baby-killer?  Only the Shadow knows…

In any event, I’m doing my part to help find them:

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