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Skipping Down The Boulevard of Butthurt Broken Dreams

I delayed commenting on the Presidential Election — henceforth to be known as the Great Conservative Hyperkinetic Projectile Bed-Shitting of 2012 — because at first I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing.  I refer not to the re-election of One-Term-President Barack Hussein FourMoreYears Obama; that writing had adorned the wall for some time.  What’s truly astonishing is the Right’s response to it.

Not only is there no joy in Wingnutville, there’s shock, sputtering disbelief, bewilderment and utter confusion.

I was a little surprised myself as I took the temperature of the DarkSyde on election day.  Despite all the predictive science to the contrary, all day long right wingers delirious with dumb hubris brayed about the imminent crushing defeat of the MuslimKenyanFetusBully.  Drunk on their own bombast, pundit after pundit, blogger after blogger (and their commenters) ebulliently predicted a landslide victory for the doomed GOP ticket, even after the returns started coming in and it was obvious to everyone else that the shit-hammer was coming down hard.  It was surreal: Baghdad Bob came to mind.

No wonder they’re so shell-shocked: they really thought their man Mittens, once so despised and mistrusted, would cruise to an easy win on Tuesday.

For once, this reality deficit can’t be blamed on Low Information Voters being played by people who know better.  The delusion was top-down: so confident was Team Romney of a romp to victory that they broke with electoral tradition and didn’t even bother to prepare a concession speech:

“This is a big day for big change,” Romney told staffers and volunteers at a Cleveland-area campaign office.

On his campaign plane in between flights, he worked on his speech. He said he hasn’t written a concession speech, though he acknowledged the results might not come out in his favor. “Nothing is certain in politics,” he said.

That last point was certainly driven home on election night, eh?  No wonder conservatives are reeling: being so overconfidently sure that you’re right must make it all the more humiliating to be Wrong.

Since then, there’s been a lot of talk in quiet rooms and other places about the downside of ideological purity, changes of direction and GOP soul-searching.  (If you doubt it, google “GOP” + “soul-searching”.)   But there’s been just as much ominous chatter about hunkering down in fortified bunkers with lots of ammo and MREs.    Un-following, un-friending, disowning and even divorcing any Democrat.  Eventually one way or the other will prevail, but bear in mind that Humiliation and Butthurt are less likely to evolve into realistic pragmatism than the kind of aggrieved resentment that characterized Teabuggery.

Republicans have a right to be angry, but not at Democrats or the voters who returned them to power.  If they should be angry at anyone, it’s the hermetically-sealed, airtight Fox News/Limbaugh/right-wing-blogosphere Information Bubble that failed them so awesomely, so spectacularly, during this election campaign.

Mayor McPanic?? Hahahaha!

The fallout from Mayor Effingford’s little fracas with Marg Delahunty/Mary Walsh just keeps getting better.  Olbermann tweets:

HAHAHAHA!  One of the Worst Persons in the World 2 days in a row??

Hizzoner better get his shit together: he’s rapidly spiraling into “Lonesome Rhodes Beck” and “Billo The Clown” territory.  (Of course, to Mayor Effingford that would probably be a feature, not a bug.)

(Watch “Worst Persons” here, at Countdown on Current TV.)

Know Your Leftie!: Ponytail Keffiyeh and Guatamalan man-purse edition


Conservative activists arrive at Galloway speech... no, really!

The sentinels at the command post guarding the gated community known as Conservative Canada (or as I like to call it, CONada) must have been snoozing at the switch, because yesterday the barriers were breached and the World’s Most Vicious Islamofascileftard was able to gain entry:

George Galloway kicked off a cross-country speaking tour by coming to York University, one of the places most polarized by Middle Eastern politics. [...]

It’s true… the Commieislamofascist Broadcasting Corporation welcomed him yesterday (though it wasn’t clear whether he will be appearing in Little Mosque on the Prairie anytime soon).  So… everybody freak out!

[...]  While a sold-out crowd of 500 gathered in a university auditorium on Tuesday to hear him, hundreds of others packed the hallway outside to protest against his presence.

Yes yes.  All very civilized, all very democratic, and that’s great:  dissenting voices are always a good thing no matter what side of an issue they’re on.  That is how you deal with speech you don’t like:  not by shutting it down, but by registering disagreement.   Unlike some other controversial figures, Galloway was at least permitted to speak.  Galloway spoke, those who wanted to hear him listened, and those who disagreed with him made that sentiment known.  Democracy in Action.

But what’s this:  a little Alinsky-ish “working within the system”-type creative subterfuge?:

An email circulating among Zionist and pro-Israel opponents of Mr. Galloway offers a novel and surprising glimpse into audience strategy in the YouTube era, in which the audience doubles as the media. It suggests Mr. Galloway can expect novel forms of resistance, to say nothing of aggressive questions, from a shadow army of pony-tailed Zionists disguised by keffiyehs and “hand-woven Guatemalan man-purses.”

Guatamalan man-purses!?  Do go on…

She urges people to get tickets, arrive early, get in line, and split up so they will not be spotted. Aisle seats are best for getting to the microphone quickly during the question-and-answer session, when you should ask questions that prove your point.

But it is the fashion advice that best captures the devious spirit of the age.

“When in Rome,” Ms. Hill said. “If they do not know your face, wear a keffiyeh or hijab or hippy-type clothing (blue jeans, Birkenstock sandals with socks, hand-woven Guatemalan man-purses, long scarves on men, etc.)”

“If you’re a middle-age man with a ponytail, you’ll fit in just fine.”

Hm.  Am I the only one who’s reminded of this?:

KNOW YOUR DOPE FIEND. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT! You will not be able to see his eyes because of Tea-Shades, But his knuckles will be white from inner tension and his pants will be crusted with semen from constantly jacking off when he can’t find a rape victim. He will stagger and babble when questioned. He will not respect your badge. The Dope Fiend fears nothing. He will attack, for no reason, with every weapon at his command-including yours. BEWARE. Any officer apprehending a suspected marijuana addict should use all necessary force immediately. One stitch in time (on him) will usually save nine on you. Good luck. – The Chief


Quid Pro Quo, PBeeeze

In the comments of the Happy Wanderer’s post about the new BTs Exposeinator, “In Their Own Words”, lurks a veiled threat… stand back!:

I take that to mean that chubby little Cheeto™-stained fingers are flying over sticky keyboards and feverishly assembling another Exposeinator, “Progressive Bloggers, In Their Own Words”, even as we speak.

This was actually one of the first things that occurred to me when I saw “BTs, ITOW” — that some outraged rightwing smartass would attempt to do a copycat site focusing on PBs.  As I pondered briefly over who’d have the honour of being featured in such a setup, I couldn’t help wondering how successful an endeavour it would be, given the relative dearth of material.  I’m not implying that Crazy, Dumb and Mock-worthy are the exclusive preserves of the right, because  they’re not.  Measures of bombast and hyperbole, hysteria and hypocrisy and even misinformation can be found in surprisingly healthy quantities in every corner of the political spectrum:  it’s just that one corner’s cup seemeth to runneth over.

But you never know what an enterprising Blogging Tory might find when they start plumbing the progressive depths:  the leftwing version of Dodo could be out there just waiting to be discovered.

When gazillionaires attack

Furious backpedaling:

Will this prompt some pre-emptive blog re-design?:

Free speech comes with responsibilities, dude.  Learn it.  Live it.

UPDATE: The Sun Girls join the fray!

UPDATE II: Unfriended! (thanks to DammitJ for the screenshot)

Rachel Maddow: Women candidates versus womens rights

Last night, Rachel had an interesting segment on the ascendancy of radical anti-abortion candidates in the GOP, including women, and what it will do for their share of the female vote.

This was something presciently referenced by Heather Mallick in that infamous hit piece she did on Palin two years ago: in order to win our vote, it’s not enough to run a candidate with the same chromosomes.

Hearts, minds and rhetoric

Hey kids, remember this?:

And this?:

And this?:

Remember how we laughed and laughed and laughed at the feverish teabagger imaginations that produced such lurid spittle-flecked hyperbole? Obama, a nazi?  A Stalinist?  Hahaha!

Yes yes, and you might also remember that while we were leaning over the fence pointing and laughing at the lunatic fringe to our south, in our own back yard progressives just couldn’t seem to catch an electoral break.  Sigh.

Over 4 years and another election since Stephen the Corpulent first waddled to power, resplendent in the Blue Sweater-Vest of Authority and with a death grip on the Kitteh of Don’t Let This Happen to You, the Prime Minister’s chair still creaks and groans beneath his girth, and some days it seems like nothing short of a giant turbocharged Crowbar of Social Justice will pry him out.  Or maybe removing Harper hinges on winning back the hearts and minds of an electorate that’s clearly soured on the concept of left-leaning governance.

Question of the Day:  is this effort helped or hindered by frenzied left-wing rhetoric about Steve the Fascist-Nazi-Totalitarian, or would it be more productive to critique Harper for what he really is:  a sleazy and unprincipled right-wing authoritarian political opportunist who pushes the envelope of power as much as humanly possible within the limits of a democracy?  I’m going with Door #2.

Harper and his sycophantic little crew have earned titles like “bullies”, “toadies”, “douchebags” and “lying slime-ridden weasel shit on toast”.  There are certainly many rational and valid reasons for opposing the Harper government.  But the vapid idea that Harper is a “fascist” and a “totalitarian” — you know, like Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot — might be a hard sell outside the left-wing blogosphere.  The far left-wing blogosphere.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little creative license to add impact — I do it myself all the time, and it’s fun.  But to seriously suggest that Stephen Harper is the equivalent of Kim Jong-Il or Hitler is to invite… questions… about your mental stability.  It’s doubtful that such teabaggy-good rhetoric would help make the case against the Harper government anyway, and it might even reinforce Jane and Joe Average Canadian’s shaky support for them.

Which brings me to those average Canadians whose hearts and minds must be won to prevail over Harper, and another troubling trend I’ve noticed among some progressives.  Call it liberal elitism or a misplaced sense of superiority, it’s the attitude that the Canadian middle class is a great monolith of human dumbness that votes Conservative because they’re too stupid or brainwashed to know any better.  (Never mind that once upon a time this same monolith of human dumbness was a large part of the Liberal constituency, delivering them to power with 3 consecutive majorities.)  It’s not a widespread attitude, but it’s a dangerous one, not calculated to win anything but another decade in the political wilderness.

I’ve often wondered why progressive political parties have fallen so badly from favour with the Canadian middle- and working-class, and if it’s possible to win them back.  But I have a feeling that elitism and psycho-talk about fascists and totalitarians not only won’t win them back, it may in fact be counterproductive to the task of ousting Harper and his squalid cabal of criminally-insane, democracy-raping theo-nazis.  (*wink*)

UPDATE: Scathingly reality-based criticism:  Exhibit “A”.

Offshore drill baby drilling

She was for it before she was against it!

Damn those burdensome regulations that might have saved a few lives on April 20th.  Not to mention those damn bureaucrats, keeping oil companies from drilling the shit out of everywhere with reckless abandon.
So the Palinator was disheartened by the cancellation of offshore leases… well, who wouldn’t be?

“Drill baby drill” is rapidly becoming “Spin, baby, spin“. *WINK* drool, slobber

Tweeting the burning stoopid

Slobbering Sarah tells X-treme Enviro-weenies The Way It IS:

Yes, because oil companies have such a great track record on dry land.

Certainly the massive BP oil disaster in the Gulf is the fault of environmentalists who brutally FORCED the oil companies to drill offshore.  If ANWR was opened to drilling, oil companies would instantly lose their major defining characteristic — GREED — and immediately cease all offshore operations.

Since the blithering, dimwitted Palin has an answer for everything, maybe she can explain in 140 characters or less why 20 years of GOP-controlled congress and White House out of the last 28 — including 12 immediately following the enactment of the ANWR ban — never repealed the act, instead escalating offshore leases and dismantling safety regulations.

Olbermann is right:  that woman is an IDIOT.

UPDATE: Damn those Greenie-Weenies!

UPDATE II: On top of being a complete moron, Palin’s a bullshitter.  Olbermann responds to the twit’s tweet:

If good fences make good neighbours

… what do giant ugly-ass fences make?

You may or may not have heard that one Joe McGinniss, a journalist currently working on an unauthorized biography about Our Lady of Perpetual Teabagging, recently rented a house next door to the Palin Palace in Wasilla.  This was seen by some (including me, actually) as a bit creepy, but so what?   Kinky creeps and lint-brained weirdos abound in this whackadoodle world of ours — usually we’re not lucky enough to know where they are, which gives them a chance to lurk on our properties and peer into our windows.

But check this out — in response to this unwanted neighbour, get a load of the fence that the Half-First Dude and his buddies built:

Well, that is what I’d call one fugly fence.  About 12 feet high and constructed out of giant Popsicle sticks.

Perfect.  Tomorrow’s project: sit a great big square of plywood on top and nail ‘er down.

Jason Kenney: perjuring prevaricator

Main Entry: liar
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person who tells falsehood
Synonyms: cheat, con artist, deceiver, deluder, dissimulator, equivocator, fabler, fabricator, fabulist, false witness, falsifier, fibber, maligner, misleader, perjurer, phony, prevaricator, promoter, storyteller, trickster


(via:  TGB, Stageleft, CC, Willy, Skinnydip)

Division: that starts with D and that rhymes with “Tea”

And “GOP”.  Whoopsie!  Who possibly could have seen this coming?:

Republican officials are working to derail the campaign of a tea party supported candidate in North Carolina — circulating documents from the man’s messy divorce that depict him as a pot smoker who has called himself the messiah. [...]

Republican leaders in both Raleigh and Washington, however, are worried about his electability in November if he wins a primary runoff next month. They’re publicizing court documents about D’Annunzio’s past legal, martial and business troubles and denouncing him as unfit for office.

“The Messiah”?  I thought Obama was Teh Messiah, and he got elected.  Of course, he didn’t call himself The Messiah, and I guess that makes all the difference.

To the terrified chagrin of the GOP establishment, they have been unable as yet to absorb the tea party and get it under control. Too late for all that: anti-establishment candidates appear to be in the ascendancy on both sides of the aisle.  Now that the ‘baggers have discovered they can run — and elect — their own candidates, they’re understandably excited about it.  If some of their candidates win in November, the GOP may find itself absorbed by the tea party instead of the other way around.

For the love of God

… Jebus, Devil, FSM, whoever — will someone please have mercy, do the right thing and service this woman???:

John Moore scoffs at the idea that sex ed programs are designed by “activists,” but that’s only because he likes what they’re teaching. If he didn’t, he too would call them activists. Sex educators are pushing an ideology that is to sex what multiculturalism is to race. In fact what sex education in the schools promotes should be called multisexualism.

Multiculturalism teaches that all cultures and religions are equally worthy of respect except Christianity and whiteness. Multisexualism teaches that all sexual behaviours and lifestyles are of equal social worth, except those that refuse to detach morality from sexuality.

The 5 minutes I spent swatting at her pent-up sexual frustration after it exploded off my computer screen in a savage fury and started violently humping my leg is time I’ll never get back, but maybe we can prevent such little tragedies from happening in the future.

UPDATE: In case you’re thinking that column might have resulted from some kind of one-off psychotic episode, here’s the one from the week before.   (WARNING:  BEFORE CLICKING LINK, BE READY WITH A ROLLED UP NEWSPAPER OR SOME OTHER KIND OF SWATTING APPARATUS.)

Nothing to see here

Right-wing extremism is a growing problem?  Nah, that’s just a lot of made-up LIEberal bull to make teabaggers look bad.

RELATED: Good grief, now they’re filing lawsuits threatening violence.

I can’t wait, also.

It’s only fitting that Sarah Palin’s new TV show, “Real American Stories”, should debut on April Fool’s Day:

Sarah Palin begins her role as a TV host with “Real American Stories,” which debuts at 10 p.m. Thursday on Fox News Channel.

“On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” will be preempted that night. The first “Real American Stories,” which is a series of specials, will repeat at 9 p.m. Sunday.

I wonder what is meant by “real American”…ya think?

Maher: new rules

From last night’s show, Bill has some excellent advice for the Democrats:

UPDATE: Meanwhile, last night Poor Dumb Sarah was still screeching bumper sticker slogans about “teleprompters” (as she read from a prepared speech…), “professors of law at the lectern” (…from a lectern), and “How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ out for ya”.   She seems blissfully unaware of the fact that her side just suffered its worst legislative defeat in decades, with her “help”.

“Shut the fuck up while I slap your face for making noise” seems like an almost mild response to her shrieking idiocy.

It’s not you, David…

it’s them:

After criticizing Republican Party leaders for their total opposition to President Obama’s health-care plans, former Bush speechwriter David Frum announced that his relationship with the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank was terminated.

Come to the Dark Side, David… we have cookies.  And facts!  Lots of facts!

UPDATE: At least they gave him a few days to empty out his desk rather than throwing all his stuff out on the front lawn.

Swine of the Week (so far)

Beating out even the brainless jerkoffs and lowlife scum who cut gas lines, sent faxes with pictures of nooses, and left threatening voice mails at Democratic congressmen’s HOMES (“you’re a baby-killing motherfucker who should bleed out of your ass, get cancer and die”), is GOP minority whip Eric Cantor:

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor just gave a brief speech accusing Democrats of using reports of recent threats of violence for political gain, and saying someone shot a bullet through the window of his campaign office this week.  [...]

Cantor said a bullet was shot through the window of his Richmond, Va., campaign office this week, and that he’s gotten threatening emails.

“I will not release them because I believe such actions will only encourage more to be sent,” he said.

This is nothing but the panicked gibberish of a mentally incompetent street racer who suddenly realizes in mid-rollover that he’s about to crash.

Way to make a veiled threat, though:  Stop talking about the terrorist tactics of our supporters or there will be more where those came from!

UPDATE: SHRIEK!  Bullets and threats and threatening bullets, oh my!… and then, there’s Reality:

A Richmond Police detective was assigned to the case. A preliminary investigation shows that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window in a downward direction, landing on the floor about a foot from the window. The round struck with enough force to break the windowpane but did not penetrate the window blinds.

Wingnuts play their own

Yeah, let’s talk about “angry fascist mobs” shutting down free speech, you little freak:

“But there were ‘concerns’, you see, for ‘public safety’.” Ooooh… do I detect a tone of sarcasm?

The “concerns” mocked by this half-bright little dimtwit were expressed by the organizers of the event, not the university.  The decision to shut down the event was made by the organizers of the event, not the university.  So this bozo should properly take his beefs to the organizers of the event

Organizers for the American’s tour of Canada scrubbed her much-anticipated speech at the University of Ottawa when students crowded the entrance before her arrival. A spokesman for the organizers said about 2,000 “threatening” students posed a security threat to the darling of the American right, and she was advised against appearing.

“It would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event,” said conservative political activist Ezra Levant inside Marion Hall.

…not the university.

Since the odds of that happening are about 99.9 to zee-row against, I have to ask:  how’s it feel to be played by your own side, dumbass?

Like FAIL on steroids, I bet!

The totally spontaneous cancellation of Coulter’s speech due to Danger! Danger! Danger!

Yeah, RIGHT:

American right-winger Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of Ottawa was cancelled Tuesday night due to security concerns after thousands protested outside the venue.

A spokesman for the group that organized the event said there were fears for Coulter’s well-being after about 2,000 people gathered outside the venue to protest her presence there.

Although the event was cancelled, organizers said her Canadian tour will continue, wrapping up at the University of Calgary on Thursday.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to know what sells and what smells.   Well played, wingnuts.

AND FURTHERMORE… Could it be any more obvious?  Coulter gets protesters everywhere she speaks.  She’s had pies thrown at her from close range.  This isn’t someone who’s freaked out by protesters — protesters are a given at any Coulter event.

The University of Ottawa put this faux “cancellation” debacle in motion when they warned her to watch her mouth and the media picked it up and ran with it.  Now she’s gotten another day of publicity (read: another day to flog her book) and the wingnuts get to wank and run their mouths about being persecuted — mission accomplished!

Palin wants a 3rd party

What a difference a month makes, when you’ve got a brain the size of a walnut.  Just a few short weeks ago, Sarah Palin was advocating that the GOP absorb the teabaggers (“absorb” — like how the Quicker Picker-Upper absorbs your dog’s accident on the floor).  But last night she was on Hannity’s show, jabbering about how a 3rd party would be a good thing:

“A 3rd party candidate could shore up a Republican candidate” –  I concur!  That’s common sense conservatism and I like it!

And that’s (no) bull

On Sunday I saw many apocalyptic predictions about how US health care reform would cause the market to crater, crawl into a subterranean cave and die.  “Just watch the Dow!” they cried, “Just watch!  Just watch!  Just wa…“:

That is what’s known as a “rally” — big time.

Oddly, nobody’s talking about it now.

Yoohoo, Chris Matthews! A word, please.

I  just watched last night’s Hardball and I am pissed off beyond words.

One segment featured a video that showed teabaggers mocking and throwing money at a man with Parkinsons Disease.  Yes, whenever you’re sure these brain-damaged pukes have reached the bottom of the barrel — like when they shouted down a disabled woman at a town hall last year — lo and behold, they lift the barrel and scrape some more.   But as sickening as it was, what followed the video  was pretty nauseating too.

One of the putrid, brainless subhumans in the video had a sign identifying him as being with Koch whores “Americans for Prosperity”, the fake grassroots organization behind the teabagger rallies, so Matthews interviewed  AFP’s sleazy little mouthpiece Tim Phillips to get his take on the ugly scene.  Grasping at straws for  a way to counter Matthews’ pro-health care reform arguments, Phillips brings up the subject of a certain Canadian woman who he claims sought out Americans For Prosperity to help her because  — sob! — she couldn’t get health care in Canada.

As Tweety would say, let’s watch.

It’s about 4 minutes in.  The slimy Phillips was clearly not doing well against Matthews’ pro-reform arguments, so he grasped at one final straw and rolled the dice that Matthews wouldn’t recall the Shona Holmes backstory, and how much of it was bullshit.  Not to mention how legions of furious Canadians responded to her lying douchebaggery by tearing her so many new orifices that she was abruptly dropped as AFP’s anti-reform spokesperson. Right, Shona Holmes “sought out” Americans For Prosperity — on her own, no less.  She wasn’t referred to them by Canada’s own version of AFP, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, who found her because they keep a lookout for people like her that they can whore out to their stateside partners in private health insurance gouging.

Tell me another one!

Not that I expect it, but it would be NICE if someone called Phillips on his BULLSHIT next time he’s interviewed on MSNBC, or anywhere.  Bang!  That’s all, folks.

Fun with Harper’s YouTube channel

Someone’s about ready to spring a leak:

Oh yeah?

I’m always amazed to encounter people who have drunk so deeply of the Authoritarian Koolaid that they think the “will of the public” should have any bearing whatsoever on personal decisions and rights.  Does the phrase “tyranny of the majority” mean anything to these halfwits?  But I digress.  On to Stephen Harper’s Youtube channel, enter “abortion” in the search field and let the Mighty Gizoogle do its magic.  Shazzam!  Eight(8) feverish questions, including:

Really Harpoonie, why doesn’t your government seek to turn women into wholly-owned Bureaucratic Babymaking Machines in order to keep the ship of state afloat?  Why is that?

Oh well, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it — Question #9:

And on a somewhat related topic, check out this prime specimen of self-awareness:Yeah, it gets  B O R I N G.

Unlike fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus FETUS! fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus fetus…fetus fetus fetus fetusfetus…fetusfetusfetusfetusfetusfetusFETUS!!!fetusfetusfetusfetusfetusfetus…

UPDATE: Hey, 9 people have already voted my question down (the bastards) and only 2 have voted it up. Give me a hand.

Meh.  I think some dumbass “removed” it. Why? I don’t know.  It was certainly a fair question. Freeeeee Speeeeeeech!!!

UPDATE II: Here’s what we like to see:

Click, type “abortion” in the search box and give CanNurse an attagirl.

A successful procedure

If US health care reform is passed, as it looks like it probably will be, its first surgical procedure will be the excision of a persistently putrescent hemorrhoid that’s been lodged immovably in the sphincter of America:

Hate radio host Rush Limbaugh has been one of health care reform’s most vociferous opponents, warning that “[h]uman beings will die earlier than normal” under the “freedom killing” and “life threatening” plan, and calling for it to be “aborted.” Yesterday, Limbaugh put his money where his mouth is, saying that if health care passes and all his fears are realized, he’ll leave the country

Oh really?  And where might you be headed, El-Rushbum?

I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.

Whoops!  Time to buy Pfizer, I predict a raging bull market in Viagra.

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