“Let’s stop the pretense”

Let’s Stop The Pretense” indeed:

Yes, let’s stop the pretense that Motion 312 aka Woodworth’s Wank (aka the “Men Who Stare At Zygotes” Motion) is anything other than a sleazy, stupid and screamingly obvious attempt to pave the way for ludicrous “fetal rights” legislation that would ultimately curtail reproductive freedom in Canada.

The Motion’s intent couldn’t be any clearer than the way its own supporters interpret it: as a “personhood motion” meant to change a legal definition of personhood that’s “one of the reasons Canada has no abortion regulations”.  (It’s not, but that’s another post.)

I’ve never seen a campaign of lies conducted so ham-fistedly.  What do they think, we don’t know how to Google?

4 Responses to ““Let’s stop the pretense””

  1. 1 Beijing York Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    As ridiculous and transparent as this motion is, there is something very frightening about the fact that it was even tabled in the first place. If you were living in the US 30 years ago, you would never have believed that the religious right would so successfully challenge advancements made for women, especially on the reproductive rights fronts.

    Here is a link to the horror show women endure in many US States and specifically in Catholic hospitals:


    When pro-life physicians debate whether terminations should be used to stop ectopic pregnancies, you know that religion has trumped human rights.

  2. 2 joycearthur Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Wow, these people are incapable of original thought, they just mindlessly parrot each other! That pretence site looks exactly like other sites, with the same fetal development page and everything. Btw, do they actually believe that’s convincing evidence for the motion committee? Is this really the best they can do? Honestly, I don’t get it. What happened to their brains? I could play devil’s advocate and make a stronger case for them! (I won’t though, unless they pay me large sums of money, which I will then use to improve abortion access.)

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