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Tough on China

I now belatedly turn my attention south of the border, to the Circus of Clowns known as the Presidential Election, just 10 days away.

Of all the abject foolishness that’s been offered up by the GOP campaign, it would be hard to isolate a more sadly self-beclowning buffoon than Romney supporter, Birther and Attention Whore Donald Trump.  When he’s not screaming about “the Birth Certificate”, Trump bellows about “getting tough on China” because its currency manipulation makes life difficult for American industry.

The other night on Letterman Trump was predictably railing about kicking Chinese ass, when some shirts and ties from his signature clothing line were brought out:

Shirts made in Bangladesh:  $69.50 (marked down to $46.99)

Ties made in CHINA: $65.00 (marked down to $34.99)

The look on Trump’s face at getting completely and utterly busted:


Donald Trump still on TV, Contemplations of the Apocalypse

Arrgh.  I had planned on writing about something else, but this is bugging me. Short form: Donald Trump, still on TV, why?

I wonder if anyone else is as tired as I am of Donald Trump incessantly braying at them from their TV sets.  Even as I type this, he’s bellowing about something or other from the far corner of the room, and it grates: does anyone really like listening to this jerk?

The Sultan of Self-Promotion has been sucking up oxygen on National TV on a regular basis ever since he launched the byzantine political theatre he still refers to as his “presidential campaign“.

But it doesn’t matter what he called it, then or now, because most people suspect they know it for what it really was: a ruse and a sham, an elaborate hoax meant only to drum up publicity for Trump’s reality TV show.  He accomplished this goal primarily by breathing new life into the brainless “birther” conspiracy theory, and once that was done The Donald put his “campaign” to sleep and strolled away chortling to himself.  To make matters even more ridiculous, several members (though not all) of the Confederacy of Clowns known as the GOP primary slate have made the journey to Trump Tower, kneepads securely in place, to beg Trump and the weasel that dwells on his head for their endorsements.  This might explain why the media unfathomably continues to consult Trump as though he were a serious pundit rather than the political equivalent of a carnival barker.

It’s becoming depressingly clear that if anyone other than Ron Paul wins the nomination, for the next 12 months observers of US politics will witness a sideshow of unparalleled sleaze that rapidly spirals into madness, with the bellicose Trump and his equally aggressive Hair giving a feverish play-by-play punctuated by mindless screams of “Where’s the birth certificate!??”.

Can the Apocalypse be far behind?

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